How To Get A Receipt From Amazon? (All You Need To Know) 

Physical and e-commerce retailers offer receipts to customers as proof of purchase so that customers can easily get products returned and exchanged later. 

If you’ve started purchasing products from Amazon, a worldwide e-commerce giant, you may be wondering – how can you get a receipt from Amazon? Here is what I’ve found out about this! 

How To Get A Receipt From Amazon?

Customers can download the receipt for their orders in PDF form through their Amazon accounts. To do so, customers need to log in to their Amazon account on a desktop or via the Amazon App, click on “Returns & Orders”, select the order, view order details, and click “invoice” to begin the download. 

If you want to learn more about whether you can look up old receipts on Amazon, what information you will usually find on a receipt, and much more, keep on reading! 

What Can You Get A Receipt For On Amazon?

The good news about shopping on Amazon is that you can get a receipt for anything you buy, whether big or small. 

Whether buying from one of the 1.9 million small and medium-sized businesses or shopping Amazon Basics, you will have a receipt on your Amazon account. 

Along with that, you can also view printable receipts for Amazon Prime membership and other services from the tech giant, so long as you are logged into the right account. 

Can You Look Up Old Receipts On Amazon?

It’s much easier to keep track of Amazon digital receipts than physical receipts from the grocery store.  

Amazon records all your old transactions and purchases so that you can find orders from the very beginning of your account. 

When you click on returns and orders at the top of the Amazon page, you will see a dropdown search function where you can view all your past orders. 

Just scroll down to find the desired order, or use the search bar to type in keywords if you remember the item or category you ordered from.  

After that, all you need to do is click on order details, and the option to view your invoice/receipt will pop up. 

What Is The Difference Between An Amazon Confirmation Email And Receipt?

What Is The Difference Between An Amazon Confirmation Email And Receipt?

While both the Amazon confirmation email and receipt contain the order number and total amount, there is more information on the receipt than in the initial email. 

The confirmation email is automatically sent to your inbox, but the full receipt is not. Instead, you must log in to your Amazon account to download the receipt from the order details. 

Note that the confirmation email contains the order number, estimated arrival date, shipping address, and order total.  

Other than that, there may also be a few recommended items based on your purchases under the heading “Customers Who Bought Items in Your Order Also Bought”. 

You can click the view or manage order button in the confirmation email to return to your Amazon account and view full details.  

From this point in your account, you can download a PDF version of your receipt for personal safekeeping or business invoice purposes. 

What Information Is Included On An Amazon Receipt?

Amazon receipts include all your order details , such as the order number, date, and total purchase amount.  

The seller’s order number is listed above the product description with the condition of the items ordered and the total amount paid.  

Additionally, the shipping date, address, and speed are listed above payment information (billing address and which credit card was used).  

Note that the payment information is divided into the item subtotal, shipping and handling fees, any free shipping or discounts, the total before tax, and the estimated tax to be collected. 

At the bottom of the Amazon receipt, there is the option to return to the order summary and view the order status.  

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You can get a confirmation email and a receipt for any product you buy on Amazon.

To access your receipt, log in to your account and view “Returns & Orders” in the corner menu. After that, select the specific order, view details, and click invoice.  

Your receipt downloads as a PDF which you can view on your phone or computer.

If you misplace a printed version or accidentally delete it, you can always download it again and view your full order history on Amazon. 

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