IKEA Dress Code (All Your FAQs Answered!)

Many people know IKEA for its ready-to-assemble furniture and competitive prices. However, IKEA can also be recognized through their signature yellow and blue branding, from the outside of their stores to their employee uniforms.

But what is the IKEA dress code for every different department at IKEA? I’ve done the research, and here’s what I’ve learned.

IKEA Dress Code

IKEA provides their workers with uniforms, usually a yellow shirt or t-shirt, navy trousers, and dark-colored closed-toed shoes. In their offices, IKEA prides itself on its smart-casual work environment and encourages potential employees to adopt this mindset in interviews.

To learn more about what IKEA staff are required to wear in each department, what constitutes a dress code violation, and if you can buy an IKEA uniform, then find out more below!

What Do IKEA Employees Wear?

IKEA employees are required to wear different uniforms in accordance with the department they work in.

The most common IKEA uniform is that worn by cashiers and shop floor workers, which consists of yellow, IKEA-branded tops, navy trousers, and dark sneakers. It has been suggested the HR department of IKEA also wear this uniform.

Prep and flow team members at IKEA will wear blue, IKEA-branded shirts, with blue jeans and steel-toed shoes. This is to comply with IKEA safety regulations.

Security members at IKEA are often plain-clothed, but will still be required to meet a certain level of formality to suit their position and assert their authority.

Kitchen staff at IKEA will wear white, IKEA-branded shirts while on duty.

They will also be required to comply with food safety regulations and IKEA regulations, which may impact their uniform by needing to wear additional items such as hairnets and be disallowed to wear hazardous items such as jewelry.

Does IKEA Give Employees Their Uniforms?

IKEA provides all their workers with their uniforms, usually within the induction period. It has been noted that IKEA will provide employees with a work shirt and 2 pairs of navy trousers.

IKEA will also give employees a name badge and a lanyard, which must be kept on them at all times when on duty.

There are different uniforms for staff members at IKEA depending on their job roles. IKEA will assign you the uniform best tailored to your role.

Do All Employees Have To Wear An Uniform In IKEA?

Do All Employees Have To Wear A Uniform In IKEA?

Yes, while employees are working at IKEA they are required to wear their assigned uniform.

The exception to this is workers in warehouses, who do not have assigned uniforms but instead must comply with the given safety instructions, such as steel-toed shoes.

What Is An IKEA Dress Code Violation?

From our research, it appears IKEA is quite lenient about their dress code as long as the central conditions are adhered to, such as uniform and correct footwear.

Staff members have noted that IKEA will allow unnatural-colored hair and minimal jewelry. Tattoos are also acceptable at IKEA as long as they do not display offensive content.

IKEA staff members are required to wear full-length trousers. IKEA also requests closed-toed shoes, meaning sandals, heels, and similar footwear are prohibited.

Exceptions to this are warehouse and food preparation workers, who must comply with additional safety regulations and are not permitted to wear items such as jewelry.

Are IKEA Uniforms Sustainable Fashion?

IKEA is committed to making its products more sustainable, as per their IKEA Sustainability Strategy, People & Planet Positive task force.

To make their uniforms more environmentally friendly, IKEA has altered their staff uniforms to make them more sustainable.

IKEA has recently introduced uniforms made from recycled polyester and cotton from sustainable sources.

Tencel, a fiber created of wood pulp from trees grown ethically on specialized farms, is also included in the IKEA uniform to further make them eco-friendly.

There is also a recycling program run by IKEA to reuse employee uniforms and transform them into furniture.

This plan is part of IKEA’s goal of turning waste into resources to avoid cluttering landfills.

What Should I Wear To An IKEA Interview?

While IKEA stresses the importance of dressing well during their interviews, an important part of IKEA’s work culture is also adopting a more casual feel.

Online representatives indicate the importance of future employees understanding and appropriating this balance to demonstrate their suitability for the role.

Understanding this culture can help candidates demonstrate a wider understanding of the company as a whole, which many interviewers will recognize and praise.

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IKEA employees are required to wear their assigned IKEA shirts (usually yellow or dark blue), dark blue trousers, and dark sneakers. Workers of IKEA must also always wear their ID badges and lanyard so they are easily identifiable to customers.

Representatives of IKEA suggest the company takes a collaborative professional and causal approach to workwear, reflected in both their shop floor employees and office workers.

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