How Much Does Advance Auto Parts Pay? (Positions, By State, How Employees Get Paid + More)

Advance Auto Parts is a leading automotive aftermarket parts retailer with more than 5,100 stores and branches in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

With over 68,000 knowledgeable and experienced team members, Advance Auto employs people for different roles. But, how much does the company pay its employees? Here’s what I discovered!

How Much Does Advance Auto Parts Pay In 2024?

At Advance Auto Parts, the average pay ranges from $12.82 an hour for delivery drivers, $11.96 an hour for sales associates, $9.42 for cashiers, to $12.79 per hour for sales representatives in2024. Higher management makes more, as assistant general manager earns about $17.30 an hour while a commercial manager makes $17.84 per hour.

For more information about how much money Advance Auto Parts employees make based on positions and state, keep on reading!

How Much Does Advance Auto Parts Pay Per Hour?

On average, Advance Auto Parts pays $11.48 an hour, which is slightly higher than the reported average hourly rate of .22 for employees in the U.S.

Delivery drivers, sales associates, cashiers, and customer service associates are among the lowest-paid staff at Advance Auto Parts.

While cashiers earn $9.42 an hour, customer service associates make $10.37, and sales associates get paid $11.96.

How Much Does Advance Auto Parts Pay Delivery Drivers?

Delivery drivers at AutoZone get paid differently based on their titles.

According to the reported salaries, drivers make $12.52 an hour, delivery drivers earn $12.82 an hour, and commercial drivers get paid $12.11 hourly.

Additionally, some drivers make more; truck drivers earn $16 an hour, while route drivers make an average salary of $28.03.

How Much Does Advance Auto Parts Pay Parts Managers?

Parts managers at Advance Auto Parts earn about $11-$18 an hour. If you are employed as a parts specialist, you should expect an average hourly rate of $12.

On the other hand, parts drivers make $12.67 an hour. These salaries vary depending on the level of experience.

How Much Does Advance Auto Pay Cashiers?

At Advance Auto Parts, cashiers and salespeople are among the lowest-paid employees. On average, they make between $9-$11 per hour.

This salary is much lower compared to the average cashier salary in the United States, which stands at .80 an hour.

In this retail department, bilingual retail salespeople make more money at $12.96 an hour due to their additional skills.

How Much Does Advance Auto Parts Pay Branch Managers?

Based on the reported salaries, Advance Auto branch managers make an average salary of $77,955 per year, while assistant store managers earn $28,306 annually.

If you are employed as an assistant retail manager at Advance Auto Parts, you’ll earn about $13.57 an hour.

These roles make more money because they are managerial positions. If you are more experienced, you earn more, especially after promotion.

How Much Does Advance Auto Parts Pay Managers?

Management jobs at Advance Auto Parts pay quite well.

According to reported salaries, a category manager makes $89,001 annually, a construction manager earns $119,978 per year, and development managers get $128,844.

Directors earn $173,305, and director of operations make $140,791 annually. These managerial positions are among the best-paid roles at Advance Auto Parts.

How Much Does Advance Auto Parts Pay in Different States?

How Much Does Advance Auto Parts Pay in Different States?

If you are employed at Advance Auto Parts, your salary range will vary depending on the store’s location. Employees earn different wages based on where the store is located.

According to the reported salaries, Blasdell, NY, has the highest average salary, and Advance Auto Parts employees earn an average salary of $46,833.

On the other hand, employees in South Brunswick, NJ, earn a median salary of $45,723.

Advance Auto Parts employees in cities such as Raleigh, Phoenix, and Indianapolis make the lowest amount at $34,000 – $35,000.

As a job seeker, it’s important to factor in the cost of living in different states, and use this information to negotiate your salary.

Therefore, when applying for a position at Advance Auto, you should know the average salary in different states.

Which Departments Earn More at Advance Auto Parts?

When comparing the different departments at Advance Auto Parts, the retail and sales sections earn less money than the management.

Branch managers and directors make more money. However, the amount varies depending on the location and experience level.

Are Advance Auto Parts Employees Paid Bonuses?

Advance Auto Parts pays an average of $4,297 annually in employee bonuses. This bonus ranges from $983 to $8,000 annually, based on employee reports.

Employees with higher roles and titles get the highest bonuses of $8,000, while lower management roles such as parts specialists make the lowest bonuses at $983 annually.

How Often Are Advance Auto Employees Paid?

Advance Auto Parts staff are paid biweekly; therefore, you should expect your salary every two weeks if you get employed at one of these stores.

Does Advance Auto Parts Provide Extra Benefits for Employees?

On top of the regular salary, employees at Advance Auto Parts enjoy various employment benefits.

Advance Auto Parts has a comprehensive health and wellness benefits program for the team members and their families.

These benefits include paid maternity leave, 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan, and a company-provided Basic Life Insurance.

You should know that these benefits are given to full-time salaried team members after 30 days of employment, while full-time hourly team members become eligible after 90 days of employment.

In addition, team members are offered different health plans with a range of coverage levels and costs.

These include medical, dental, vision, health savings accounts, prescription drugs, and medical and dependent flexible spending accounts.

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Advance Auto Parts pay different salaries for each role. While the average pay for delivery drivers ranges from $12.82 an hour, sales associates make $11.96 an hour, cashiers earn $9.42, and sales representatives earn $12.79 per hour.

Employees in higher management make more money; an assistant general manager earns about $17.30 an hour, while a commercial manager makes $17.84 per hour.

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