How Long Will CVS Hold A Prescription? (Full Guide)

CVS is among the leading healthcare retailers in the U.S., regularly visited by thousands of people looking to get their prescriptions filled.

As a CVS customer, if you’ve been unable to collect your filled prescription in time, you may be wondering – how long will CVS hold your prescription? Here is what I’ve found out about this!

How Long Will CVS Hold A Prescription?

CVS will hold your prescription for 2 days awaiting collection, before canceling the order and returning the items to its stock. You will have to reorder the prescription for CVS to fill them again. You can order your prescriptions online and receive them in 1-2 days.

If you want more information on how long CVS will retain your prescription information, order prescriptions at CVS, and check the status of your prescription; keep on reading!

What Happens If I Don’t Pick Up My Prescription At CVS?

If you do not pick up your prescription from CVS in time (usually 2 days), CVS will cancel your order and reverse the claim electronically.

After this, you will have to reorder your prescription for CVS to prepare your medicine again for collection.

Note that CVS offers a service to check the status of your prescription on the CVS website so you can avoid missing the collection period of your medication.

You can use this service by logging into your account and selecting your prescription.

Why Is My Prescription On Hold At CVS?

Some prescriptions at CVS may have their status changed to “on hold.” This is because the CVS system locks newly added prescriptions until a pharmacist has validated them to be correct.

You can contact or visit your local CVS pharmacy (using the CVS Store Locator) to rectify the issue.

How Many Days Early Can I Fill A Prescription at CVS?

CVS will allow you to fill your prescription for controlled substances a maximum of 2 days early.

Note that although CVS offers exceptions for legitimate purposes and occasional situations, this is mostly at the discretion of each individual CVS location for specific circumstances.

Can I Order Prescriptions Online At CVS?

Can I Order Prescriptions Online At CVS?

CVS offers its customers the opportunity to order their prescriptions online through or using the CVS mobile app.

Using these options, you can either choose to collect your CVS prescription in-store or have it delivered to your address. Prices for prescription delivery at CVS start at $4.99, with options for next-day delivery.

How Long Does It Take To Get CVS Prescriptions?

According to CVS, you can expect to receive your prescription within 1-2 days from a CVS pharmacy location after order placement. In some circumstances, medication can also take up to 7 days to arrive.

However, some medications may be eligible for ‘on-demand delivery’ through which you can receive your prescription in a few hours after placing the order.

Can CVS Transfer Prescriptions To Another CVS location?

You can transfer your prescriptions to another CVS location by heading to and choosing to collect your prescription from your new CVS.

Additionally, you can also use this service to update personal information such as your health insurance and home address.

How Long Does CVS Keep My Prescription History?

As per the law, CVS will retain your prescription history and patient records for ten years. CVS will often keep these as paper or electronic documents, disposing of them once ten years have passed.

You can access your prescription history yourself by logging into your account on the CVS website and selecting the pharmacy tab. Note that CVS allows you to print your prescription history if necessary.

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CVS will hold your prescription for 2 days during which you can collect it at any time. Once the 2 days have elapsed, CVS will cancel your prescription order and return it to the stock. You will have to reorder the prescriptions for CVS to fill them again. Stay updated about the status of your CVS prescription via CVS’s website to avoid any inconvenience.

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