IKEA Complaints (Contact Details, How to Make a Complaint, Are They Taken Seriously + More)

IKEA is the Swedish-founded furniture company that has taken the US by storm in recent decades. From its easy-to-spot bright blue and yellow sign to its maze-like enormous warehouse style store to its food court, IKEA is unique.

However, you may wonder how IKEA handles complaints, and what the proper protocol is for issuing a complaint as a customer or a store employee. If you’d like to learn more, keep reading!

How Do I File Complaints to IKEA In [currentyear]?

To file a complaint to IKEA, you can phone 1-888-888-4532 in [currentyear]. For an issue with a missing or damaged product, or to report a problem at an IKEA store, contact the specific store that you purchased the said product from. If that is not possible, however, the next step would be to call the company phone number.

If you have any other specific questions about how IKEA handles customer complaints or other similar issues, keep reading for more interesting facts!

How Do I Contact IKEA?

With IKEA being headquartered overseas in the Netherlands, it may seem challenging to reach someone directly with a customer service complaint. However, it is actually quite simple.

Here are a few ways to reach IKEA with a comment, suggestion, concern, or other:

  • Contact IKEA via phone number: 1-888-888-4532
  • Follow IKEA on Facebook
  • Follow IKEA on Twitter (this is the page for the US. There is also one for the UK)
  • Follow IKEA on YouTube
  • Follow IKEA on Instagram or Pinterest

All of these are fantastic ways to stay in touch with the company, and hopefully, make your voice heard.

Are Complaints Taken Seriously at IKEA?

In the past couple of years, IKEA has come under fire for not responding to complaints in a timely manner.

The reasons for this are complex but have much to do with the high percentage of online ordering.

 In addition, there has been an increase in customer calls due to supply chain issues.

As more customers experience problems with receiving ordered items due to slower supply lines, the phone lines to IKEA customer service will be busier.

However, despite these setbacks and disappointing experiences, IKEA has enjoyed a great deal of praise for excellent customer service.

In fact, the company was given the Best Customer Service Award two years in a row in Sweden.

As with any company, IKEA customers may disagree on the quality of IKEA’s customer service.

At the end of the day, though, taken all together, IKEA’s response to customer complaints likely needs some improvement, but it is not an abysmal failure.

What Are the Most Common Complaints About IKEA?

What Are the Most Common Complaints About IKEA?

The list of complaints about IKEA is varied, and at times unique. Here is a list of some of the most common types of complaints that customers have had about the company:

  • Problems with broken or damaged products ordered from IKEA- this is probably the most common complaint from customers.
  • Furniture instructions for assembly- this complaint is quite typical. IKEA is notorious for its at times confusing instructions that may be difficult for many people to follow.
  • Delivery delays or cancellations- this is another common issue that seems to have become more of a problem in recent months.
  • The overwhelming size of the IKEA stores- while for some, a trip to IKEA is a fun day out with plenty of walking involved, for others, the sheer enormity of the store can be overwhelming and downright frustrating.
  • Billing issues are also a fairly common complaint, although not as extensive as the first two issues mentioned above.

How Do I Complain About a Manager at IKEA?

The protocol to complain about a store manager is really no different than other complaints.

If a customer encounters a problem regarding someone in management, they can call the IKEA customer service number (1-888-888-4532).

On the other hand, if an IKEA store employee needs to file a complaint regarding one of their managers, they may want to go about it differently.

For store employees with a complaint about a manager, the issue may be any number of things, ranging from deeply personal and petty to outright harassment or abuse.

One complaint that an employee may want to file about his or her manager might be due to being overlooked for a promotion.

This may be an issue where the employee can discuss it with the manager, but it may necessitate reaching out to Human Resources if, for example, there is evidence of favoritism.

Another issue that may arise between a manager and a store worker could be real or perceived discrimination.

If an employee believes any sort of discriminatory behavior is occurring, they should report it right away.

How Do I Complain About the Food Area at IKEA?

One of the unique features of IKEA stores is the spacious food court, located off to the side of its furniture and other inventory areas.

With it being a completely different type of product than the regular store products, knowing who to talk to about an issue with a food order might be confusing.

To complain about something regarding the food court at IKEA, it is fine to go through the same lines of communication as for any other store issue; the customer service phone number or website contact page would be helpful.

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For complaints and suggestions from customers or store employees, you can contact IKEA to complain at 1-888-888-4532. Or, perhaps the most simple way to complain is to speak directly to a store worker to be sure that your issue is heard quickly.

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