How To Add TSA PreCheck To American Airlines? (Your Full Guide)

TSA PreCheck is an amazing program that lets you breeze through lines at the airport. American Airlines is one of the air carriers in the US that has TSA PreCheck gates.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about adding TSA PreCheck status to your American Airlines flight!

How To Add TSA PreCheck To American Airlines In 2024?

TSA PreCheck is offered on American Airlines itineraries for $85 for five years as of 2024. Passengers can use this with CLEAR for an even quicker check-in process. American Airlines passengers must enter the nine-digit PASS ID from their CBP for TSA PreCheck. It’s best to use American Airlines’ website to sign up for TSA PreCheck.

Want a quicker check-in when flying with American Airlines? Keep reading to learn more about adding TSA PreCheck to your next flight!

Can You Add TSA PreCheck After Checking In?

Yes, passengers can add TSA PreCheck after checking in to their American Airlines reservation. To do this, passengers will need their nine-digit PASS ID from their CBP program.

Furthermore, if a passenger has applied through TSA, they will get a Known Traveler Number (KTN).

Before passengers travel, they will need to make sure both the PASS ID and KTN are up to date in their account or reservation.

How Do I Add PreCheck To An Existing Reservation On American Airlines?

To add PreCheck to an existing reservation on American Airlines, passengers need to navigate to the American Airlines website and log in.

Once logged in, passengers need to click on “Manage Trip” for every reservation that needs PreCheck added.

Additionally, passengers have the option of calling American Airlines customer service. However, updating passenger information online is usually the faster choice.

Why Isn’t My TSA PreCheck On My Boarding Pass American Airlines?

Here are a few reasons why a passenger’s TSA PreCheck will not appear on their boarding pass:

  • Passengers need to link their Known Traveler Number to their American Airlines account. If a passenger has not done this, the TSA PreCheck will not appear on their boarding pass.
  • There is a difference between the passenger’s identification and their boarding pass. Even the smallest discrepancy can cause this. (e.g., change in last name, no middle name, etc.)
  • Traveling with an infant may disqualify passengers from TSA PreCheck. This is due to an error, so passengers need to call customer service to correct this issue.
  • A passenger’s TSA PreCheck membership has expired.
  • TSA PreCheck gates are not always open; if a passenger has booked a flight with odd timing, their gate may be closed.

Is TSA PreCheck Guaranteed Every Time?

Unfortunately, TSA PreCheck is not guaranteed with every visit to the airport.

According to the Transportation Security Administration, passenger safety is prioritized over expediency.

Due to this, security measures must remain unpredictable, and passengers can be subject to extra screening at any given time.

Which Is Better, TSA PreCheck Or CLEAR?

Which Is Better, TSA PreCheck Or CLEAR? American Airlines

TSA PreCheck and CLEAR are two separate programs, but passengers can use both services.

In fact, TSA PreCheck and CLEAR are best used in tandem and will speed up the check-in process.

For example, CLEAR speeds up the document checking process, and TSA PreCheck makes for a faster physical screening process.

Nonetheless, both services work well, and passengers are advised to enroll in both programs to experience a quick and hassle-free check-in process.

How Long Is The TSA PreCheck Good For?

A TSA PreCheck membership expires after five years.

However, passengers who have expired TSA memberships are encouraged to renew their membership.

Of course, passengers who choose to renew their TSA membership will be subject to a standard $85 fee.

Is TSA PreCheck Worth It?

TSA PreCheck allows passengers to enjoy a quicker screening process without removing their shoes, belts, or light outerwear when going through security.

Of course, passengers can still keep their laptops and TSA-approved liquids in their carry-ons.

For $85 every five years, TSA PreCheck is well worth enrolling in, especially if passengers plan on traveling frequently.

What Is The Difference Between TSA PreCheck And Global Entry?

Global Entry is more comprehensive than TSA PreCheck regarding the benefits they both provide.

Also, passengers should know that if they are enrolled with Global Entry, their membership includes all the benefits of TSA PreCheck.

In addition to the TSA PreCheck benefits, Global Entry members have expedited US customs screening for international passengers entering the US.

How Much Does It Cost To Renew TSA PreCheck?

To renew a TSA PreCheck membership, passengers must pay $85, which will renew their TSA PreCheck status for another five years.

Additionally, passengers are highly recommended to renew their TSA membership due to the quick and easy check-in it provides at a low cost.

Can You Renew Expired TSA PreCheck Online?

Members of the TSA PreCheck program can renew their membership online. In fact, passengers can renew their membership as early as six months before their expiry date.

Of course, there is no overlap in the membership dates; the new membership will only begin once the time for the old membership has elapsed.

TSA PreCheck American Airlines

TSA PreCheck is a program with the Transportation Security Administration that lets eligible passengers enjoy expedited screening.

Additionally, this program is available with American Airlines and most other US airports.

Further, passengers can easily get through airport checkpoints without removing items like shoes, light outerwear, and belts.

Also, passengers can apply for the program by contacting the TSA. Still, a few of the requirements are as follows:

Passengers must be US citizens who are lawfully residing in the country and have not been convicted of any crimes.

Known Traveler Number

Passengers can find their Known Traveler Number on the back of their Global Entry card. Also, this Known Traveler Number is known as the PASSID number.

With a NEXUS on SENTRI card, the Known Traveler Number can be found on the back of the card.

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For a small fee of $85, passengers can enjoy TSA PreCheck for five years. TSA PreCheck allows passengers a quick and easy check-in process.

Also, passengers can go through security gates without removing their shoes or belt. However, TSA PreCheck is not always guaranteed. At their discretion, TSA can screen any passenger.

Finally, TSA precheck can also be used with Global entry to make for an even faster check-in process.

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