How To Pay Verizon Bill? (In-Store, Online, iPhone, Mail, PayPal + More)

Did you just get Verizon and are wondering how to pay the Verizon bill? Do you know whether you can pay online or through PayPal?

Well, keep reading because I’ll tell you everything I’ve discovered about how you can pay your Verizon bill and which methods might cost you extra money!

How to Pay Verizon Bill In [currentyear]?

You can pay your Verizon bill through numerous methods including by going to a Verizon store, using an alternate in-store payment location, and online through the My Verizon website or app. Additionally, Verizon allows you to pay over the phone using an automated system or you can pay your bill by mail, among other options.

Are you looking for a more detailed guide on how to pay your Verizon bill, including if you’ll need identification to pay? If so, read further to learn all of the specifics so you can get your bill paid.

How To Pay Verizon Bill In-Store?

You can pay your Verizon bill in-store by visiting your local Verizon store location and either using the kiosk or paying at the desk with a customer service representative.

Additionally, you’ll need to have your phone number, account number, or billing statement handy to complete the payment in-store. You should have identification with you to verify your identity.

When paying at a Verizon store, you can use payment options including cash, credit card, debit card, Verizon Gift Card, checking account, and the Verizon Visa credit card.

On top of that, there are several other in-store payment locations and you can find in-store options near you by using the Verizon Payment Locations Near Me Tool.

There are filters on the website you can use to choose whether you’re paying your Wireless bill or your Fios bill and also search by places that don’t charge additional fees.

However, these other payment locations may only take cash or credit and debit cards so it’s important to call and ask what the methods of payments are for those stores.

How To Pay Verizon Bill Over The Phone?

To pay your Verizon bill over the phone you can dial #PMT from your Verizon phone or simply call 1-800- 922-0204 from any phone and follow the automated prompts.

In addition, for the automated phone system, you’ll need to have your Account PIN handy since you’ll have to enter that to verify you’re the account owner or manager to pay the bill.

When paying your bill over the phone, you can use a checking account, pay with the saved payment method, or enter a new card number to use for payment.

How To Pay Verizon Bill On iPhone?

You can use Apple Pay to pay your Verizon bill if you go into a Verizon store location and want to pay using your card and hover your device over the contactless card reader.

On top of that, you can pay your Verizon bill on your iPhone by downloading the My Verizon app onto your device, logging into your account, and paying your bill through that method.

How To Pay Verizon Bill Online?

You can pay your Verizon bill online using the My Verizon website if you have an account, or you can create an account for My Verizon at that time.

Furthermore, you can use up to 2 checking accounts to pay online or use up to 6 debit or credit cards, and you also can pay with a Verizon Visa or Verizon Gift Card.

In addition, there is also a digital assistant tool found on the Verizon website, which allows you to make a bill payment using a credit or debit card.

How To Pay Verizon Bill Without Logging In?

How To Pay Verizon Bill Without Logging In?

You can use the Pay My Bill website so that you can pay your Verizon bill without logging into your Verizon account.

Furthermore, if you want to pay without logging in, you have the option to pay with a credit or debit card, a checking account, or a Verizon Gift Card.

However, you’ll need to enter the account type, account number, and zip code to begin this process.

How To Pay Verizon Bill Through the Mail?

You’ll need to first head to the Contact Us section of the Verizon website to find the Payment Mailing address that you’ll need to use to send in your payment by mail.

Additionally, you’ll need to select “Change billing zip code” to find the payment mailing address for your specific location.

Also, when sending in your Verizon payment by mail, you’ll need to use a check or money order and also send in the bottom portion of your Verizon bill with your payment.

How To Pay Verizon Bill With PayPal?

You cannot pay your Verizon bill with PayPal directly as it’s not an accepted payment method, but if you have a PayPal debit card or credit card, you can use your card and pay your bill.

How To Pay Verizon Bill With Gift Card?

If you want to use your Verizon Gift Card to pay your bill, it’s easy to do using the My Verizon app, website, or phone.

However, you will need to have a balance on your account that’s due before a Verizon Gift Card can be added to your account and used as a payment option.

To pay with a Verizon Gift Card, simply login to your Verizon account online or through the app and then go to the “Payment Options” section of the website and complete these steps:

  • Choose what to pay with the Verizon Gift Card (such as split payment, pay in full, pay a different amount)
  • Select “Continue” and then select “Add or Edit Payment Method”
  • Select “Gift Card” and then click on the “Add Method” option
  • Enter the Verizon Gift Card details and follow the on-screen prompts
  • Once you’ve added the card, you’ll be able to choose it as your option for bill payment

In addition, you also can use your Verizon Gift Card and pay over the phone by dialing #GIFT from your Verizon phone or calling 1-800-876-4141 and following the prompts.

How to Pay Verizon Bill Through Customer Service?

You can pay your bill by calling Verizon Customer Service at 1-800-922-0204, but if you use a human customer service representative, there is a $10 fee on top of your bill.

Furthermore, this is called the Agent Assistance Fee and will be charged every time you pay using a customer service agent, so it should be avoided if possible.

If you pay over the phone with a representative you can pay using a credit card, checking account, debit card, or a Verizon Gift Card.

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Verizon offers multiple ways that you can pay your bill including over the phone, through the My Verizon app or website, using the digital assistant online, or through the Pay My Bill website.

Additionally, you can go into a Verizon store and pay your bill or pay your bill in person at other authorized payment locations, and also pay your bill by mail.

However, not all of the ways that you can pay your Verizon bill will accept all payment methods, and other payment locations can charge additional fees to process the payment.

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