How To Get Donations From Walmart (+ Other Common FAQs)

Walmart, through different operations, has made commitments to improving the lives of people. Among the various strategies of improving lives are the Walmart donations that aid in solving common societal challenges.

However, most people don’t know how to secure these donations and often ask; how do you get donations from Walmart? Well, here’s what I discovered about the issue!

How Do You Get Donations From Walmart In 2024?

You can get donations from Walmart’s Community Giving Program by applying through an online application process available on the company’s website as of 2024. The application process involves giving complete details on your organization, alongside an in-depth description of the program that needs funding. Once your application review is complete, you’ll receive feedback via email.

If you need more information on how to get donations from Walmart, who can get the grants, how much you can get from Walmart donations and much more, keep reading!

How Do I Receive Donations From Walmart?

To receive donations from Walmart, you need to submit an online application through

However, Walmart provides a set of guidelines to determine your eligibility for the local community grants.

For example, the set of guidelines for the eligibility of Local Community grants include the following:

  • Your application budget should range between $250 and $5,000.
  • For eligible non-profit organizations, you must be operating on a local level or be an affiliate of a larger organization operating locally.
  • The eligible non-profit organizations should run locally and directly benefit the area they are applying for the grants.
  • The application must be sent with the grant cycle and can be sent at any time within the cycle.
  • An application can only remain active in Walmart’s system for 90 days, after which they will be automatically rejected.
  • Applying organizations may only submit 25 applications within a grant cycle.
  • CyberGrants FrontDoor must verify all applying organizations before applying.

Does Walmart Donate To Individuals?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not donate to individuals and only provides Local Community grants to organizations.

Additionally, other groups that cannot receive donations from Walmart include:

  • Political candidates, causes, organizations, or campaigns
  • Faith-based organizations when the proposed grant application will only benefit the organization or its members
  • Athletic sponsorship, including events and teams
  • Chamber/ association membership

What Organizations Does Walmart Donate To?

Walmart provides a set of guidelines for organizations that can apply for Local Community grants.

That said, the applying organizations must meet one of the following conditions:

  • A CyberGrants FrontDoor verified organization holding a current tax-exempt status as a public charity under Section 501(c)(3), or (19) of the Internal Revenue Code, listed on the IRS Master File and is conducting activities within the United States (excludes nationally sponsored organizations such as American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, Children’s Miracle Network, and United Way).
  • A recognized government body: city, county, or state agency, including fire departments or law enforcement bodies that are CyberGrants FrontDoor verified and requesting funds for public purposes.
  • A K-12 public or non-profit private school, state/private college or university, charter school, community/junior college, or other faith-based organization.
  • Non-charity organizations, including organizations that are recognized as 501(c )(4)s.

Does Walmart Give In-Kind Donations?

Does Walmart Give In-Kind Donations?

Unfortunately, Walmart’s Local Community Giving programs are strictly financial donations and do not provide in-kind contributions.

However, Walmart allows you to request in-kind donations through your local Walmart or Sam’s Club facilities.

Does Walmart Donate To Non-Profit Organizations?

Yes, Walmart donates funds to eligible non-profit organizations.

With that, to determine the eligibility of your non-profit organization, you should consider checking the eligibility criteria on Walmart’s official website.

What Is Walmart’s Primary Charitable Organization?

Walmart’s primary charitable organization is the Walmart Foundation which provides cash and in-kind donations to support programs inclined towards Walmart’s philanthropic priorities.

Further, the main aim of the Walmart Foundation is to create opportunities that allow people to live better by funding programs that improve the living standards of individuals.

To achieve this, the Walmart Foundation is committed to addressing community needs and enhancing opportunities in workforce development, environmental sustainability, health and wellness, and education.

Also, the Walmart Foundation supports underserved communities, disaster relief efforts, veterans and military families, and individuals with disabilities.

How Much Does Walmart Donate To Charity Per Year?

Walmart and the Walmart Foundation’s global contribution is generally about $ 1.08 billion or more per year.

For instance, in 2012, the contributions made within the United States added up to $1 billion in the form of cash and in-kind gifts.

Further, these contributions are attributed to the following activities:

  • Over 351 million meals to local food banks through the Feeding America program.
  • One million bottles of water to the individuals affected by Hurricane Sandy.
  • $1.9 million in grants to Share Our Strength to provide 122,000 families with the necessary skills and resources to prepare healthy and affordable meals.
  • $4.9 million towards first responders, including an additional $3 million towards local law enforcement.
  • Sam’s Club and the Sam’s Club Giving Program offered $106.4 million in cash and in-kind gifts (provided 3,600 small-business owners with entrepreneurial training and loans to 265 small businesses).

Also, international donations amounted to $82.2 million of cash and in-kind gifts for the following activities:

  • Over 23,000 tons of food to hunger relief organizations in Mexico, enabling more than 4,000 children to battle malnutrition.
  • Walmart Canada donated and raised $3 million in support of the 1,251 Breakfast Clubs of Canada programs.

What Did Walmart Donate $20 Million To?

In 2017, through the Walmart Foundation, Walmart committed to donating up to $20 million in support of the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

Essentially, Walmart chose to donate funds to address the needs of individuals affected by a devastating storm that pushed trillions of gallons of water on southern Texas and parts of Louisiana.

Therefore, Walmart committed the $20 million donations to ensure that mega shelters within the affected regions could receive diapers, water, infant formula, underwear, and personal hygiene products.

Also, Walmart contributed to items such as TVs, DVDs, stuffed animals, and games for children.

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In conclusion, you can receive Walmart’s Local Community grants by applying through the official website or by visiting Walmart and Sam’s Club management team when seeking in-kind donations.

Further, it’s important to review Walmart’s qualifications to receive donations, as it has very strict requirements.

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