What Happens If Domino’s Is Late? (All You Need to Know)

Domino’s is one of the most popular pizza chains in the world, known for its easy ordering process and fast delivery. However, sometimes customers find that their order is taking far too long to arrive.

So, what can you do if you Domino’s order is late, and what does the company do to compensate? I’ve done the research, so here are my findings!

What Happens If My Domino’s Order Is Late in [currentyear]?

If your Domino’s is late, you can call the store or file a claim through your order confirmation page or email in [currentyear]. Domino’s Delivery Insurance states that you can get either 20% off your next order or 60 Pieces of the Pie Points. If you call the store, you may also be able to get additional compensation.

Keep reading to learn more about late Domino’s orders, including if Domino’s is free after 30 minutes of waiting, and other useful information!

Is Domino’s Free After 30 Minutes?

Domino’s no longer guarantees that your order will be delivered in 30 minutes. The “30-minutes or it’s free” deal that lasted for decades at Domino’s is no longer in use.

If your pizza arrives late, there are still some compensations you can receive after calling the store or filing a claim.

How Long Until My Domino’s Pizza Is Free?

There is no longer a set rule for how long a Domino’s delivery driver can take to get your pizza to you before the order is free; that guarantee went away in the 1990s.

However, there is the possibility of getting a refund by calling the store or a free pizza voucher. Domino’s also may give you a discount or other free items like cookies and drinks.

Does Domino’s Give You a Discount If Your Pizza Is Late?

Domino’s promises to make it right if you have an issue with your delivery order.

Filing a claim regarding your order through the order confirmation page or the confirmation email will allow you to receive 20% off your next order or 60 Pieces of the Pie Rewards Points.

If you call the store that you ordered your pizza from and let them know that it was late, Domino’s employees will likely give you a discount on your next order if you ask.

Employees at Domino’s are instructed to be as agreeable to the customer’s requests as possible.

Other compensations Domino’s may give you for a late order include a free pizza on your next order or free items like a drink or cookie.

There is no set rule for what Domino’s must do if a customer calls about a late order, so it doesn’t hurt to ask about specific things.

Generally, the most common response is for the employee to give you a discount on your next order.

Does Domino’s Penalize Drivers for Late Delivery?

Does Domino's Penalize Drivers for Late Delivery?

Domino’s doesn’t penalize its delivery drivers if an order is delivered late.

Even if you let the store know what happened, Domino’s won’t punish the driver or take money from their paycheck.

What Happened to Domino’s 30 Minute Guarantee?

From the 70s and into the early 90s, Domino’s had a guarantee stating that your pizza would be at your door in 30 minutes or less, or you wouldn’t have to pay for it.

This became a very popular attribute of the successful pizza chain. However, concerns started to arise regarding the safety of Domino’s delivery drivers.

These concerns culminated when a lawsuit in 1993 against the company claimed that the 30-minute or it’s free guarantee was causing drivers to be reckless.

More specifically, a car crash involving a Domino’s delivery driver was what began the lawsuit, and it was the last straw that finally caused the company to nullify the 30-minute guarantee.

Why Is My Domino’s Order Taking So Long?

The main reason for Domino’s orders taking longer than normal to arrive is the staffing shortage that is affecting many businesses, including Domino’s.

Since there aren’t as many people working in most Domino’s stores, it takes longer for the pizza to be ready, and in turn longer for it to get to your door.

So, if you are wondering what stage of the pizza-making process your Domino’s order is in, you can check the Pizza Tracker corresponding to your order on the official website and app.

How Do I Get a Refund for Domino’s Pizza?

Calling the Domino’s location that made your pizza is the first step to getting a possible refund.

If your pizza arrived so late that it’s gone completely cold, there is a better chance of getting a refund. 

However, Domino’s makes no guarantees regarding refunds for late orders. Politely asking a manager if you can have your money back is the main way to request one.

It may be that you will be offered a future free pizza instead of a refund, which is fairly standard practice for Domino’s. However, note that individual store rules about refunds vary.

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Domino’s employees are instructed to apologize, give the customer what they want, and give them something extra if they call in about a late or otherwise problematic order.

Possible compensation for late Domino’s orders includes a free pizza on your next order, a free drink or side if it hasn’t gone out the door yet, and occasionally getting your money back.

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