How Much Is It to Spay a Dog at PetSmart? (All You Need to Know)

Most veterinarians have always advised pet owners to spay their dogs, citing the many benefits of the procedure.

Consequently, with PetSmart company on the frontline of pet care, one common question is: how much is it to spay a dog at PetSmart? I have conducted in-depth research on the matter, and here is what I found out!

How Much Is It to Spay a Dog at PetSmart In [currentyear]?

The cost of spaying a dog at PetSmart ranges from $445 to $550, depending on the age and sex of the dog. However, PetSmart does not offer spaying procedures directly but contracts Banfield Pet Hospital for veterinary services. The Early Care Plus package by Banfield also offers spaying at a monthly fee of $47.95 in [currentyear].

If you want to find more information about the cost of spaying or neutering a dog at PetSmart, the costs of the packages, how it works, and much more, keep reading!

What Is the Cost of Spaying a Dog at PetSmart?

The cost of spaying a dog at PetSmart (through Banfield), depending on the age and sex of the dog, is as follows:

  • Neuter package (males over 6 months)- approximately $448.95.
  • Neuter package (males under 6 months) -approximately $384.95.
  • Spay package (females over 6 months / over 50 pounds)- approximately $541.95.
  • Spay package (females over 6 months / under 50 pounds) – approximately $472.95.
  • Spay package (females under 6 months) – approximately $410.95.

It’s important to note that the cost of spaying a dog at PetSmart through Banfield may vary slightly, depending on the individual services available in your area.

The prices above are based on Columbus SW location (5336 Westpointe Plaza Dr, Columbus, OH 43228).

Furthermore, Banfield charges pet owners additional office fees for all services.  The charges for office visits are as follows:

 Office visit: $57.95.

 Office visit (with an additional pet): $44.95.

What Package Includes Spaying at PetSmart?

The Early Care Plus Optimum Wellness Plan®(OWP) package at Banfield includes spaying as one of its services.

The Puppy Package is clustered into Early Care and Early Care Plus so that the dog owner can choose the most convenient option based on the dog’s needs, age, and lifestyle.

However, only the Early Care Plus package includes spaying as one of the numerous benefits of the wellness plan.

Generally, the Optimum Wellness plans offer smart and affordable annual packages of high-quality preventive pet care.

The Early Care Optimum Wellness Plan costs approximately .95 per month and comes along with 10% discounts on most Banfield products and services.

In addition to the monthly fee, Banfield charges pet owners a one-time set-up fee of $49.95, which is usually due with the first payment of the plan.

This package is ideal for puppies under 6 months old and includes spaying or neutering procedures along with exams, vaccination, virtual visits, unlimited office visits, discounted products, and much more.

For dogs above the age of 6 months, they can get the spaying procedure independently without committing to a specific wellness plan.

Banfield allows dog owners to split the annual payments into 12 monthly installments, with the flexibility of adding the cost of additional services, such as parasite control to the monthly plan.

Other add-on services to the plan include additional dental care and chronic control for renal, diabetes, and otitis.

If a pet owner has multiple pets, Banfield takes off 15% of the membership fee.

How Does Spaying a Dog at PetSmart Work?

How Does Spaying a Dog at PetSmart Work?

PetSmart does not necessarily conduct spaying procedures, but contracts Banfield to conduct the procedure on different pets, including dogs.

Spaying at Banfield is considered an anesthetic procedure that includes routine bloodwork, IV catheter and fluids, routine anesthesia, and monitoring throughout the procedure and recovery.

The spaying procedure involves the removal of the puppy’s ovaries, uterus, and fallopian tubes for females and the neutering of males by the removal of testicles.

Although several risks are involved in the procedure, spaying and neutering provide essential lifelong benefits.

In some instances, the dog might react to the anesthesia used, resulting in diarrhea, vomiting, irritation at the surgical area, and lethargy.

In other instances, the pre-procedure test may prevent the dogs from having the planned surgery or may require additional tests to determine whether they are ready for the procedure.

It’s always important to notify the veterinary team at Banfield if you have any concerns before the start of the procedure so that they can work with you.

What Are the Benefits of Spaying a Dog at PetSmart?

Although the main benefit of spaying or neutering a dog is to prevent unwanted pregnancies, the benefits of the procedure do not stop there.

Other benefits of spaying or neutering a dog include the following:

  • Spaying a dog before the onset of its first heat cycle (usually before the age of 6 months old) helps reduce the risks of uterine, mammary, or ovarian cancer.
  • Spaying reduces the risk of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases and prevents the dog from birthing issues.
  • For male dogs, neutering helps in preventing pet pregnancies and testicular cancer. The procedure also helps reduce the risks of prostate cancer and other health issues.

Banfield veterinary team advises pet owners to neuter their male dogs when the pet is between 4-6 months, in order to ease the recovery process.

How Do You Care for a Dog Before and After Spaying at PetSmart?

Banfield’s veterinary team offers a few tips on taking care of a puppy before and after the dog’s spaying procedure.

These tips include the following:

  • The pet owner may be instructed not to feed the dog on the day of the procedure.
  • After the pet has undergone the procedure, they may be sore, especially the incision point. Hence, the pet owner may need to limit the dog’s physical activities.
  • The pet owner must check the incision area to ensure that the dog is healing properly.
  • The pet owner must provide the pet with a comfortable and clean spot to recover.
  • The pet owner should limit high movement activities, like jumping on furniture or going upstairs.
  • The pet owner should contact the veterinary team if they have any concerns regarding the procedure.

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Spaying or neutering a dog at PetSmart costs around $445 to $550 for one-time visits, although the dog owner can enroll in a wellness plan covering spaying, among other services.

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