What Is Grubhub Plus? (How It Works, Benefits + Other FAQs)

For people who constantly take advantage of the convenience provided by delivery services, the promise of an improved experience is always an attractive offer.

Well, Grubhub’s Plus service is one such offering. If you’ve heard of it and need to know more, read on for more facts!

What Is Grubhub Plus In [currentyear]?

Grubhub Plus is a subscription service that gives access to unlimited free delivery from select restaurants for a monthly fee in [currentyear]. Grubhub Plus subscribers also get perks such as improved customer service and early access to local events and experiences. Grubhub Plus does not get rid of service fees and the company has taken steps to make that clearer.

Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about Grubhub Plus, including how it works, how much it costs, which fees it gets rid of, and more!

How Does Grubhub Plus Work?

Grubhub Plus works by giving you unlimited free delivery on orders above $12 from restaurants that are part of the Grubhub+ network.

When you pay the recurring membership fee you get access to this benefit along with other perks like “Elite Care” and early access to certain features.

Even though you get free delivery in certain instances using Grubhub Plus, the subscription does not get rid of service fees.

How Much Does Grubhub Plus Cost?

Grubhub Plus costs $9.99 per month, but there’s a free trial whose duration varies that you can use to see if the service is right for you.

When the trial period ends, Grubhub will charge you the regular fee until you cancel your subscription.

Aside from this, Grubhub Plus is free via a trial period of 12 months to people using Instacart Express. This offer is valid until November 15th, 2022.

Does Grubhub Plus Get Rid of Service Fees?

Grubhub Plus does not get rid of service fees.

When you sign up for Grubhub Plus, the only charges removed are delivery fees, but only on orders over $12 and for orders from participating restaurants.

In fact, this aspect of the subscription was not made clear when the company first launched the service, so people weren’t aware that all other charges remained.

For this reason, Grubhub has landed in legal trouble, most notable when the attorney general for Washington DC filed a lawsuit alleging misleading business practices.

In response, Grubhub updated the wording around Grubhub Plus to make it clearer that subscribers are only getting rid of delivery fees.

What Are Grubhub Plus Benefits?

What Are Grubhub Plus Benefits?

Grubhub Plus’ benefits include the following:

  1. Unlimited free delivery from participating restaurants for orders over $12. Grubhub Plus does not get rid of service fees and other charges like tips and processing fees
  2. Access to Grubhub’s “Elite Care” teams with priority, so you’re attended to faster when there’s an issue
  3. Early exclusive access to local events, experiences, and perks like coupons and discounts
  4. Your donations to Donate the Change are matched twice

When Grubhub Plus launched, one of the perks of subscribing to it was a 10% cashback benefit on every $100 you spent, but this was quietly removed shortly after.

When it was active, it was only available for the first 30 days of subscribing.

Is Grubhub Plus Worth It?

Grubhub Plus is worth it for people who use the delivery service, often because the subscription fee ends up being lower than what they pay in delivery charges.

Unlimited free delivery is limited to orders above $12, so the service is worth it for people whose orders regularly go above this amount.

If you’re someone that uses Grubhub very rarely and for small amounts of food, then Grubhub Plus probably won’t be worth it for you.

In places where most restaurants have free delivery or where it’s available from the one(s) you go to frequently, then Grubhub Plus might not be worth it.

For people that are constantly dealing with problems on their Grubhub account, access to priority customer support would make a Grubhub Plus subscription worth it for them.

Since it’s tied to restaurants that are part of the program, it’s only good for use with the ones that have opted in.

Grubhub has a 70-mile limit on how far restaurants can deliver, so if most or all the options in your area aren’t Grubhub Plus members, then a subscription won’t be worth it to you.

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Grubhub Plus is a monthly subscription that grants you unlimited free delivery from participating restaurants for orders over $12. Other benefits include priority in customer support and early access to new features and promotions.

Grubhub Plus does not get rid of service fees and other costs aside from delivery charges. Grubhub Plus costs $9.99 a month and it’s worth it for people who order frequently and live in areas where many restaurants participate in the program.

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