How to Void USPS Label (All You Need to Know)

When you start printing shipping labels at home, it can be incredibly empowering – no longer do you need to run to the Post Office for every little thing!

However, what happens if you print a shipping label and the address has a typo? Or what if you used the wrong ship date? Well, if you’re wondering how to void the USPS label, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve got the answer you need!

How to Void the USPS Label?

USPS Click-N-Ship labels are automatically voided when the ship-by date has passed; after that, you can request a refund in 2024. If you need to fix an error, you will have to create and print a new label, then request a refund for the old one once the ship-by date is gone.

To learn more about how to void a USPS shipping label, how to get a refund on one, how to change a shipping label, and even how to cancel a USPS shipping label on eBay (it’s different!), keep reading!

Can You Void a USPS Shipping Label?

Rather than voiding a USPS Click-N-Ship label, customers are encouraged to let the label lapse – every label has a ship-by date – and then request a refund.

This should be the protocol whether you have found a typo or error on the label, if the label is printed without a barcode, or even if you miss the initial print-by date.

However, note that you can’t make changes to a label after it has been printed; you will simply have to print a new one and request a refund for the old one.

Can You Get a Refund On a Shipping Label at USPS?

If you have found an error on your shipping label or you have just changed your mind about shipping something, you can let the label lapse and request a refund.

To do this, you can log into your account and navigate to Click-N-Ship.

In the upper-right-hand corner, there is a menu bar; choose Shipping History.

There, you will see all the labels you have created, their status, etc.

Choose the label for which you want a refund (by clicking on the box next to it) and in the Action drop-down menu, choose Refund Labels.

Click the “Proceed” button, and then when a pop-up message appears to confirm your choice, click Yes.

You will receive two emails: First, when you have put your refund request through, and then when some action has been taken, whether that’s to confirm or deny your request.

You have up to 30 days from the transaction date to request a refund online.

Afterward, you have up to 60 days (past the transaction date) to email the Click-N-Ship Help Desk.

Select as your reason for inquiry, then Click-N-Ship.

You will want to include the following information in your email:

  • Your user name
  • Your Click-N-Ship account number
  • The number associated with your label
  • The date of the transaction and the transaction number

No matter how you request a refund, if your request is accepted, you can expect the funds back in your account within 14 days.

How Do You Change a Shipping Label On USPS?

How Do You Change a Shipping Label On USPS?

You can’t change a shipping label that you purchased with USPS’s Click-N-Ship.

There is no edit/reprint function. Instead, you must let the label lapse and then request a refund.

When you created the label, you entered a shipping date. Simply let that date pass, and then go into your Shipping History and request a refund.

You will receive your refund, if it is approved, within 14 days. In the meantime, you can create a new label with the correct information.

However, what you should not attempt to do is cross out anything on the incorrect label and write in new information.

Any attempt to do that will result in your package coming back to you, so you’re right where you started.

How Long Is USPS Label Good For?

Your USPS Click-N-Ship label is only good as long as it’s within the ship-by date.

When you create a Click-N-Ship label, you enter the date and time you’re planning to mail the item.

You can currently create a label up to three days in advance.

However, some Post Offices might allow you to ship your package the next business day, but that’s totally up to the individual location’s discretion.

How Do You Cancel a USPS Shipping Label On eBay?

You actually can void a USPS shipping label if you went through eBay to obtain it in the first place.

Go to manage shipping labels and select the item you’d like to void the shipping label for.

In the Actions column, select More Action; there, you should see a Void option.

You will then select a reason for voiding the label, and you can even include a message for the buyer as to why.

Select Void shipping label, and you’re done. Note that you have up to five days to void a USPS shipping label that you printed via eBay.

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When it comes to voiding a USPS shipping label using Click-N-Ship, there is no direct way to do it. Rather, you let the ship-by date pass and request a refund.

It’s the same whether you found an error on the shipping label or just decided not to send the shipment, but you should have your refund within 14 days.

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