Walmart Donation Program (All You Need To Know)

When a company is as profitable as the largest retailer in the world, Walmart, you would expect them to be generous with its donations as well.

Luckily, Walmart stores are making a difference in their communities with the company’s donation program, which operates in partnership with a leader in philanthropic giving.

But what is the Walmart donation program, and does it work? I have the information you and your organization need!

What Is The Walmart Donation Program?

The Walmart donation program works in conjunction with the major philanthropic organization Good360. Through Good360, Walmart gives its individual stores the platform to distribute products among charitable organizations and disperse them among the needy. To receive Good360 donations, organizations must choose a partner store and complete a straightforward application process.

For more information about how the Walmart donation program works, what you can expect per a typical donation, and even whether you can receive financial donations for your organization, see all the details below!

How Does The Walmart Donation Program Work?

Walmart grants funding for charitable goods donations through their partner, Good360, a worldwide leader in philanthropic activity.

Good360 also partners with retailers like The Home Depot, Williams-Sonoma, and Bed Bath and Beyond for their donation programs.

Interested nonprofit organizations must go through a straightforward application process, starting with choosing the right store to fit their travel abilities.

As a side note, applicants must pay an administrative fee to complete the transaction, and if approved, applicants will be notified via email and sent an authorization form.

Once accepted, the organization will have to arrange pick-up at their chosen Walmart for a weekly donation of goods (does not include food).

The frequency of pick-ups may change, and the amount of donated goods is variable based on the size and inventory of the Walmart location.

Finally, these store-specific partnerships are good for one year.

How Do You Contact Walmart For Donations?

To inform Walmart that you are interested in participating in their donation program, you must apply by finding a donor store.

You can do that by accessing the Good360 donor map or donor list, here in which you will have to create an account and sign in to see it.

Additionally, the Good360 page provides helpful information and insight into picking a donor store; they point out that you’ll want to be choosy about distance.

Why? Because, as they put it, 50 miles doesn’t seem like that much just one time, but if you have to make that trip every week – or twice a week – it can become burdensome.

Then you want to ensure you have all the appropriate documentation because you should receive word from Good360 within three days.

(Documentation involves your location, records of organization finances, etc.)

As soon as you receive confirmation of approval, you will need to respond with the information they request. You have three days, and if you’re late, your application will be denied.

Once this is complete, you will wait up to five days for the final approval to be processed. Once that has gone through, you can begin to plan for your organization’s charitable pick-ups.

What Can You Expect To Receive In A Walmart Donation?

What Can You Expect To Receive In A Walmart Donation?

There really isn’t any way to assess what a Walmart donation will look like ahead of time.

It depends on a number of factors, but most importantly, the specific store with which you are partnered.

Common inclusions like clothing, furniture, sports equipment, or DIY tools might find their way into your boxes. These are often overstock, returned, or sales items.

Everything could come packaged up in one big box or several smaller ones. It’s a safe bet to bring an SUV or truck with a cap.

How Do You Get Your Walmart Donation?

Walmart boxes and readies their donation goods for transport; it’s on the organization receiving them to come to pick them up.

In most cases, you might start off on a weekly schedule for pick-up, but the store could switch you two twice weekly or even once every two weeks.

Additionally, it is recommended to try and be flexible and prepared for any schedule changes to your pick-up days that might occur.

And most importantly, be on time! Whatever time you are given or are able to arrange, be courteous and respectful of that agreement.

What Restrictions Are There For The Walmart Donation Program?

There are a few restrictions related to the Walmart donation program.

First and foremost, the products you receive are not for resale. In fact, you must black label the products you receive.

Black labeling is very easy – you just take a black sharpie and draw a vertical line on the barcode.

This ensures that the barcode cannot be read (and reduces the risk of scammers profiting from Walmart’s charity).

If a product tag comes off cleanly, that is another option before dispersing the item.

The items must also be donated to the needy, ill, or youth and are not to be appropriated by organization staff or used by them, or gifted to staff.

They must not be shared with another nonprofit, either.

Can You Ask Walmart For A Money Donation?

Walmart does not make monetary donations in lieu of products via its Good360 program.

Instead, the company runs a separate program that bestows grants.

Walmart’s grants fall under four categories: Creating Opportunity, Advancing Sustainability, Strengthening Community, and Center for Racial Equality.

There’s a handy guide and more information here.

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Walmart’s partnership with the Good360 organization allows them to donate millions of dollars worth of goods to community nonprofits that can get them in the hands of people in need.

Through a simple, straight-forward application process, nonprofit organizations can partner with local stores and begin weekly pick-ups of donated goods.

This is just one of the ways in which Walmart leverages its enormous economic impact for the greater good.

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