How to Spot Fake Lululemon (All You Need to Know)

Are you worried your Lululemon clothing is fake? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Lululemon is popular but expensive, so some counterfeit products are bound to pop up.

Luckily, there are ways to tell if your Lululemon clothes are real. Keep reading to learn all about how to spot these fake Lululemon items!

How to Spot Fake Lululemon in [currentyear]

While counterfeit Lululemon products exist, there are ways to spot them in [currentyear]. Make sure the fabric isn’t rough, seams are not threaded with a different color, and the quality is solid. Look for any inconsistencies in rip tags, size dots, and logos. Also, price tags are attached on the side of a seam, not the inside rip tag.

To ensure your item is real, keep reading for a more detailed description of counterfeit Lululemon merchandise and how to spot the signs, along with other facts.

Are There Fake Lululemon Products?

Unfortunately, there are fake Lululemon products out there. This is a way for people looking to make a quick buck to sell low-quality merchandise for a high price.

Therefore, to ensure you’re purchasing real Lululemon, it’s best to buy it in-store or directly from the Lululemon website.

How Do I Know If My Lululemon Clothes Are Real?

There are some telltale signs to look out for to know that your Lululemon products are genuine. 

Look for any unusual signs in the following areas:

  • Price tags
  • Size dots
  • Logo
  • Quality
  • Fabric
  • Threading and seams

Keep reading to learn how each of these may look different in fake Lululemon versus the real thing.

Do All Lululemon Pants Have Logos?

While all Lulu pants come with the brand’s logo, it sometimes falls off. However, you can go to the store to have it replaced.

Also, some Lulu pants have the logo on the calf instead of above the buttocks.

If your pants don’t have the Lululemon logo, there is a chance that the product is a fake.

Pay attention to the quality and other signs. If the quality is good and everything else is normal, it may have just fallen off.

Fake Lululemon logos are also used on counterfeit merchandise. These fake logos have differently shaped As with shorter, thicker tails.

Also, the top of the stylized A will be the same size as the sides. On a real logo, the top portion is thinner and becomes thicker as it moves down the sides.

What Does a Real Lululemon Tag Look Like?

What Does a Real Lululemon Tag Look Like?

Not all Lululemon products have rip tags inside. However, if they do, there are some ways to tell if it’s real.

Lululemon tags are slightly matte, whereas fake ones will be shinier. This may be hard to tell unless you compare them side by side.

As well, price tags are never attached to the rip tag on Lulu clothing but to the side seam.

Also, an actual Lululemon tag won’t have any spelling errors, and all countries will be capitalized. With fake Lululemon, China can sometimes be written with a lowercase c, china.

Apart from the size, Lululemon tags will use the same font consistently throughout their labels. If there are inconsistencies in tag fonts, it’s probably a fake.

How to Spot a Fake Lululemon Tag

Some ways to spot a fake Lululemon tag include the following:

  • Inconsistent fonts. Tags will use the same font throughout all brands, except the size indicator.
  • Spelling errors. Fake tags may have some spelling errors. They also do not always capitalize country names.
  • There may be an accent over the a in Lululemon Athletica. It could be written as lululemon athleticá.
  • Fake tags are shinier. Real tags tend to have a more matte appearance.
  • Price tags are attached to the hang tag. Real price tags will be placed on the inside seam, where they will not rip the tag or other material.

Do All Lululemon Clothes Have Size Dots?

Lululemon size dots are circular marks with the size and a code on them. This code represents the style number and can help Educators look up the product faster.

However, not all Lululemon items have size dots. Most clothing will have a size dot, although it may be hidden. They are typically out of sight on the inner waistband or inside a pocket.

There was one production year when size dots were not included. However, Lululemon decided that wasn’t ideal and returned to using size dots on clothing.

Certain items that don’t have size dots include:

  • Some tank tops, especially ones with built-in bras
  • Sweaters without pockets
  • Many reversible items
  • Accessories

How to Spot a Fake Lululemon Size Dot

Some ways to spot fake Lululemon size dots are as follows:

  • Plastic over the size dot. Fake products may have a peelable piece of plastic protecting the faux size dot.
  • Size dots are more like stickers. They can be peeled off easily.
  • Size dots are in the wrong location. Size dots are usually hidden in pockets or the inside waistband, but can also be on the calf.
  • Print numbers are incorrect. They do not exist or are mislabeled on the pants.
  • Size dots are not hidden in pockets. When items have pockets, but the size dot is not inside the pocket, it’s more likely to be fake.

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To check if your Lululemon items are authentic, look for any inconsistencies in the quality of the product, the tags, the size dot, and the logo.

There may be different fonts or spelling errors on the tags, while logos may be incorrectly shaped. As well, size dots might be in the wrong place or have an incorrect product code.

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