How Long Does Walmart Pharmacy Hold Prescriptions? (Guide)

Walmart Pharmacy is a brilliant way of managing your prescriptions in a familiar and trustworthy setting! But, there may be times when you have forgotten to pick up your prescription.

Therefore, it is very useful to know how long Walmart Pharmacy holds prescriptions for. I have collated all the information for you, so keep reading to find out!

How Long Does Walmart Pharmacy Hold Prescriptions?

Walmart Pharmacy typically holds a filled prescription for an average of 7 to 14 days. The medication itself is usually placed back into inventory past this timeframe, but the prescription is still valid until it reaches the expiration date that the prescribing doctor has listed.

Additionally, guidelines for holding prescriptions will likely vary on the basis of each individual case and medication prescribed, but you are able to access information regarding your prescription availability online using your Walmart Pharmacy account.

Do you keep forgetting your prescriptions? Keep reading to find out how to set up notification reminders! 

Can I Get Prescription Refill Reminders At Walmart Pharmacy? 

Yes, you must manually opt-in to receive reminders. This can be done online using your Walmart Pharmacy account. 

Simply log in, select ‘Medication Reminders’ and click the ‘Set Up Reminders’ option next to the prescription that you would like to receive reminders for. You are also able to choose a start date and change the reminder notification frequency to suit your needs.

You must remember to press ‘Save Reminder’ when you are finished to confirm the changes. Once done, you will receive reminder notifications in line with your respective frequency choice.

If you need to cancel or edit any of your refill reminders, this can be done on the ‘Medication Reminders’ page, where you can click either ‘Cancel’ or ‘Edit’ to change your prescription reminders.

How Can I Access My Walmart Prescriptions Online? 

You can access your Walmart Prescriptions online by creating an account on Walmart here. The information you use to sign up to this account must match the data presented on your existing Walmart Pharmacy prescriptions. 

Once you have logged in, select the ‘Pharmacy’ option from the menu. Your most recent orders and upcoming prescription refill reminders will be on the homepage of your account. 

Dates in green indicate a recently ordered, in transit, or ready-for-pickup prescription, and the dates in black represent the last time the prescription was filled.

To access more information about the individual prescriptions, click on the blue prescription number. This will show you the prescribing doctor, the date that the medication was prescribed, as well as the last date in which the prescription was filled.

Can You Refill A Prescription For Someone Else At Walmart Pharmacy?

If you need to refill a prescription on someone else’s behalf, this is only possible at Walmart Pharmacy if you are a parent or caregiver to the person (or pet). 

To fill or refill a prescription for them, you must have their name, address, and birth date information. You can then refill or fill a prescription by mail, over the phone, or at any Walmart Pharmacy. 

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Walmart Pharmacy typically holds prescriptions for up to two weeks, though this can vary depending on individual stores and the medication itself. 

Reminders and prescription information, including prescription availability, are available online on your Walmart Pharmacy account. This can be accessed via the main Walmart website. 

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