How Does Amazon Locker Work? (All You Need To Know)

Amazon offers the “Amazon Locker” service for customers who are having difficulty getting items shipped to their home address or to a post office box.

If you’re considering using this service for your Amazon orders, you may be wondering – how does Amazon locker work, and is it safe to use? Here is everything I’ve found out through my research!

How Does Amazon Locker Work?

Under its Amazon Locker service, Amazon delivers products to Locker locations instead of customers’ homes without any extra charges. Packages can be securely picked from supermarkets, apartments, or banks within 3 calendar days. You may also use lockers to return merchandise, but a number of restrictions apply.

If you want to learn more about the products that can be shipped to an Amazon Locker, whether you have to pay anything extra to use this service, and much more, keep on reading!

Where Are Amazon Lockers Located?

Many notable stores and businesses host Amazon Locker pickup stations such as Sprint, 7-Eleven, Stein Mart, and Whole Foods stores, according to Chain Store Age.

Other than that, some fitness centers and apartment complexes also offer Amazon Locker services.

You can search for locker locations on Amazon’s website after logging into your account.

Why Should You Use An Amazon Locker?

If you’re worried about package theft at your home or office, this delivery option provides a more secure alternative.

Additionally, Amazon Locker purchases are also less likely to be delivered to the wrong place by accident and save you from having to schedule your life around a home delivery.

What Is Amazon Locker Plus?

What Is Amazon Locker Plus?

While standard locker stations are entirely self-service, Locker Plus locations provide some extra features to customers.

These facilities are staffed by Amazon employees who can help you pick up and return products.

If necessary, the attendant will also supply you with a box and padding to use for a return.

Are Amazon Lockers Safe?

Like most lockers, the equipment used by Amazon Locker may not be 100 percent secure. It’s possible that a thief could break into a locker or otherwise gain unauthorized access.

However, this is still a safer option because theft from doorsteps and apartment hallways is far more common.

Also, the lockers use surveillance cameras, and most businesses have their own security systems as well, making Amazon Locker quite safe on the whole.

Do You Have To Pay For An Amazon Locker?

There’s no extra charge for this service; in fact, this saves Amazon money because the company pays less to ship items to commercial addresses.

As with any purchase from Amazon, you’ll have to pay a shipping fee if you don’t meet the free delivery threshold.

Note that you don’t need a Prime membership to pick up or return items at a locker station.

What Can Be Delivered To An Amazon Locker?

You need to meet the following conditions/criteria to use Amazon Locker for your purchases:

  • Your item needs to fit in a locker, so the dimensions must be under 16″x12″x14″ and the weight needs to remain below 10 pounds.
  • Due to the lack of a signature requirement, you can’t buy products that have a total cost exceeding $5,000.
  • You can only order items that are fulfilled or directly supplied by Amazon.
  • You can’t buy anything containing hazardous materials.
  • Subscribe and Save orders, Release-Date deliveries, and Amazon Pharmacy medications are excluded from this service.
  • Products must be shipped to you from a warehouse located within the United States.

Is Amazon Locker Delivery Faster Than Standard Delivery?

Anecdotal evidence suggests that some items reach lockers more swiftly, but others take just as long as home delivery.

Note that the exact shipping times vary depending on the specific locker location and the distance to the Fulfillment Center that ships your item.

Can Anyone Use An Amazon Locker?

You can use this service if you have a free account and you’re able to reach a pickup station within three days.

Additionally, you don’t need a paid membership or even a state identification card to use this service.

However, note that some small towns and rural areas don’t have locker stations.

How Do You Send An Order To An Amazon Locker?

How Do You Send An Order To An Amazon Locker?

To send an order to an Amazon Locker, find the most convenient location and add it to the “address book” in your Amazon account.

Next, search for a product that you want to order and choose an eligible item (see above). After reaching the checkout page, pick the locker address when you select a shipping destination.

You’ll still receive the usual Prime delivery benefits if you subscribe to this service.

Are Amazon Lockers Always Open?

Many different kinds of establishments host locker stations, so access hours vary by location.

Because of this, remember to check the business hours of a store, bank, or fitness center before trying to pick up your package.

Additionally, hours also differ depending on whether the lockers are installed indoors or outdoors.

Keep in mind that some of these facilities are closed on major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

How Do You Pick Up Items From Amazon Locker?

If you visit a station that uses Amazon’s Shopping application, you’ll need a Bluetooth-capable smartphone.

To retrieve your package, click on “Start Pickup” in the delivery email message. Your phone will directly communicate with the equipment and allow you to unlock it by clicking “Open Locker.”

Other than that, many stations let you gain access with a six-digit code that you can find in the delivery email.

Simply use the locker’s touch screen to enter this code by hand. An alternative is to scan a pickup barcode from the email message using a scanner installed below the screen.

What Do Amazon Lockers Look Like?

If you’re at a retail store, the lockers will probably be painted yellow or orange. They often have less eye-catching colors when located in apartment buildings.

Although sizes vary depending on the available space and type of establishment, the stations typically measure at least six feet wide.

If you still can’t find them, look for signs or ask a nearby employee or person for help.

Do Amazon Lockers Require ID?

There’s no need for a personal identification card since Amazon only requires a code from the product delivery notification.

In some locations, you also need a mobile device with the Amazon Shopping app (see above).

Note that the lack of an identification check means that you can’t order age-restricted items like alcoholic beverages.

How Long Do You Have To Pick Up From Amazon Locker?

Amazon gives customers three calendar (not business) days to collect their items after packages reach a locker station.

This means that all holidays, Saturdays, and Sundays count toward the pickup time limit.

If you take too long, Amazon will provide a refund and send your products back to the warehouse.

Can Someone Else Pick Up My Amazon Locker Order?

Can Someone Else Pick Up My Amazon Locker Order?

There are many reasons why you might want another person to collect the items you ordered. Perhaps your spouse works at a store with a locker station or you want to let a friend pick up a gift.

Either way, you may give permission by forwarding your delivery notification to this individual.

Can You Return Items To An Amazon Locker?

If an item qualifies for delivery to a locker, you can usually return it at the same place.

To do so, initiate a return on Amazon’s website and look for the locker under “dropoff” choices. You’ll need to label and repackage the item, making sure to keep the total dimensions below 18x14x12 inches.

After that, check your email inbox for a message with a dropoff code. You’ll have to enter this number on the touch screen when you return the product.

In most cases, Amazon will only reserve a return locker for about one business day, but you will have an entire month if space remains available.

Are Amazon Lockers Only For Amazon Products?

The answer to this question depends on the specific location you use. If you select a locker in a bank or store, it will only be able to receive Amazon packages.

On the other hand, lockers in apartment complexes normally accept parcels from any company, individual, or carrier.

Is Amazon Locker Better Than P.O. Box Delivery?

Both of these options provide secure off-site access to packages, but Amazon ships a wider range of products to lockers without charging any extra fees (restrictions apply either way).

However, unlike lockers, boxes can also receive bills, letters, and magazines. Additionally, customers must pay quarterly rental fees to use post office boxes.

If you live in a rural part of the country, a post office may be closer to your home than a locker station, making it a more convenient option.

Is Amazon Locker Better Than Over-The-Counter Pickup?

Some convenience and drug stores let you pick up Amazon packages at a counter rather than from a locker.

This option allows you to order somewhat larger and heavier goods, with exact limits varying by location.

Other than that, it also gives you a full 2 weeks instead of three days to pick up packages.

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On the whole, Amazon Locker is a more secure alternative to home delivery. You can use it to receive small and mid-sized packages at certain stores, apartment complexes, and other locations without paying any extra charges.

Locker also lets you send back products without paying for return shipping.

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