IKEA Kitchen Warranty (Time Frames, Claims, What’s Covered, Kitchen Cabinets + More)

Getting a new kitchen installed can be incredibly exciting, but it can also come with a bit of stress. You’ll likely be wanting a kitchen that will last a long time, so you don’t have to keep performing maintenance.

Since IKEA offers kitchens at a competitive price, you may be wondering what their warranty policy is. So have I, and here’s what my research uncovered!

IKEA Kitchen Warranty

IKEA offers a 25 Year Limited Warranty with their kitchens, which covers defects in the materials and workmanship of kitchen systems. However, IKEA kitchen faucets have a shorter warranty of 10 years, and their appliances are even shorter at 5 years. To make a warranty claim, customers can visit in-store or visit IKEA.com.

But how do these time frames work? Read on to find out more, including the requirements for the warranty!

What Is Covered In IKEA’s Kitchen Warranty?

IKEA’s kitchen warranty covers the domestic use of the below kitchen parts only and will only cover any defects in the material and/or workmanship in the SEKTION system.

This coverage includes:

  • Cabinet frames (except TUTEMO and  HÖRDA)
  • Fronts
  • UTRUSTA hinges
  • MAXIMERA fully extending drawers
  • UTRUSTA Shelves of tempered glass and melamine
  • Legs and toe kicks
  • Cover panels
  • Deco strips/mouldings
  • Countertops (except for LILLTRÄSK and FYNDIG)
  • Sinks (except FYNDIG)
  • UTRUSTA dish drainers for wall cabinet
  • VÅGLIG connecting rail
  • UTRUSTA supporting frame for waste

Additionally, the limited warranty for IKEA’s kitchens is specifically for the SEKTION kitchen system and will remain in force for 25 years, valid from the day it is purchased.

However, not all products are covered in this warranty as IKEA’s kitchen faucets are covered under a limited warranty that lasts for 10 years and is also valid from the date of purchase.

Does The IKEA Kitchen Warranty Cover Kitchen Cabinets?

Does This Warranty Cover Kitchen Cabinets At IKEA?

Yes, however, any cabinet frames under TUTEMO or HÖRDA will not be covered by this specific warranty.

IKEA’s kitchen warranty advises owners of these kitchens only to use a mild cleaner or soft cloth dampened with water to clean the cabinet frames, fronts, shelves, and drawers, so that you can keep your cabinets looking great for longer.

They also advise that you avoid placing coffee makers or tea kettles directly underneath to avoid the steam flowing up underneath the cabinet frame and doors.

What Doesn’t The IKEA Kitchen Warranty Cover?

This limited warranty for IKEA Kitchens will not cover any normal wear and tear, cuts, scratches, or damage caused by impacts or accidents. It also will not cover incidental or consequential damage.

IKEA’s warranty states that the warranty will be void if the user has not installed, assembled, or stored their purchase correctly.

This is also true for those who have used their kitchens inappropriately, altered, misused, abused, or cleaned their kitchens with the wrong cleaning products or methods.

Additionally, the kitchen warranty will not cover damage from natural causes, such as fires, floods, or tornados, and will not cover repairs to electrical, tile, or wall surfaces.

IKEA’s 25 Year Kitchen Guarantee

IKEA offers 25-year guarantees on many of its product lines which it feels confident about, however, these guarantees will only cover defects and poor workmanship on their end, not accidental damage.

If you wish to make a claim on your warranty, your best option is to head to your local IKEA and talk to a representative, possibly with images to back up your claim (as well as your original receipt).

IKEA will then send out employees to assess the damage and evaluate whether it is accidental or if they are at fault. If they are found to be at fault, they will replace or repair the defective merchandise.

If there is a fault found, IKEA will pay for labor, travel, and the cost of spare parts when they are found at fault in this regard, and if the item is no longer sold at IKEA, then they will provide an appropriate replacement.

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IKEA’s 25 Year Guarantee covers the SEKTION kitchen system in IKEA’s catalog, and will protect against any defects or poor workmanship which may have occurred when creating or installing your kitchen.

However, this warranty will not cover cabinet frames from TUTEMO or  HÖRDA, and also won’t cover LILLTRÄSK countertops and FYNDIG sinks and countertops.

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