How Much Is Chewy Per Month? (Is There a Monthly Fee)

Chewy has experienced significant growth within the last couple of years, building a wide and loyal customer base.

So, if you’ve heard about the company and are interested in signing up as a member, read this article first to learn about membership fees and other useful facts!

How Much Is Chewy Per Month In 2024?

Chewy is not a monthly subscription, so there are no monthly fees in 2024. Chewy is a regular retailer where you buy the items you want, when you want them, pay, and complete the transaction. Autoship is the closest thing Chewy has to a monthly subscription, but all it does is deliver items you specify to follow a set frequency.

Continue reading this article to learn all you need to know about monthly subscriptions and Chewy, including the services it has that are similar, alternatives, and more!

Is Chewy a Monthly Subscription?

Chewy is not a monthly subscription. It is a retailer like Amazon where you visit the website and buy items directly from your computer or device.

Because Chewy is often compared to Amazon, many consumers are under the impression that the company has a subscription.

Both companies are operated online, but Amazon has its popular Amazon Prime subscription program.

Chewy does not have such a program in place; the closest thing it has to a subscription is Autoship, a service that lets you set up regular automatic deliveries for items you use frequently.

Autoship isn’t restricted to monthly shipments. You can set it up to deliver things to your address every week to every 8 weeks (every 2 months).

Autoship on Chewy is also free to use and you don’t have to pay any membership fees.

When using Autoship, you will only have to pay shipping fees if your order isn’t worth more than $49. Otherwise, shipping is also free.

Another reason people might think that Chewy is a monthly subscription is the rising popularity of pet subscription services like BarkBox.

Companies like BarkBox send out boxes every month to their subscribers. These boxes have treats, toys, and other items that are unknown to subscribers until they open them.

 Chewy has its own somewhat similar product, the Goody Box, for dogs and cats, but it’s not a monthly subscription.

Instead, you buy it once and have it delivered like any other item. What’s similar is you don’t know what’s in the box until you get it.

Is Chewy Expensive?

Is Chewy Expensive?

While Chewy doesn’t have a subscription service and therefore isn’t expensive, we could compare it to companies that do similar things and see which one has the better prices.

Chewy’s Goody Box comes in $24.99, $25.99, and $29.99 options, while BarkBox’s cheapest option starts at $23 per month.

If you’re someone that gets a lot of treats and toys for your pet, you could find that BarkBox is cheaper than Chewy when billed annually, and it also offers more variety.

As for whether Chewy is cheaper than other regular retailers like Petco, PetSmart, Amazon, etc, the differences in prices aren’t significant enough.

However, Chewy does outdo most of its competition by offering free shipping on all orders over $49.

Is Chewy Free?

Chewy is free to use and sign up for. Even the Autoship service is free and the only thing you pay for, aside from the items you buy, is shipping on orders that are below $49.

Otherwise, shipping is automatically free.

Alternative Pet Subscription Services

If you’re completely set on having a subscription service for your pet, you might be interested in BarkBox.

BarkBox sends out boxes to its subscribers every month, containing an assortment of treats, toys, and accessories for dogs.

BarkBox’s highest tier costs $299 a year with annual billing, and the boxes come with an extra toy.

If you have a cat, you might be interested in BoxCat.

This service works a lot like BarkBox, but it’s available on Amazon as well as the company website, making it easier to sign up for if you already have an Amazon account.

BoxCat costs $24.99 for the first box, and the rest cost $27.99, meaning you save $3 on the first box you get.

These boxes contain toys, gear, and treats, with vegan options available. There is also an upgrade option available for a luxury box.

To learn more, you can also read our posts on Chewy vs PetSmart, who owns Chewy, and where does Chewy ship from.


Chewy does not have a monthly subscription on any of its services because Chewy is a retailer, operating a lot like Amazon but without Prime. A

utoship is Chewy’s service that comes close to being a monthly subscription, but it’s free to use and you can set a schedule that isn’t strictly monthly.

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