How To Get Fresh Fries At McDonald’s (What To Ask For + More)

There is perhaps nothing better than fresh, delicious fries at McDonald’s. The warm, crunchy fries can make a trip to this fast-food giant so much better.

However, you can sometimes get old, lukewarm fries, which aren’t nearly as good. If you’re looking to only get fresh fries at your local McDonald’s, keep reading!

How To Get Fresh Fries At McDonald’s In 2024

Getting fresh fries at McDonald’s is actually pretty simple; all you need to do is ask for the fries without salt as of 2024. Stores automatically salt their fries, so employees will need to make a fresh batch of unsalted fries just for you. Plus, you can simply salt them yourself after receiving them.

For more information on McDonald’s fries and other ways to get them fresh, take a look below!

What Does McDonald’s Do When You Ask For Fresh Fries?

If you ask for specifically fresh fries, you may receive them, as many stores have a policy that employees should fulfill customers’ requests within reason.

Also, with a manager watching, many employees will fulfill the request. However, this policy does vary by store because McDonald’s is a franchise.

Therefore, different owners can make their own rules to some extent. Some owners may blatantly tell employees not to provide fresh fries.

That said, you may get turned away if you ask for fresh fries, or the employee may simply pretend to give you fresh fries.

Of course, the employee and manager factor into what happens. Some employees won’t mind making fresh fries, while others will skirt around the request or refuse.

Can You Ask For Fresh Fries At McDonald’s?

Yes, you can ask for absolutely anything at McDonald’s. However, whether or not the employees fulfill your request is another story.

Typically, employees will make fresh fries unless they cannot for one reason or another.

Sometimes, if they already have plenty of fries, they may simply not be allowed to make more according to the store’s policy.

But, because McDonald’s is franchised, policies differ from store to store. Additionally, you’ll find employees that simply don’t want to fulfill this request.

How Do You Make McDonald’s Fries Taste Fresh?

How Do You Make McDonald’s Fries Taste Fresh?

Sadly, McDonald’s fries do not save well at all. After a few hours, these fries practically change into a new food item.

Luckily, there are several ways that you can potentially make these fries taste like new. For example, one of the best methods is to reheat them in an air fryer.

With that, you’ll want to spritz the fries with an oil of your choice and then heat them for one to two minutes.

Also, microwaving them with a damp paper towel is recommended. But, the fries tend to be a bit soggy if you simply heat them in a microwave.

Fortunately, you can crisp them up in an air fryer or broiler.

Where Does McDonald’s Get Its Fries?

McDonald’s fries come from company-owned facilities. Further, McDonald’s sources potatoes from farmers and makes them into fries.

Therefore, you can’t purchase these fries from someone else as they are made using the company’s recipe.

Additionally, McDonald’s makes its fries with very specific potatoes.

For example, McDonald’s typically starts with the Russet Burbank, a particular type of potato grown in the Pacific Northwest.

This potato takes well to frying and baking, which is why the company uses it.

Beyond that, McDonald’s makes its fries exactly how you would expect the company too.

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Getting McDonald’s fries fresh can be elusive, but they are so yummy when you time it right. Luckily, you can easily get your fries fresh every time by asking for them without salt.

In this case, the store will need to make a fresh batch just for you, as employees automatically salt all fries. When you receive the fries, simply add the salt you wish to them.

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