What Is Uber Fleet? (All You Need to Know)

Uber started out as a simple way for car owners to provide rides for people in their area, but it has since grown into many variations of this idea.

One of these new services is Uber Fleet, which promises users even more opportunities to earn through their vehicles. If you’re interested in learning more about Uber Fleet, read on!

What Is Uber Fleet In 2024?

Uber Fleet is a service that lets car owners rent out vehicles to drivers who use them for rides in 2024. People with multiple cars can also register them in Uber Fleet and manage them like a taxi company. Drivers can also use Uber Fleet to rent a vehicle and provide rides on behalf of the owner for a fee.

To find out everything you need to know about Uber Fleet, including how it works, how to earn money from it, and more, read on!

What Is an Uber Fleet Partner?

An Uber Fleet partner is someone that signs up for the service to provide their vehicle(s) for use by the driver(s).

Partners have the option to use one or more vehicles on the platform and operate it like a vehicle rental service or taxi company depending on how they choose to earn.

What Do I Need for Uber Fleet?

What you need for Uber Fleet depends on whether you’re a partner (manager) or a driver.

Uber Fleet partners require the following:

  1. Suitable/appropriate vehicle(s) for the service – since Uber has requirements for the kinds of vehicles that can be used on its platform, partners are restricted on what they can provide. For example, they can’t register a pick-up truck
  2. Proof of insurance – any vehicle registered on the platform will need to be insured and Uber checks whether they are. This is done through documents such as a declaration page or insurance ID card with all the relevant information
  3. Up-to-date vehicle inspection – this ensures that the vehicle is fit for service and won’t put the driver or passengers in danger

Uber Fleet drivers will need to sign up as regular Uber drivers first so they’ll still need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Be at least the legal driving age in their area
  2. Have a valid driver’s license, i.e. it’s not suspended or expired
  3. Submit to a background check

In certain regions, Uber Fleet drivers will also need to be licensed as taxi drivers, but partners don’t need a license to operate a taxi company.

How Does Uber Fleet Work?

Uber Fleet works very similarly to a taxi company, with partners as the operators/managers and drivers operating the vehicles.

After registering their vehicles, partners can list them on a marketplace and have drivers reach out to them for work.

On the other side of the program, drivers that get approved gain access to the marketplace where they can browse available vehicles, but they can also have partners reach out to them.

In this system, both parties have the option to turn down requests and keep looking depending on their needs.

For example, partners could only accept requests from older, more experienced drivers while drivers could only look for higher-end vehicles that are used for more costly trips.

Can You Get an Uber in Fleet?

Can You Get an Uber in Fleet?

As a driver, you can get a vehicle for Uber through Uber Fleet by renting it from its owner, referred to on the platform as a partner.

You’ll need to create an Uber Fleet account in order for partners to be able to contact you, but you can also get a vehicle through Fleet Match.

Fleet Match finds the vehicles in your area that fit your profile and gives you the option to reach out to the owners.

How Do I Add a Vehicle to My Uber Fleet?

You can add a vehicle to your Uber Fleet using the platform’s dashboard. You can also manage your fleet through the Uber Fleet app on Android and iOS.

How Do You Make Money With Uber Fleet?

As a partner, you can make money with Uber Fleet in the following ways:

  1. Rental fees – with this option, partners can charge the drivers a flat weekly or daily rate for renting the vehicle. This rate is independent of what the driver earns on the job
  2. Trip commissions – this option allows partners to take a cut of what the drivers make on each trip

As a driver, you make money on Uber Fleet just like a regular Uber driver, but you’ll have to pay the car owner for using it and this might affect your earnings.

When the driver and partner initially make contact, they have the option to decide whether they’re going to be using the rental rate or fare commissions.

How Much Do Uber Fleet Owners Make?

How much Uber Fleet owners make depends on whether they charge the driver a flat rate for renting their vehicle or taking a cut of the fares.

If the partner chooses to charge for renting the vehicle, they’re going to have to contend with the regular rate for vehicle rentals in the area or lower, so they remain competitive.

If they choose to take commissions from the rides, they’ll make a fraction of what the regular Uber driver in the area makes.

This is affected by how much the driver works as well as when they work because of factors like surge pricing and increased activity.

Is Uber Fleet Worth It?

Whether Uber Fleet is worth it depends on your needs as a partner and your capacity as a driver.

Most partners go into it as a way to earn extra from a vehicle they don’t use often, but it means potential maintenance costs because the car will start being used more than usual.

As a partner, you should consider the factors in the previous section to determine how fitting this option is for you.

For drivers, it’s a good way to start doing Uber without their own vehicle.

However, if the commissions eat too much into your earnings or it’s more expensive than renting/borrowing one from someone you know, it might not be worth it.

Luckily, you negotiate with the owner at the start, so you have a good idea of how it might work out.

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Uber Fleet is a service that allows people to make their vehicles available to Uber drivers for work as a taxi company.

As a partner or manager, you can choose whether you earn by taking a cut of the earnings from every trip or charge the driver a flat rate for renting the vehicle.

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