IKEA Curtains (13 Things You Should Know Before & After Buying)

KEA offers an extensive range of everything you could need to redecorate your home, including a huge range of curtains.

I’ve been looking into the types of curtains on offer at IKEA, and I’ve found a few things I think you should know before and after buying. Here is what I discovered!

IKEA Curtains

IKEA stocks an extensive range of curtains, including panel, blackout, and light-filtering curtains, along with net, sheer, lace, and other room-darkening drapes. The curtains offered by IKEA come in largely the same lengths, allowing for alteration, and in various materials and colors. IKEA curtains are considered good quality.

Now you know the basics of the IKEA curtain catalog, why not read on to find out if IKEA curtains are good, how much IKEA curtains cost, and what materials IKEA curtains are made out of!

Are IKEA Curtains Good Quality?

IKEA curtains are popular with customers and designers and are used frequently in a variety of rooms.

In most cases, they are generally considered to be of good quality due to the use of high-quality material.

Additionally, IKEA offers a generous return policy, meaning if any of their curtains arrive with damages or defects, you can contact them for exchange or return, provided the curtains are uncut.

How Much Do IKEA Curtains Cost?

IKEA is well-known for its affordability, and its curtains are no different. The curtains range from $4.99 up to $59.99, depending on the style you choose.

For a breakdown of price ranges for each style, check out the list below.

What Materials Are IKEA Curtains Made Of?

IKEA curtains come in a range of materials. The list below breaks down each curtain type and the fabrics available.

  • Panel curtains: polyester, recycled polyester, paper, linen, and nylon.
  • Blackout curtains: polyester and recycled polyester.
  • Room darkening curtains and drapes: polyester, cotton, velvet, recycled polyester, viscose/rayon.
  • Light filtering curtains: cotton, polyester, viscose/rayon, recycled polyester, and linen.
  • Net, sheer, and lace curtains: polyester and recycled polyester.

Can You Return IKEA Curtains?

IKEA offers a 365-day return policy, meaning if you are unsatisfied with your product, you can return it, new and unopened, and with a valid proof of purchase for 365 days after purchase.

However, cut curtains cannot be returned to IKEA; if the product has been opened, you will only have 180 days to return them.

What Size Are IKEA Curtains?

In most cases, IKEA curtains come in standard sizes with some variations. Take a look below to find out these measurements.

  • Panel curtains are usually 24” x 118”.
  • Blackout curtains are 57” x 118” generally.
  • Light filtering curtains come as 57” x 118”, though fan-favorite Ritva curtains come measuring 57” x 118” as well as the standard.
  • Net, sheer, and lace curtains come measuring 57” x 98”, but are also offered at 110” x 98”.

Do IKEA Curtains Come With Hooks?

Do IKEA Curtains Come With Hooks?

IKEA curtains do not appear to come with hooks or other tracking materials, which, unfortunately, will have to be purchased separately.

However, IKEA does sell a large range of curtain rods, wires, clips, and hooks, and track systems.

Also, when buying curtains from IKEA, many of the products will come with recommendations for the correct hook product to use with them.

How Do You Wash IKEA Curtains?

For most IKEA curtains, washing them on a gentle wash cycle with cold water and detergent is recommended.

Once the washing cycle has been completed, it is also recommended not to tumble dry the curtains but instead let them drip dry.

Additionally, it is best to see the exact IKEA curtain you are wanting to wash, as this information can be found on the individual IKEA product pages.

Do IKEA Curtains Shrink In The Wash?

IKEA curtains will shrink in the wash in some cases.

According to the IKEA website, curtains can have a maximum shrinkage of 2% – 4%, usually occurring on the first wash.

Does IKEA Install Curtains?

The IKEA TaskRabbit service may be able to provide mounting services for curtain rails and trackers.

Connecting with local handymen will allow you to find out whether this service is available with them.

If you cannot find a local handyman or are looking to install the curtains yourself, YouTube and other guides have a number of tutorials for installing curtains.

Can I Alter IKEA Curtains?

IKEA curtains come in one size specifically so that they can be altered. Generally, altering them does not require specialist skills.

Some IKEA curtain fabrics can simply be cut and do not need hemming, and there are many tutorials available for altering IKEA curtains.

If you are unsure how to alter your curtains, many local seamstresses and dry cleaners will be able to carry out certain alterations for you.

Are IKEA Curtains Fire Retardant?

Unfortunately, it seems that IKEA curtains are not 100% flame retardant but instead flame resistant.

Some of IKEA’s range of curtains are made from cotton and wool, which makes them less prone to fire incidents.

However, IKEA curtains that are made out of polyester are more prone to ignition. But to combat this, IKEA does seem to use flame retardant chemicals to adhere to country-specific laws.

Here is a PDF link from IKEA that covers when and why they use certain flame-retardant chemicals.

Do IKEA Do Blackout Curtains

IKEA does offer a huge range of blackout curtains. The range generally offers curtains measuring 57” x 118” and comes in polyester and recycled polyester materials.

The blackout curtains offered by IKEA come in a variety of colors, including black, grey, green, and red.

Additionally, some IKEA blackout curtains even come with insulating properties.

Are IKEA Curtains Lined?

IKEA curtains do not appear to be lined, though some may come with lining depending upon their purpose.

Net, sheer, and lace curtains and the light filtering curtains will not be lined due to the fact they are meant to allow light to pass through them.

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IKEA offers an extensive range of curtains. The retailer offers blackout curtains, panel curtains, and light filtering curtains among others. The curtains are available in a variety of colors, including white, black, brown, green, and beige.

IKEA curtains are affordable, with prices ranging from $4.99 up to $59.99. The curtains come in a few different fabrics, including polyester, cotton, velvet, rayon/viscose, and recycled polyester.

IKEA curtains can be washed and most will come with a detailed care label. IKEA curtains will shrink in some cases. Shrinkage is listed on each product page. It is recommended you wash IKEA curtains before alteration and hanging.

IKEA curtains do not come with hooks, but the retailer offers hooks, wires, rods, and tracking supplies. IKEA curtains can be altered by yourself, or with professional help. They come in standard sizes to allow for customization.

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