IKEA Light Bulb Equivalent Guide (e12, e26, 217, e27, e14 + More)

IKEA makes furniture for every kind of room and every kind of need. As well as this, they also provide electronic items such as lamps and even light bulbs.

However, you may be wondering whether there are any equivalent bulbs to IKEA’s range of bulbs that can be purchased elsewhere. Here is everything I have managed to find out!

IKEA Light Bulb Equivalent Guide

Since all IKEA lightbulbs have standard sizes, codes, and threads, whatever the IKEA lightbulb code is (e.g. e17, e27, e12, e14), you will find the same equivalent code from other stores. As an example, an IKEA Ryet LED lightbulb with code e27 will also be the same as a Walmart Dcenta LED e27 LED bulb.

To learn more about IKEA equivalent bulbs, manufacturer warranty, and how long IKEA bulbs last, keep on reading!

IKEA e17 Light Bulb Equivalent

Stores such as Walmart, Home Depot, and Target sell a range of e17 bulbs that can act as a suitable equivalent to IKEA’s own range of e17 bulbs.

Home Depot sells e17 bulbs under the Feit Electric brand, which can be bought for around $6 for 1 bulb, or $68 for a pack of 12 bulbs.

Walmart sells a range of e17 bulbs, which can be purchased in-store or online. One of these includes a ten-pack of e17 bulbs for around $12.

Target sells a number of e17 bulbs for use in various contexts, including e17 bulbs for use in microwave ovens and room lighting.

IKEA e12 Light Bulb Equivalent

Walmart sells a range of e12 bulbs on its website and in-store. The bulbs range in size and wattage and package size. A pack of 6 candelabra-shaped e12 bulbs can be purchased for around $17.

Amazon stocks a wide variety of e12 light bulbs, a number of which are sold by affiliate sellers. A 25-pack of LED e12 bulbs can be purchased for around $31.84, perfect for string lights, indoors or outdoors!

Home Depot also stocks a variety of e12 bulbs, including 3-pack sets of bent-tip e12 bulbs which create a warm and flame-like light. These cost around $12 for a pack of 3.

IKEA e26 Light Bulb Equivalent

E26 light bulbs are remarkably standard bulbs that can be used in most light fittings. They are some of the most commonly found bulbs.

Walmart sells a variety of e26 bulbs. From value packs to vintage-style amber lights all with e26 bases.

One of these offers is the 4-bulb pack valued at around $5, which has almost everything you should need to replace an IKEA e26 bulb.

Target also stocks a variety of e26 bulbs, including smart bulbs, which can be controlled remotely to achieve different lighting conditions. Single bulbs cost around $18 for a dimmable option.

Home Depot also stocks a number of e26 bulbs, including a range of single-pack, 4-pack, and 8-pack sets of basic e26 bulbs.

IKEA e27 Light Bulb Equivalent

IKEA e27 Light Bulb Equivalent

Walmart stocks a variety of e27 bulbs in-store and on its website. Including a single-pack or five-pack option that ranges from $9.99 to $19.99.

Home Depot stocks a number of e27 bulbs, including multi-color bulbs that can be remotely customized to emit certain colors or be dimmed. These bulbs cost around $15.

Amazon also stocks a variety of e27 light bulbs, including an Amazon Basics range of bulbs for around $8.99.

IKEA e14 Light Bulb Equivalent

Walmart stocks a number of e14 bulbs in-store and on their dedicated website, these vary in shape and size, and the price is often reflective of the number of bulbs within the package. One set includes 6 bulbs, for up to $15.

Home Depot also stocks a number of e14 bulbs, in varying pack sizes.

One of these is the 50-pack which costs up to $50. These can be delivered to a home, or delivered to a store to be picked up by the customer! Smaller 8-watt e14 bulbs cost up to $30 for a pack of 50.

Amazon also sells a number of e14 bulbs on its website.

Prices can range wildly on Amazon, often dictated by the seller, the number of bulbs, or the style of bulb. For a 12-pack of torpedo-tipped e14 bulbs, it could cost up to $20.

What Is The Average Lifespan Of An IKEA Light Bulb?

IKEA sells a large range of LED light bulbs both in-store and online. IKEA claims that their bulbs will last up to 25,000 hours of use or even more.

This is due to the fact that LED bulbs use far less power, and don’t heat up through continued use, making them less likely to short.

However, some LED users have found that their bulbs do not live up to this promise, and only manage to reach between 6,000 to 10,000 hours.

Can IKEA Replace Light Or Return Light Bulbs?

IKEA has a 365-day return policy, which applies to nearly every item in-store. If customers encounter a problem with their item, and it is not caused by their own misuse, then they may be able to request a replacement or a refund.

Customers will need to bring their original receipt and the item with its original packaging.

However, In some cases, IKEA may not take back a bulb, for example, if you did not bring your receipt, or the item is damaged by customer misuse. In this case, you may be looking for an equivalent replacement for your bulb.

Read on to find out some equivalent bulbs for some of IKEA’s most popular bulbs.

To learn more about the lifespan of IKEA items, you can see my full guide on how long IKEA furniture lasts and whether or not IKEA light bulbs are dimmable.


IKEA stocks a vast variety of lightbulbs for use in their own range of lamps and light fixtures. IKEA customers can even return their bulbs within 365 days for a full exchange.

If IKEA is unable to accept a return of a light bulb, then customers have many options at other stores when it comes to equivalent bulbs that have the same effect.

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