How to Rate Grubhub Drivers (All You Need to Know)

Grubhub allows you to get food from your favorite restaurants delivered straight to your location by a driver.

If you had a negative experience with a driver and can’t find the option to rate them on the app, read this article to learn how to proceed!

How Can I Rate Grubhub Drivers In 2024?

You can’t rate a driver on Grubhub as a customer, but you can as a restaurant or merchant in 2024. As a user, you can only rate a restaurant on Grubhub. Unlike other apps, Grubhub relies on acceptance rates as opposed to customer ratings to track performance. Drivers with a high rating from a restaurant will get more orders.

Keep reading to learn all you need to know about ratings on Grubhub, including possible reasons why you can’t review drivers, how the app monitors driver performance, and more!

Why Can’t You Rate Drivers on Grubhub?

Unless you’re a restaurant, Grubhub likely doesn’t let you rate drivers because the way the app works makes it almost pointless.

When you place an order, a driver picks it up from the restaurant and brings it to you.

Whether or not they would have a good rating doesn’t make a difference because you don’t choose who makes the delivery.

Unlike other gig economy services like Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb, there isn’t a significant safety factor to consider where a lower rating could potentially keep other users out of danger.

Grubhub probably looked at its priorities and decided that tracking drivers’ acceptance rates and having an option to review restaurants were better ways to improve the customer experience.

If you had a very bad experience with your Grubhub driver to the point you believe they are a risk to other people, you could send an email to the company with your order details.

In doing so, GrubHub might follow through on the complaint.

Otherwise, if you really have to, you could mention something about your driver in the review you leave for the restaurant as long as you follow these guidelines:

  • Mention specific menu items so it’s clear that you’re speaking from personal experience
  • Actually order from the restaurant via the app
  • Keep your review to a reasonable length; too short probably won’t get your experience across effectively and too long would be hard to follow
  • Avoid profanity, personal attacks, and harsh language
  • Ensure you use proper grammar and avoid things like using all caps or multiple exclamation marks

After leaving this review, it could take up to 48 hours for it to be approved.

If it takes longer, review it and make sure your remarks about the driver aren’t in violation of GrubHub’s community guidelines.

As a restaurant or merchant, you will get the option to rate the driver with up to 5 stars, and the higher their rating, the more often they will receive orders from your restaurant.

This system ensures that restaurants deal the most with drivers that work well with them and this reduces the chances that they would stop using Grubhub or jump ship to another app.

Do Grubhub Drivers See Ratings?

Grubhub drivers do not see ratings, and the app doesn’t let you know whether or not there’s a rating system in place.

In fact, most drivers assume that the customers can rate them out of five like in other apps and most aren’t aware of the restaurant rating system.

You can only find out about Grubhub’s driver rating system for restaurants if you know someone that works there.

This is because it’s not even mentioned on the page for the Grubhub tablet, which is what merchants use to manage the app from their end.

Do Grubhub Customers Have Ratings?

Do Grubhub Customers Have Ratings?

Grubhub customers do not have ratings. As a driver, you can’t leave reviews for customers and they can’t directly rate you either.

Grubhub only has ratings for restaurants that the customer can leave and ratings for the drivers that the restaurants can leave.

Can I Get Fired From Grubhub For Low Ratings?

You could get fired from Grubhub for low ratings, by which we mean your account could be deactivated if you consistently get low ratings on the reviews left behind by restaurants.

Previously, Grubhub used to deactivate drivers’ accounts for low acceptance rates, but there was a lawsuit that forced the company to stop doing this because it was unreasonable.

This means that you can’t get fired from Grubhub just for having a low acceptance rate.

Today, Grubhub could deactivate your account for the following reasons:

  1. Indicating that you’ve made a delivery when you haven’t
  2. Unreasonably failing to make deliveries on or canceling orders that you’ve accepted
  3. Generating repeated complaints from restaurants and customers

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Unfortunately, you can’t rate a driver on Grubhub unless you’re a restaurant. Grubhub doesn’t have any way for the customers to give feedback on their drivers unless they attach it to a review of the restaurant or send it in an email.

Grubhub users can only rate restaurants, while the restaurants are the ones that can rate the drivers using the Grubhub tablet. There is no way for Grubhub drivers to see their ratings, but they could get fired if they consistently get low ones.

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