How to Delete Venmo History? (All You Need to Know)

People all over the United States use Venmo for many types of transactions, whether they are personal or business related. For instance, many users would like to be able to delete their Venmo activity history.

So, is it possible to delete your Venmo transaction records? I’ve researched this topic for you and found the answers, and here is all you need to know!

How Can I Delete My Venmo History in 2024?

Venmo does not allow users to delete their account history in 2024. Venmo will always have access to your transaction records. However, if you would like to hide your past, present, and future Venmo activity from friends, family, and the general public, you can do so by switching your account to a private setting.

There is a lot to know about privacy and account history on Venmo, so keep reading to learn more helpful information regarding this topic!

How Do You Hide Transactions on Venmo?

If you want to hide your transactions on Venmo, you will need to make your account private. With this setting, only you and Venmo can see your activity.

To do this, tap the “Me” tab in the Venmo app, then go to the settings gear.

In the top right corner, tap “Privacy,” and under “Default Privacy Setting,” select “Private” from among the options listed. 

Can Everyone See My Venmo Transactions?

When you start a Venmo account, the default setting is public, meaning that the general public can see who you have been paying and when, including the notes that come with the payments.

However, if you would like your account activity to be hidden, you can make your account private by going into the privacy settings through the “Me” tab on the Venmo app.

Can You Delete a Venmo Account?

Can You Delete a Venmo Account?

You can delete your Venmo account if there aren’t any funds in your account balance.

To delete your account, make sure you have transferred any remaining funds out of your Venmo balance.

Next, tap the “Me” tab in the app and go to the settings gear in the top right corner.

Then, select “Account” under “Preferences” and tap “Close Venmo Account.” This will deactivate your account.

However, if you only want to delete your business account and not your personal account, you will need to contact Venmo’s support team.

Can the Police Track Your Venmo?

Police investigators often use Venmo records to trace criminal activity and collect needed information about a person’s recent activity and whereabouts.

Leaving your profile public would be the simplest way for the police to view your transaction history.

In addition, Venmo has access to every user’s transaction history, so if the police decide to subpoena the records, they may gain access to it, even if your Venmo account is private.

The police often check the note that comes with payments on Venmo to try to find out if there are any illegal goods or services being paid for using the app.

Why Won’t Venmo Let Me Delete My Account?

If you are trying to delete or close your Venmo account, but it isn’t working, this may be due to remaining funds in your account balance.

Therefore, be sure to transfer any remaining money out of your Venmo balance so you can close your account.

There may also be an ongoing case that Venmo has to investigate with your account before it can be closed. If you are getting an error message, you can contact Venmo’s support team.

Can I Start a New Venmo Account?

If you want to start a new Venmo account, you can do so by deleting your current Venmo and starting fresh.

Alternatively, you can add a second Venmo account that is linked to the same bank account as your first one.

There is a limit of two Venmo accounts for one bank. You also have the option of linking an additional bank or card to your Venmo account with the same login information.

Why Do Venmo Payments Show up on My Bank Statements?

When you send payments using Venmo and the funds come from your bank account rather than your Venmo balance, then the transaction will show up on your bank statement.

If you were expecting the payment to be sent from your Venmo balance only, there are a few possible reasons why this didn’t happen.

For instance, you may have insufficient funds in your Venmo balance, so there were funds taken from your bank account.

Another reason may be that you need to verify your identity with Venmo in order to pay using your account balance.

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It’s not currently possible to delete your transaction history on Venmo, as the company will always have access to your records. You can, however, hide your history from the public.

By making your Venmo account private, the only ones able to see your account history are yourself and Venmo. However, note that police and court officials sometimes request records from Venmo in the event of an investigation.

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