How Old Are Chicks at Tractor Supply? (All You Need to Know)

As anyone who has ever raised chicks knows, they grow very fast, and their requirements for food, water and heat also change rapidly. 

So, when you’re buying them at the store or ordering online, you probably want to know how old the chicks are at Tractor Supply. We looked it up and found the answers to this question and many more. Carry on reading for all the details!

How Old Are Chicks at Tractor Supply In 2024?

The chicks at Tractor Supply are shipped by the hatcheries when they are 24 hours, so the ones you find in the stores will be 2 to 3 days old in 2024. If you buy chicks online at Tractor Supply, they are shipped when they are around 12 hours, and delivery will take 48 to 72 hours.

To find out more about how old chicks are at Tractor Supply and how to care for them at different ages, read on. You’ll find all you need to know here!

What Age Are the Chicks at Tractor Supply?

Whether you’re starting your first coop in your backyard or you’re an experienced poultry farmer, you know that chicks need different kinds of care and food at different ages.

So, it’s necessary to know exactly how old your chicks are when you bring them home from the store, or when your online delivery with chicks arrives.

You can buy chicks at Tractor Supply stores and online in the spring during Chick Days.

Typically, the chicks that you will find in the stores will be at least two to three days old.

Tractor Supply sources chicks from nearby hatcheries, which start shipping them out when they are just a day old.

It usually takes a day or two for shipping, so the chicks you see in the store will be two to three days old.

Stores receive new deliveries of chicks every week. By the time the chicks are a week old, they are starting to develop their grown-up feathers.

At one week, the yellow fuzz starts to be replaced by real feathers. This process is complete by the time the birds are 12 weeks old.

How Old Are Chicks Online at Tractor Supply?

Chicks are usually around 12 hours old when they are shipped. They are shipped directly from the hatcheries every week between Monday and Wednesday.

Shipping takes between 48 to 72 hours, so the chicks from your online purchase will be somewhere between 2 to 4 days old when you receive them.

How Can I Tell How Old My Chicks Are?

How Can I Tell How Old My Chicks Are?

It’s important to know how old your chicks are so you can adjust their feed, water, and temperature conditions accordingly.

Chicks are born with a yellow fuzz that doesn’t retain heat, so they need to be in a brooder with a heat source until they are fully feathered.

The easiest way to tell the age of your chicks is to look at their physical appearance. They start out with a cute yellow fuzz.

At about one week old, they start to grow real feathers, and the fuzz begins to moult. By the time they are 12 weeks, for most breeds, all the fuzz is replaced by feathers.

At 12 weeks, they are no longer considered chicks but pullets (if female) and cockerels (if male).

What Do 4 Week Old Chicks Need?

At 4 weeks old, chicks are not yet fully feathered. They should still be in the brooder, with temperatures at 80F.

They can go outside for a short while if it’s warm, to get some fresh air and sunshine. They should be brought back inside as soon as the outside temperatures drop.

 At four weeks, chicks can switch from eating starter feed to puller growth feed. They will need waterers that must be refilled several times a day.

Can 8 Week Old Chicks Go Outside?

At 8 weeks, chicks have their feathers and can go outside even if it is below 50F.

At 8 weeks, you can also shut off the heat lamps in the brooder and move your chicks to their regular coop.

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The chicks you find at Tractor Supply stores are two to three days old. If you buy chicks online, they are shipped when they are 12 hours, and delivery will take 2 to 3 days.

It’s important to know how old your chicks are so you can make sure they have the right feed, temperature and care.

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