How to Ship to Amazon Locker (Step-By-Step + Other FAQs)

Amazon offers a lot of products and services to customers, including the ability to ship your items to an Amazon Locker.

So, do you want to know how to ship to Amazon locker and what the specific steps are to get your items? Well, keep reading to find out the process involved and so much more!

How to Ship to Amazon Locker In [currentyear]

To ship to an Amazon Locker, you just need to search on Amazon for the Locker near you, add the address to your address book, and select that location during checkout in [currentyear]. After the package has arrived at the Amazon Locker, you’ll be emailed a six-digit code that you’ll need to enter at the Locker to retrieve your items.

Do you want to know more about shipping an item to an Amazon Locker, such as if you’re charged extra? If so, continue reading to find out that answer, plus much more!

Can You Get Anything Delivered to Amazon Locker?

Not everything you order on Amazon can be delivered to an Amazon Locker, but as long as your purchase meets the following criteria, it can be delivered to the Locker:

  • The item isn’t a release-date delivery product
  • Order weighs less than 10 pounds
  • Item wasn’t shipped from another country
  • No hazardous materials in order
  • The value of the item is less than $5,000
  • Item is not a Subscribe & Save purchase
  • Product dimension is less than 16x12x14 inches
  • Item or items are shipped and sold by Amazon

Therefore, heavy items such as a desk, computer, television, and other products are not available for Amazon Locker delivery.

How Much Does It Cost for Amazon Lockers?

There are no additional fees associated with using an Amazon Locker, so you’ll pay the regular shipping price if you aren’t a Prime member, and it’s free for those with Amazon Prime.

Are Amazon Lockers for Prime Members Only?

You don’t have to be an Amazon Prime member to use the Amazon Lockers, but those with Prime will get items within two days like they would if it was delivered to their house.

Can You Send Non-Amazon Packages to Amazon Locker?

Amazon Hub Locker is only available for Amazon customers, and can only be used for Amazon packages.

How Long Can Items Stay in Amazon Locker?

You only have three days to pick up your order from Amazon Locker, and if you don’t get your item within that time, it will be sent back, and you’ll be refunded the money for the order.

How Many Amazon Lockers Are There?

How Many Amazon Lockers Are There?

There are thousands of Amazon Locker locations spread out across the United States, and it’s available in over 900 cities.

Furthermore, you can find your nearest Amazon Locker location by entering your address, which makes it easy to see where you can have your items delivered.

Can Someone Else Pick up Your Package From Amazon Locker?

You can have someone else pick up your item from Amazon Locker, but they will need the six-digit code to retrieve the item.

Therefore, you can just send that person the email that contains the pickup code or send them a message telling them the code so that they can pick up the items for you.

How Can I Find My Amazon Locker Code?

If you didn’t receive an email with the Amazon Locker code, you’ll need to go into your Amazon account to retrieve the six-digit code.

Furthermore, you need to go to the Amazon Message Center within your Amazon account, and then look for a message that tells you that your item is ready for pickup.

Select that email, and you should see the six-digit code within that message, which is what you’ll need to pick up your items from the Amazon Locker.

Can I Get My Amazon Locker Code Via Text?

You can choose to receive a text message alert with your six-digit code, and this option can be found in your “Account Settings” under the “Shipment Updates Via Text” section.

Additionally, getting the code sent to you through text could be more reliable than a code sent through your email, which could get lost in your Spam or Junk folder.

Are Amazon Lockers 24/7?

Not all Amazon Lockers are available for you to use 24 hours a day seven days a week, as it depends on the location of the Amazon Locker.

Therefore, it’s best to check the hours of the Locker location you selected, or just get to the Amazon Locker during regular business hours to ensure you can pick up your package on time.

Can FedEx Use Amazon Locker?

All of the major carriers such as FedEx, UPS, USPS, and others can drop off Amazon packages at the Amazon Locker.

Can I Return a Package to Amazon Locker?

You can return a package to the Amazon Locker, but you’ll first need to go into your Amazon account and submit a Return Request, which you can do by following the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Amazon account
  2. Go into the Returns Center
  3. Submit your Return Request
  4. A drop-off code is emailed to you
  5. Take your item to the Amazon locker and enter the drop-off code at the locker
  6. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the return

However, it’s important to note that you only have the Amazon Locker reserved for you until the end of the next business day to return an item.

You can still see if there is room for you to drop off the item for 30 days after you make the request if you can’t get to the Locker within the initial 24-hour window.

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You can ship an item to an Amazon Locker by locating the nearest store and selecting that address during the checkout process.

However, not all items are eligible for Amazon Locker delivery, but if it’s an option, it will be noted on the page during the checkout process. Additionally, you’ll receive a six-digit code via email or text that you’ll need to enter at the Amazon Locker to pick up your order.

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