How Much Do Cats Cost at PetSmart? (All You Need to Know)

Cats are cute, fun, and lovable, and their aloofness charms in its way. PetSmart allows those who would like this cuteness and charm into their homes to adopt cats at a price.

However, owning a well-cared-for cat is costly. If you want to know how much a cat will cost you at PetSmart, join us to find out what we discovered.

How Much Do Cats Cost at PetSmart In 2024?

Under the adoption plan, cats at PetSmart roughly cost $100 or less, depending on location, the cat’s breed, health, appearance, and age. This cost includes spaying or neutering, and all the required vaccinations. The surest way to discover the cost is by making a direct inquiry either in-store or online in 2024.

Stay on to learn about how much a cat costs at PetSmart, how you can get one, and much more!

Does PetSmart Sell Cats?

PetSmart does not sell cats. Rather, the pet store offers cats for adoption, and charges fees for the service.

PetSmart hopes to increase the chances that these homeless animals will eventually get home by bringing them into the stores.

Also, it doesn’t profit from the money charged as whatever is paid goes into catering for the animal’s needs. Whatever is left over goes into charity.

How Much Will It Cost to Adopt a Cat From PetSmart?

The surest way to find out how much it costs to adopt a cat from PetSmart is to inquire from the stores’ staff.

Consequently, if you see a cat you love while out shopping, you ask the associate what it takes to own the cat.

Similarly, you can find out how much a cat costs online by going to, and beginning your search there.

You will find so many cats with the adoption costs indicated.

Remember, these costs vary depending on locality, cat breed, age, and attractiveness to adopters.

As a rough estimate, kittens 2 to 5 months old may cost about $90, 6 to 9 months about $80, and adults about $60.

Generally, the more attractive a cat is to adopters, the higher its price.

How Do I Adopt a Cat From PetSmart?

How Do I Adopt a Cat From PetSmart?

The adoption process differs depending on where you live, and restrictions placed by your local authorities and the local adoption group from where the cat came.

However, the procedure is simple enough to perform online or in-store.

This is how to adopt a cat at PetSmart in store:

  1. When you see a cat that catches your fancy, find out from the store’s associates if the cat is available for adoption.
  2. They will tell you what to do and how much to pay if it is.
  3. However, the process will involve filling out paperwork and paying the required amount.
  4. There may be an interview and a home visit to gauge its suitability to receive the cat.
  5. Set aside sufficient time for this, as it may take up to two hours or some days to allow for background checks.
  6. In most cases, you should take your cat home the same day.

This is how you adopt a cat online at PetSmart:

  1. Visit PetSmart’s Adoption page on its website.
  2. Select cat and fill in your zip code on the Petfinder tool there.
  3. Results will come up with all the available cats for adoption near you. Each cat has a picture and a short profile.
  4. Find the cat you would like and click on it.
  5. Follow the prompts, and fill out the form. You will be asked to make your payment.
  6. You will be then directed to the place to pick your cat if the background check has been done or dispensed with.

Can I Return the Adopted Cat to PetSmart?

The contract you sign will detail PetSmart’s return policy for the cat you adopted during adoption.

However, PetSmart is more interested in the animal’s welfare and may take it back rather than risk being homeless.

You may need to bring the cat back within 14 days with the receipt. The cat may be rehomed elsewhere for free and you won’t receive a refund.

You should take great care in picking out your cat or determining if you can care for a cat at all to avoid having to return it.

How Do I Choose a Cat to Adopt From PetSmart?

Beyond the cat’s cute looks, try to dig deeper to find out more about the cat, and see if it is a good fit for you.

Here are questions you must ask:

  • What is the cat’s temperament? Will it fall in with other people and animals back home?
  • Is it housetrained?
  • How old is it?
  • Are there any underlying health issues?
  • What food are they used to?
  • Can I see the parents?

Can I Buy Purebred Cats at PetSmart?

It is rare, but purebred cats can be found at PetSmart.

PetSmart does not go out specifically looking for purebreds to stock. In most cases, they will take what has been offered; after all, the intention is charity.

However, if you would like a purebred, talk to an associate at the store to keep an eye out for you. Then when they find one, they will let you know.

Also, they may put in a special request for you at the animal shelters, so that when a purebred comes in, it will be given to PetSmart for you.

What Type of Cats Can I Buy at PetSmart?

PetSmart does not guarantee a cat’s pedigree, and will only classify them according to observable features like appearance, hair length, texture, and size.

Nevertheless, you have a wide choice of breeds to pick from. You can visit to find out the breeds they have, and what their appearance is.

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Adopting a cat is better than buying one from a breeder, as it gives a homeless animal a home and love. PetSmart makes this possible simply and affordably. Prospective pet parents can view, choose, and apply for their favorite pet online or in-store, and in most cases, go home with it the same day.

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