How Far Does Domino’s Deliver? (All You Need to Know)

Domino’s has become a world-famous pizza chain, known for its versatile menu as well as its convenient delivery system. Many of us have ordered from Domino’s multiple times, getting pizza delivered to our door.

However, it’s not always easy to get Domino’s delivered, especially if you live a considerable distance away. So, exactly how far do Domino’s drivers go to deliver pizza? Well, I’ve done the research, and here are all my findings!

How Far Does Domino’s Deliver in [currentyear]?

Since most Domino’s stores are individually owned franchises that have their own circumstances, you won’t find a set rule for how far the drivers will go to deliver your pizza. Typically, maximum distances range from five to seven miles in [currentyear]. However, many cities have more than one Domino’s location, so you may be inside the radius of another store.

Keep reading for more information about Domino’s delivery, including why a Domino’s store may not deliver to your address, along with other related facts!

What Is the Farthest Domino’s Delivery Recorded?

The world record for the farthest Domino’s pizza delivery is held by a woman named Lucy Clough.

On November 19, 2004, she travelled 10,532 miles from London to Melbourne, Australia, to fulfill a pizza delivery order.

Why Won’t Domino’s Deliver to My Address?

There are several possible reasons why Domino’s isn’t delivering to your home address.

For instance, if your address was within the delivery radius before, but now Domino’s won’t deliver to you, this could be because the store has changed the radius in which it will deliver.

As well, in many places, there is also a shortage of employees, resulting in fewer possible deliveries.

Therefore, it may be that the store you’re ordering from can’t spend the time going as far when there aren’t enough delivery drivers.

However, there may simply be an error on the Domino’s website or app that is preventing your order from being accepted.

In that case, to make sure Domino’s actually can’t deliver to your address, try calling the store to ask an employee and order over the phone.

You can find the correct phone number using the store locator on Domino’s website.

Enter your address, then find the correct location and “more info.” This will give you the store hours and phone number.

Further, another reason may be that you’re in a newly developed neighborhood that is not showing up on Domino’s maps yet. An easy way to fix this is calling the store to explain.

(To learn more, you can read our article about reasons why Domino’s won’t deliver to you.)

Why Did Domino’s Delivery Radius Change?

Why Did Domino's Delivery Radius Change?

There are a few reasons why a Domino’s franchise may change its delivery radius.

First, there may be another Domino’s location in town, and the two stores are remapping the surrounding area, deciding which store should deliver to which part of town.

The radius may also shrink due to increased gas prices along with a shortage of employees.

Therefore, if there aren’t enough delivery drivers available, it is more efficient to stick to deliveries that are closer to the store.

How Much Does Domino’s Charge for Delivery?

Domino’s’ delivery fees change depending on the order, location, and store. The extra charge added to Domino’s deliveries typically ranges from $3 to $6.

The delivery fee is not the same as a tip for your driver. The fee does not go to the driver, so be sure to tip them, since they’re not paid very much to deliver your pizza.

Does Domino’s Delivery Charge Increase for Far Deliveries?

In most cases, the set delivery fee for a Domino’s store does not change based on your delivery location.

The delivery fee should remain the same as long as you’re inside the delivery radius of your local Domino’s.

As it is, many Domino’s stores have a limited delivery radius, so there wouldn’t be much need to change the delivery fee.

You can check whether your address can be delivered to by entering it on the Domino’s app or website. You can either start an order for delivery or use the location finder to see your options.

How Long Does Domino’s Delivery Take?

Domino’s delivery often takes anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes, depending on where you are, how many drivers are available, and the time of day.

An easy way to tell how long your Domino’s order will take to arrive is by using the Pizza Tracker on the Domino’s website.

This feature will give you an estimated time of arrival, along with updates regarding your order, such as when it’s in the oven and when it goes out the door.

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Domino’s will typically travel up to six miles to deliver your pizza. Since the stores have individual owners and policies, this delivery range will change depending on the location.

In some cases, Domino’s will even deliver to houses that are seven miles away. To check whether your location will work for Domino’s delivery, you can enter your address on the official website.

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