How to Refuse a Package FedEx? (+ Other Common FAQs)

Whether you’ve changed your mind about something you bought or you ordered something in error, then you’re likely looking for a way to refuse the package and have it sent back to the shipper.

In this article, you’ll learn which packages you can refuse, how to refuse FedEx packages, and what happens afterward. Knowing this information will help you avoid the returns process, saving you time, money, and energy.

How to Refuse a Package From FedEx?

FedEx allows customers to refuse both signature required and no signature required packages. In the signature required scenario, refusing to sign is equivalent to refusing the package. If no signature is required and the package has already been delivered, call 1-800-463-3339 and speak to a representative about scheduling a pickup or dropoff for the package.

If you still need to know more about the ins and outs of refusing FedEx packages, then you better keep reading!

How you go about refusing a FedEx delivery depends on whether or not your package requires a signature for delivery.

If a signature is required, refusing to sign for the package and telling the driver you don’t want it is equivalent to refusing the package.

For most businesses, package refusal can be taken care of by a receptionist or other gatekeeper. In other words, the recipient doesn’t have to be the one to refuse the package.

Another thing to consider is that FedEx will make three delivery attempts for signature-required packages. If you’re unavailable to sign after three attempts, the package will automatically be returned to the sender.

On the other hand, if no signature is required, you can still refuse delivery, even if the package has already been delivered.

To do so, call customer service at 1-800-GO-FEDEX (1-800-463-3339). Provide your tracking number to the customer service representative.

They will help you either schedule a pickup or direct you to a FedEx dropoff location to complete the refusal.

Alternatively, if your package is still in transit, you can call FedEx customer service and tell the representative you want to refuse the package beforehand.

This may or may not head off the delivery, but it’s worth a try.

How Do I Return a FedEx Package I Don’t Want?

If you’re asking this question, it’s likely because you received a no-signature-required package that you want to refuse.

When this happens, you should call FedEx customer service at 1-800-GO-FEDEX (1-800-463-3339).

Give the representative your tracking number and the delivery address. Explain that you’re refusing this package and need a pickup.

Usually, FedEx will pick up packages from businesses but not from residences. If FedEx won’t pick up the package, take it to a FedEx drop-off location to complete the return.

Can I Refuse to Accept an International FedEx Package?

Can I Refuse to Accept an International FedEx Package?

FedEx allows customers to refuse international packages in the event that your order was canceled, you changed your mind, or the merchandise was damaged. 

If you refuse an international package, the FedEx driver may ask you for a signed confirmation of your refusal.

Next, the driver will take the package back to the delivery depot.

From there, FedEx will contact the shipper to inform them of the refusal and ask whether the package should be returned or destroyed.

While you may be able to refuse international packages, it’s important to keep in mind that you might still need to pay duties and taxes related to importing the package.

That being said, you can try to claim a refund on duties and taxes directly with customs. For more information, visit the United States’ customs website.

What Happens When You Refuse a FedEx Package?

What happens when you refuse a FedEx package depends a lot on why the package is being refused and who the package is getting sent back to.

In most cases, package refusals happen in business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) cases, so let’s take that example.

If a customer refuses delivery, it’s first important to understand why. Knowing this will help businesses respond effectively.

Let’s take a look at a couple of different scenarios:

Customers may refuse items because of damage. If that’s the case, then the business should either replace the product or provide a refund.

If customers are refusing delivery because their order arrived late, then businesses should reach an agreement directly with the customer as to how to handle the situation.

Lastly, if the customer decides they no longer want or need the product, then the receiver should make the return and the refund process as easy as possible.

Who Pays When a FedEx Package Is Refused?

In most cases, the sender is responsible for the payment of return charges.

That being said, if the package was signed for by the recipient or the recipient’s representative (e.g. receptionist or building manager), then the payment for return shipping falls on the recipient.

How Long Do I Have to Refuse a FedEx Package?

Unfortunately, FedEx isn’t clear about the time frame for a package refusal. Still, it’s a good idea to take care of the situation as quickly as possible.

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FedEx, like all businesses, wants to make its customers happy. As a result, they have streamlined their package refusal protocols. Naturally, it’s easier to refuse a signature required package, but it’s still possible to refuse a package even after it’s been delivered.

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