T-Mobile Return Policy (After 30 Days, Damaged, Phones, No Receipt + More)

Do you have T-Mobile and have questions about the T-Mobile return policy, such as can you return an item after 30 days?

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T-Mobile Return Policy In 2024

The T-Mobile return policy states that you have 14 days from the purchase to return or exchange a phone, device, or accessory in 2024. You must return the device undamaged with the contents in the original packaging. The device must be in working condition, and you may have to return accessories if they came with the item.

Are you looking for even more details about the T-Mobile return policy, including the return policy if you don’t have a receipt or just changed your mind? If so, read on to learn more!

Can I Return My Phone To T-Mobile After 30 Days?

Unfortunately, you cannot return your phone to T-Mobile after 30 days since T-Mobile will only accept returns and exchanges for 14 days.

However, if you’re returning a trade-in device, you have 30 days to return the old device from the time your new device ships.

Can I Return My T-Mobile Phone Damaged?

You cannot return your T-Mobile phone damaged since T-Mobile only accepts returns or exchanges on phones in good working condition.

However, if you sneak one by and return a damaged phone to T-Mobile, then T-Mobile can opt to do one of the following:

  • Charge you the full retail price of the damaged phone, which could be more than what you paid for it
  • Deny your request to cancel your services
  • Prevent your new device from working
  • Charge you to repair the damaged device

Therefore, it’s a good idea not to try to return a damaged device to T-Mobile unless the phone was defective to begin with, but even then, there is no specific defective phone return policy.

Can You Return A Phone To T-Mobile Without A Receipt?

No, you cannot return your phone to T-Mobile without a receipt, as the return policy is clear that you’ll need your receipt for the return to be accepted.

However, if you have printed off your receipt from an online purchase, that is acceptable, like typical paper receipts.

How Long Is The Remorse Period At T-Mobile?

How Long Is The Remorse Period At T-Mobile?

If you’ve changed your mind about your T-Mobile purchase, the remorse period is the same as the regular return period, which is 14 days from the time of purchase.

Can You Return A T-Mobile Router?

Yes, you can return a T-Mobile router, and in fact, you’ll need to return the router or gateway if you cancel T-Mobile Internet services, or you’ll be charged a fee for non-return.

However, it appears from online users that it’s best to contact T-Mobile Customer Service to handle the return process as the T-Mobile stores aren’t equipped to process router returns.

Therefore, if you’re canceling your T-Mobile home Internet, you should ask for a prepaid return label and box to ship the router back so you won’t have to deal with the hassle.

What Is The T-Mobile Return Policy For Authorized Dealers?

Suppose you purchased a T-Mobile phone or accessory from an authorized dealer.

In that case, you will need to contact that retailer to determine the return policy since the T-Mobile policy does not apply.

For example, if you purchased the T-Mobile phone from Best Buy, you’ll need to contact Best Buy and ask what the return policy is for that store.

Does T-Mobile Charge A Restocking Fee?

Yes, T-Mobile does charge a restocking fee which is based on the full retail price of the device, so it’s not what you paid for the phone if the phone was on sale.

For example, if the phone or device was worth over $600, you will pay a $70 restocking fee, whereas a $40 restocking fee is charged for devices between $300 and $599.

Also, devices with a full retail price under $300 will only have a $20 restocking fee assessed when you return them.

What Is The T-Mobile Return Policy For Online Orders?

The T-Mobile return policy for online orders allows you to return the device within 20 days from the time your device was shipped to you.

Further, you’ll need to return the device with the original box and in its original packaging, including any other contents that came with the product, such as a USB cable.

Also, you will have to pay a restocking fee based on the full retail price of the item, and you can ship it back with a prepaid shipping label or return the item to a T-Mobile store.

How Can You Return A Device To T-Mobile?

Whether you purchased the item online, over the phone, or in-store, you have the option of returning the device to any T-Mobile location.

In addition, any online or over-the-phone orders can be shipped back to T-Mobile using a prepaid shipping label if you don’t want to go into a T-Mobile store to handle the return.

However, if you purchased the device from a third-party authorized retailer, you will need to return the device to that retailer or dealer and not T-Mobile.

What Is The T-Mobile Return Policy On Trade-In Devices?

The T-Mobile return policy on trade-in devices is that you’ll need to return your old trade-in device within 30 days after your new device has shipped out, or you won’t get the trade-in value.

Also, you can choose to take the trade-in device to any T-Mobile store, or you can choose to ship the old device back to T-Mobile using a prepaid shipping label. 

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The T-Mobile return policy is that you must return your device, including phones, to T-Mobile within 14 days for a return or exchange, but you must have the receipt, box, and all contents.

Additionally, you’ll be charged a restocking fee based on the full retail price of the device, which could be $70 if the value exceeds $600.

Furthermore, you can return your device to T-Mobile by taking it to a T-Mobile store or shipping it back to T-Mobile using a prepaid shipping label you’ll need to request.

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