Is DoorDash Safe? (Can You Get Scammed + Other Common FAQs) 

Food delivery services like DoorDash have grown increasingly popular each year. With DoorDash, customers can create an account for free, and order food from almost all their favorite restaurants.

But even though DoorDash is popular, some people wonder: is DoorDash safe, or are there scams on DoorDash?

It’s important to keep your personal information safe, so I researched it further, and here’s everything I discovered!

Is DoorDash Safe In [currentyear]?

DoorDash is a safe and reliable food delivery service for customers, delivery drivers, and merchants as of [currentyear]. DoorDash ensures it keeps all customers’ personal information, including payment details, addresses, and their phone number, private. However, there are occasional data breaches and email scams on DoorDash, although rare.

To learn more about the safety of DoorDash’s services, like what scams to be on the lookout for, the most common DoorDash scams, and much more, keep on reading!

Is DoorDash Safe to Use For Customers?

DoorDash is safe to use for all parties involved- customers, drivers, and vendors.

As part of DoorDash’s terms and services, the company assures that all your personal information is protected and kept private.

Also, before someone can deliver orders for DoorDash, they undergo background checks and a multi-step safety screen.

For example, DoorDash checks whether or not delivery drivers have had any driving violations, felonies, or DUIs. Therefore, you can feel safe when ordering food from DoorDash.

Also, DoorDash has several policies in place for food safety. For example, DoorDashers use insulated bags to store food on deliveries, so it stays warm and as fresh as possible.

Additionally, the company follows the CDC’s policies and procedures to ensure health safety.

Does DoorDash Offer Contactless Deliveries?

DoorDash recently began offering contactless deliveries to prevent germs from spreading and better protect the driver and customer.

That said, when placing your order on DoorDash, select the “Contactless Delivery” button, or add that you would like a no-contact delivery in the special instructions box.

Further, DoorDashers performing contactless deliveries can leave the food at the customer’s doorstep, the lobby of the apartment complex, or another safe place.

After the DoorDasher drops off the food, they take a photo of the order, and you’ll receive a message that your food is at your door.

Does DoorDash Give Away Your Phone Number?

You may have noticed that you can contact your DoorDasher via phone call if there are any issues or further instructions involved with the order.

However, even though you can call your DoorDasher, your phone number is secure.

That said, you can text or call a DoorDasher while maintaining the privacy of your phone number, so you don’t have to worry about a delivery driver contacting you after the delivery.

Are There Scams on DoorDash?

There are scams on DoorDash, even though the company is reliable and safe to use. However, if you know what to look out for, it’s easy to detect a scam on DoorDash.

Also, if you were involved in a fraud, DoorDash will offer you store credit to make up for the situation.

What Is the Most Common DoorDash Scam?

What Is the Most Common DoorDash Scam?

The most common fraud on DoorDash and other companies is a data breach.

During data breaches, hackers steal customer information like names, addresses, credit card information, and additional personal information.

In 2019, DoorDash experienced a data breach, but immediately handled the situation, offered customer refunds, and assured it wouldn’t happen again.

Additionally, using PayPal is a safer payment option when ordering things online, like food from DoorDash. By using PayPal, your money is less likely to be stolen by credit card scammers.

However, you can use your debit and credit card on DoorDash, and feel assured knowing your information is private.

How Can You Avoid DoorDash Fraud?

There are a few things you can do to protect your personal information on DoorDash further and avoid being a victim of fraud.

For example, changing your password at least once every 60 to 90 days helps keep your account more secure.

Additionally, making your password unique to your DoorDash account enables you to avoid being a victim of fraud.

Moreover, if you find anything suspicious about your DoorDash orders, reach out to the company’s customer service as soon as possible.

Are There Fake Restaurants on DoorDash?

From time to time, some imposters create fake restaurants on DoorDash to scam customers.

In cases of fake restaurants, DoorDash takes things very seriously, as customer satisfaction is the company’s top priority.

So, if there’s a fake restaurant on the platform, DoorDash immediately removes it from the list and refunds customer orders.

What Are DoorDash Email Scams?

DoorDash customers have also reported occasional email scams. In these situations, customers receive an email asking them to take a survey about DoorDash’s delivery services.

Although the site may look legitimate, these email surveys aren’t sent by DoorDash.

Instead, hackers steal customer account information to steal their address, payment information, and more.

If you receive an email that wasn’t sent by DoorDash’s official account, know that it’s likely a scam.

Moreover, it’s beneficial to report the email scam to DoorDash so the company can prevent others from getting scammed.

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Although there are occasional scams and data breaches on DoorDash, the food delivery service is reliable and trustworthy.

As the food delivery industry leader, customers can feel safe knowing their payment information and other private information is protected. However, it is still crucial to be aware and on the lookout for scams, even when using DoorDash.

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