How Much Are T-Mobile Taxes and Fees? (All The Hidden Fees Revealed)

If you are thinking of switching to T-Mobile or have recently signed as a customer, perhaps you’re wondering, how much T-Mobile taxes and fees are?

Well, I have been researching this topic and have learned a lot about all of the hidden fees, so keep reading to find out this important information that I discovered!

How Much Are T-Mobile Taxes and Fees in 2024?

If you have an Unlimited plan, such as Magenta, Magenta Max, T-Mobile One, or other similar plans with T-Mobile, the taxes are already included in 2024. However, plans like Simple Choice and Essentials have hidden taxes and fees, and taxes can be 8% to 27% depending on your location.

Do you want to know more about the hidden fees with T-Mobile, and whether they apply to all of the T-Mobile plans? If so, don’t stop reading because I’ll share more with you below!

Does T-Mobile Charge Taxes and Fees?

T-Mobile does charge taxes and fees, but these will depend on which plan you’re on and where you live, since state and local taxes will vary by your location.

For example, for some monthly plans like Simple Choice or Essentials, you will have to pay the federal, state, and county taxes in addition to your regular monthly fees.

That being said, the Unlimited plans such as Magenta, Magenta Max, and T-Mobile One have the taxes and fees included in the monthly cost of the plan.

However, even if you have an Unlimited plan, such as Magenta or Magenta Max, you will have to pay an additional $1 or $2 in fees and taxes on add-ons or upgraded services.

Does T-Mobile Have Hidden Fees?

T-Mobile does have hidden fees that you might not be aware of and also hidden taxes, with some of the most common fees you’ll be hit with including the following:

  • 911 surcharge fee
  • Regulatory Programs Fee
  • Teleco Recovery Fee
  • Universal Service Fund Fee
  • Voice Line fee of $3.18 per month for each line
  • Mobile Internet line fee of $1.16 per month for each line
  • Utility User Tax

Furthermore, there are other fees that you may want to think about and that can occur for a variety of reasons, so be aware of the following hidden fees that might hit your T-Mobile account:

Late Payment Fee

You will have a late payment fee if your T-Mobile bill is overdue, which is often about 1.5% of the balance on your account.

Activation Fee

People who live in Puerto Rico will notice a hidden activation fee when they join T-Mobile, but this is a one-time fee.

Account Restoration Fee

If your account is suspended or turned off for non-payment, then you will be charged a one-time fee of $20 plus taxes for reinstatement.

Changing Your Mobile Number Fee

T-Mobile allows you to change your number, but will charge you $15 each time, which is important to remember if you want to change your phone number.

Secondary Bill Reprints

If you need a secondary reprint of your T-Mobile bill, you will be charged $5, but the first reprint of your bill is free.

Out of Warranty Fees

Out of Warranty Fees T-Mobile

An out-of-warranty fee is assessed if you have something fixed that is outside of your warranty, and the price for this will depend on the device you have.

Restocking Fees

Restocking fees are common if you return a mobile phone and can range in price from $25 to $75 depending on the device that you’re returning.

Returned Payment Fee

Depending on the state you live in, you may be charged a returned payment fee if you have paid by check and it was returned. Note that this fee can be up to $50 in some locations.

Non-Return Fees

If you must return a device to T-Mobile, you will need to do so within a week, but if you don’t return it or it’s damaged, then you may end up paying $500 for a non-return fee.

Customer Support Payment Fee

If you decide to use T-Mobile Customer Support to pay your phone bill, you are going to be charged $8 for each payment you make this way, so it’s better to use the self-serve option.

Outside Collections Fee

If your T-Mobile account has been referred to collections, then you will have an outside collection fee on your bill.

Note that this fee is based on a percentage of the bill and it’s a one-time charge.

Shipping Charges

If you have a T-Mobile product shipped to you, then you’re going to have a shipping fee assessed, which will depend on your location and the type of shipping speed you selected.

Fee for Upgrade Support

If you’ve had to get assistance with an upgrade outside of the Self-Service portal, then you will be charged a $20 fee for a T-Mobile Customer Service Representative to help you.

How Much Is the Activation Fee for T-Mobile?

T-Mobile does not charge a traditional activation fee like Verizon and other carriers do, but does charge $20 for you to purchase a SIM Starter Kit.

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T-Mobile includes taxes and fees on Unlimited plans such as Magenta and Magenta Max, but began charging taxes and fees for add-ons and upgraded services on most plans.

T-Mobile taxes and fees will vary by location but can be as high as 27%. As well, if you use customer support or have a device shipped to you, there will be an additional fee.

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