IKEA TaskRabbit Services (Everything You Need To Know)

Although people enjoy the challenge of reading the instructions and setting up their newly purchased IKEA products themselves, a number of homeowners may require IKEA’s TaskRabbit!

So if you are looking to learn more about how the IKEA TaskRabbit service works, what they can assemble, and how much it costs, keep on reading

IKEA TaskRabbit Services

IKEA acquired TaskRabbit in 2017, which is a mobile marketplace that helps buyers assemble flat-packed furniture from IKEA. Customers can obtain TaskRabbit services following an in-store and online purchase, with prices starting from $28. TaskRabbit services also include hauling, heavy lifting, mountain, and installation.

Keep reading to find everything you need to know about IKEA TaskRabbit!

How Does IKEA & TaskRabbit Work?

Starting at $28, TaskRabbit services are offered both in-store and online, and the fee will be based on a single flat rate depending on your item of choice.

However, this does not include IKEA’s more extensive products, such as bathroom and kitchen installments. With that said, let’s get into how IKEA TaskRabbit works.

Available at the time you want, even as early as tomorrow, you book your task online. However, same-day assembly is not available.

Once you have completed the online form, TaskRabbit will instantly connect you with a trusted tasker. You will then be in touch with your tasker, who will come to your location.

You’ll pay directly through the dedicated TaskRabbit platform, working under IKEA. With a guarantee provided by TaskRabbit, you’ll only have to pay once your assembly is complete.

This means you’ll be covered for any last-minute cancellations or problems you run into.

The IKEA TaskRabbit Happiness Pledge

When you have your trusted taster hired, TaskRabbit guarantees that the job will be completed to the highest of standards before you pay.

Each tasker has undergone rigorous background and identity checks to ensure they provide the professional service you need.

Additionally, IKEA TaskRabbit also reassures its customers that in the rare event that they’re not happy with either their tasker or the finished outcome, they can contact their dedicated advice lines.

What Services Do IKEA TaskRabbit Provide?

What Services Do IKEA TaskRabbit Provide

Here is a list of all the services that TaskRabbit provides for IKEA customers:

  • Mounting & Installation
  • Moving your IKEA Furniture In and Out
  • Assembling your IKEA Furniture
  • Disassembling your IKEA Furniture
  • Heavy Lifting

Although IKEA prides itself on its self-assembly products, they also know some people may be unable to do this.

With a dedicated partnership with TaskRabbit, it makes your everyday renovation a bit easier by connecting you with affordable and flexible ways to tick off your to-do list.

IKEA TaskRabbit Locations

All the locations available for your TaskRabbit tasker are listed on their website.

With some major states unavailable to make use of the IKEA TaskRabbit services like New York, Colorado, and California, it’s important to spend some time seeing if your state is listed!

If you’re having any trouble locating your state on the TaskRabbit website, they offer a dedicated “Check Availability” search bar where you input your ZipCode.

How Much Does An IKEA TaskRabbit Tasker Cost?

You won’t be able to find a breakdown of costs on either the IKEA or TaskRabbit website due to the fact that the total cost will depend entirely on your needs.

Instead, the cost is calculated on how long the task will be and how much the tasker’s hourly rate is.

If you do have a desired budget for your task, you can let your tasker know this from the off. You are then able to see a list of taskers’ hourly rates before you book.

For peace of mind, we have researched with previous IKEA TaskRabbit customers and quickly compared the average service costs for each task. Take a look:

  • IKEA Furniture Assembly – $28
  • Mounting and Installation – $38
  • Heavy Lifting – $41
  • Hauling – $47

Remember that these are only average prices, and assembling a wardrobe will likely cost more than assembling a coffee table.

How Do I Pay My Tasker?

When your task is complete, you’re probably wondering how secure payment works.

Since IKEA TaskRabbit is a cashless platform, you will input your credit or debit card through TaskRabbit’s secure payment platform.

Your payment will be automatically charged within 24 hours of your tasker submitting their invoice.

This invoice will include the number of hours worked by the taster plus any other agreed expenses you have made (remember you will be directly in touch with your tasker, so make sure you let them know exactly what you need!).

Is TaskRabbit Any Good?

If you’re still wary about booking your tasker today, take a look at some of the reviews online. You can see why others love using IKEA TaskRabbit.

The majority of feedback states that their taskers “worked thoroughly”, “provided good knowledge”, and were “extremely efficient”.

Others called their tasker “attentive”, claiming they would definitely use the service again.

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With the knowledge that IKEA provides a dedicated team that will deliver and assemble your products for you, you can relax and wait for your committed tasker to arrive.

With a simple online process that will have you linked to an IKEA TaskRabbit tasker in seconds, getting your new cupboards up and ready for guests couldn’t be easier.

Remember, don’t settle for less. IKEA TaskRabbit offers a happiness pledge, so you should be over the moon about your newly installed IKEA furniture!

If it’s assembling and disassembling, or installation and mounting, IKEA TaskRabbit has everything you need to get your home renovation underway.

With services starting from $28 and all the amazing feedback from previous customers, IKEA TaskRabbit is certainly a trusted service, ready for your online booking today.

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