How Much Do Dogs Cost at PetSmart? (All You Need to Know)

Dogs are wonderful company for people of all ages, and may also provide security. For those who want a dog, PetSmart provides a way to get one.

Subsequently, if you want a dog and are curious how much PetSmart dogs cost, the breeds these stores have, and how to get one, kindly read on to learn more!

How Much Do Dogs Cost at PetSmart In 2024?

Unfortunately, PetSmart does not sell dogs in 2024. Instead, it facilitates their adoption and charges a fee. The cost varies according to different rescue groups, the dog’s breed, and age. However, the cost excludes vaccination, deworming, and other services. You may pay $100 for an adult dog, but only $150 for two dogs.

Go on reading if you would like to learn more about acquiring a dog from PetSmart- how much the company charges, how to adopt one, and much more!

Can I Buy a Dog From PetSmart?

PetSmart does not offer dogs for sale. Rather, it offers dogs from rescue groups to its shoppers for adoption.

You can see the dogs in PetSmart stores and on its website, where they are displayed to find new homes faster.

Whatever you pay for the dog goes into paying for the pets’ health and board services.

Does PetSmart Sell Puppies?

PetSmart does not sell puppies. However, you can find a puppy to adopt from PetSmart’s partner rescue groups.

Nonetheless, be prepared to pay more for the puppy than you would pay for an adult dog.

How Can I Buy a Dog From PetSmart?

As highlighted earlier, you cannot buy a dog from PetSmart. However, you can adopt one using this process:

While shopping, you may find your new best friend in a PetSmart store or see it online. In either case, try to establish that it’s still available.

Alternatively, attend PetSmart’s occasional Pet Adoption events where it may be possible to meet and adopt your dog.

  • If you saw your dog in a PetSmart store or adoption event, you may inquire from the store’s associates, and they will guide you through the process.
  • There will be paperwork to fill out, providing information relating to you, and describing the dog you wish to adopt.
  • There may be an interview with the rescue group, and even a home visit to see if you are suitable to adopt the dog.
  • If you pass the inspection, you will pay the required costs and take your dog home.

Otherwise, you can use the following process to adopt a dog at

  • If you haven’t seen your dog of choice, you can use PetSmart’s Petfinder. This useful online tool will show you all the available dogs to adopt near you.
  • All you have to do is choose the species and enter your zip code.
  • Dogs available to adopt in your area will come up, with a photo and profile next to every dog. Browse through and take your pic.
  • Click on it and follow the prompts all through.
  • It’s often possible to take your dog home the same day, but you may wait a few days if a home visit is deemed necessary.

Should I Buy a Dog or Adopt One From PetSmart?

Should I Buy a Dog or Adopt One From PetSmart?

There are benefits to buying a dog, but adopting one is much better, and for the following reasons:

  • Adopting a dog keeps an animal off the streets, and gives it a home full of love, where it can also give its love in return.
  • Dog adoptions are way cheaper than buying. Whereas buying a dog may set you back at least $400 and even as much as $4000, adoption costs start at a mere $100.
  • Part of the fee you pay to PetSmart goes to the animal rescue group to help keep more animals off the street.
  • Buying a dog encourages the sort of behavior – indiscriminate breeding – that leads to homeless animals. Adopt a dog instead to discourage it.

How Much Does a Dog Cost at PetSmart?

What you pay for a dog at PetSmart depends on the rescue group you get the dog from, its breed, age, and whether you are buying one or more dogs.

For instance, a 4-month-old Australian pup on PetSmart’s website costs $550, including all the extras indicated above.

Also, an adult chihuahua, on the other hand, goes for $200. A young Australian Cattle dog goes for the same cost.

Further, a Dachshund puppy costs $500. All these serve to illustrate the disparity of the prices.

The only way to tell the price with any certainty is to inquire from the rescue group via the contacts they make available online or in-store.

More importantly, the fee often includes the following:

  • Deworming
  • Testing for various diseases and vaccinations
  • Microchipping
  • Spaying or neutering
  • Thirty days of free pet insurance

What Type of Dogs Can I Buy at PetSmart?

PetSmart has a variety of dog breeds to choose from, but take care to pick one suited to your unique circumstances.

Dog breeds differ in temperament, size, and activity. Some will be comfortable inside the house, while to some, exercise in a wide-open space is critical.

In case of doubt, do not hesitate to ask. If it’s a puppy you are buying, make sure you have an idea how big it will be when fully grown.

What Should I Know Before I Adopt a Dog From PetSmart?

You should watch out for the following in your prospective new pet:

  • The dog of your choice should be suited to the space you have at home and have the temperament to live with your family members and other pets.
  • You should be aware of your dog’s health issues, and be prepared to shoulder its burdens.
  • Also, ask if the dog has been house trained, and decide whether you are prepared to take on that responsibility.

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Dogs make great pets, and PetSmart provides a way for you to own a dog affordably while performing a charitable act in the process.

It would be best if you chose carefully to enjoy hassle-free time with your new companion and find no reason to return it.

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