How To Cancel Verizon Wireless? (10 Step-By-Step + Other FAQs)

Do you currently have Verizon Wireless but no longer want to use Verizon as your provider and want to cancel your services?

Are you wondering how to cancel Verizon Wireless and the step-by-step process you have to take? If so, keep reading below because I’ve researched and discovered the critical details!

How To Cancel Verizon Wireless In [currentyear]?

If you’re wondering how to cancel Verizon Wireless, your best bet is to contact Verizon by phone by calling its customer service team as of [currentyear]. However, only the account owner or manager can contact Verizon Wireless to cancel the entire account and will need to have their account PIN handy to complete the cancellation.

Do you want to know more about how to cancel Verizon Wireless, including whether you have to pay a fee to cancel? Well, keep reading below to find out those details and much more!

1. Call Verizon Customer Service Or Walk Into A Verizon Store

You will need to call Verizon Customer Service to cancel Verizon Wireless at 1-800-922-0204 or walk into a Verizon store and give your Verizon Wireless account information, including:

  • Name of the account owner
  • The phone number associated with the account owner
  • Last four digits of the account owner’s Social Security number or account PIN

However, you should contact Verizon during normal business hours to cancel your Verizon Wireless service, Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM EST.

2. Allow Customer Service Time To Verify Your Identity

While it doesn’t take too long, it will take the customer service representative a minute to verify your identity, so it is essential to have the above account information. 

3. Tell The Representative You Want To Cancel

Once you’ve verified your identity, you explain to the representative that you’d like to cancel your Verizon Wireless account.

4. Answer The Questions About Why You’re Canceling

It’s not easy to cancel Verizon Wireless because the team is coached to ask you a bunch of questions, including why you want to leave, what you didn’t like, and other details.

Therefore, you’ll have to answer several questions about your account and services, which can take a few minutes to get through, but be polite and answer honestly.

5. Turn Down Retention Requests

5. Turn Down Retention Requests Verizon

The Verizon Customer Service team may transfer you to the Retention department, which means you’ll be asked to stay and given promotions and offers not to leave.

That said, you’ll need to turn out those retention requests being as polite as possible but telling Verizon there’s nothing the company can offer to get you to stay and you’d like to cancel.

6. Ask About Early Termination Fees

You must ask about Early Termination Fees that could apply to your account because if you were under contract, you’d owe based on how much time is left on it.

For example, if you’re at the beginning of your contract, you could owe up to $350, but it decreases as time goes on.

7. Ask About Device Payment Agreement

You want to ask the team about any Device Payment Agreement you have and determine how much you’ll owe as the remaining balance, which will appear on your last Verizon bill.

8. Go Through The Legal Agreements & Disclaimers

Next, Verizon will walk through the legal agreements and disclaimers you’ll have to agree to before your Verizon Wireless service is canceled.

You may have to answer “yes” or “no” to questions so that it’s on record and in your file and confirm you want to cancel.

9. Ask About Cancelation Date

You want to end the phone call by asking when the cancellation will take place and get a reference number to keep in case you need it later.

10. Check Your Account Within A Week After Cancelation Date

You’ll need your cancellation date to know when to go online and confirm your Verizon Wireless service has been canceled.

Furthermore, there are times when Verizon forgets to put it into the system, most of the time, it is an unintentional misstep by Verizon, but you want to verify it went through properly.

Can You Cancel Verizon Anytime?

You can cancel Verizon anytime you want, but your cancellation isn’t valid until the end of that billing cycle.

For example, if you cancel on the 4th but your billing cycle ends on the 28th, you will still have Verizon Wireless until after the 28th, and that current billing cycle ends.

Additionally, while you can cancel anytime you want, you’ll have to deal with any applicable Early Termination Fees or the Device Payment Agreement.

Can I Close My Verizon Account Online?

Unfortunately, you cannot close your Verizon Wireless account online, so you’ll have to call Verizon Wireless Customer Service or go into a Verizon Store to complete the cancellation.

Do I Need To Cancel Verizon If I Switch?

You should not need to cancel Verizon if you switch since your Verizon account should cancel automatically once you’ve been officially switched to a different carrier.

However, it’s still a good idea to call Verizon shortly after switching to confirm that your Verizon account has been canceled.

Additionally, you’ll receive your final bill from Verizon that may include an Early Termination Fee or the rest of your Device Payment Agreement if your new carrier doesn’t offer to pay them off.

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If you’re wondering how to cancel Verizon Wireless, you will first need to call Verizon Wireless Customer Service or walk into a Verizon store to begin the process.

In addition, have your account information handy such as your Account PIN and account phone number. Also, you need to be the account owner or manager to cancel your services.

Further, you will need to deny attempts to keep you as a customer, be firm about canceling, and go over legal agreements before the cancellation is confirmed. 

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