IKEA Mission Statement (Values, Motto, Vision + More)

IKEA is justifiably one of the most prolific furniture providers in the world. Distinguished by its renowned flat-pack furniture, the retailer operates over 433 stores in several international markets.

But how well do we really know IKEA? I’ve delved deep into the IKEA mission statement to determine whether we can identify with the company’s core values and visionary objectives!

IKEA Mission Statement

The IKEA mission statement is ‘to offer a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them.’ This statement represents IKEA’s commitment to inclusion, accessibility, affordability, and quality. Meanwhile, its vision is ‘to create a better everyday life for many people.’

For a deeper analysis of IKEA’s mission statement and details of its core values and dedication to sustainability, read on!

IKEA Mission Statement Analysis

The IKEA mission statement is ‘to offer a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them.’

In this statement, we can gain a sense of IKEA’s long-term goals:

  • Provide home solutions
  • Accessibility to all
  • Consistently maintain a high-quality

The mission statement strives to fill customers with confidence that a low price point does not reflect on the quality of its goods.

In fact, it depicts quite the opposite. The statement aims to express inclusion, suggesting that IKEA aims to reach people of every age, no matter their financial situation.

Additionally, IKEA’s mission statement places significant emphasis on its style of furniture.

The phrasing gives the home furnishings a sense of superiority over other products on the market. It also blends style with practicality, a combination most homeowners may seek.

Does IKEA Have Its Mission Statement Posted On Its Website?

IKEA has posted its mission statement on its universal website under the Vision, Culture, and Values page.

The mission statement is easy to find, positively reflecting on IKEA’s commitment to accessibility.

Furthermore, online users can find the statement near links to career opportunities to attract potential like-minded employees.

You might also find the mission statement in catalogs, brochures, and in the store.

What Are IKEA’s Core Values?

What Are IKEA’s Core Values?

IKEA confidently shares its core values on many different mediums. You may see the information on its values dotted around shops, in print media, social media, and certainly on its website.

IKEA’s shameless transparency can help customers relate to its values and develop loyalty to the brand.

The brand’s values suggest that its high-quality home furnishings reflect the retailer’s entrepreneurship and hard work.

The company also places great emphasis on being a friend to the plant. IKEA does this by being resourceful and promoting sustainability (see more below).

IKEA promotes eight core values. These include:

1.  Togetherness

As portrayed in its mission statement, IKEA is dedicated to inducing inclusion in each area of its business. They do this by passing extraordinary savings on to their customers and promoting an inclusive workplace.

2. Caring for people and the planet

IKEA openly shares its positive eco-conscious attitude to the planet’s welfare by making sustainable choices. The company also eradicates the use of harmful materials to protect its customers.

3.   Staying cost-conscious

To ensure their products stay sustainable, IKEA constantly reviews its products to ensure the price point is reachable to a mass market. IKEA does this without compromising quality.

4. Keeping things simple

IKEA’s distinctive style mimics a minimalistic approach. The brand also maintains a simple level of authenticity by implementing elements of its Smålandic heritage across the business. IKEA carries out this value by using a range of Swedish nouns and verbs to name each product.

5. Renew and improve

Innovation is rooted at the heart of IKEA’s values. The brand aims to cultivate practical storage, home furnishing, appliances, and decoration of the highest standard.

6. Be unique and meaningful

Again, much of IKEA’s success is derived from its dedication to originality. The brand claims that it does not aim to be like any other.

7. Give and take responsibility

IKEA states that it aims to empower people. The brand does this by allowing them to cultivate their own space uniquely.

8. Lead by example

To many consumers and entrepreneurs, IKEA is recognized as a pioneer in the market. Its dedication to innovation and helping customers mimic authenticity is essential. IKEA does this by progressively working on its business model and reacting to customer needs.

How Does IKEA Value Sustainability?

Sustainability is high on IKEA’s agenda, and the company has implemented plenty of strategies to ensure it is maintained.

In a mission to reduce its carbon footprint, IKEA aims to only use renewable or recycled materials by 2030.

It executes this by using a range of renewable wood-based materials, composite materials, and new textile fiber technology.

Using recyclable materials helps IKEA transfer this mission to its consumers, as products made with these materials can be recycled when they are no longer needed.

The company also supports sustainability by working with suppliers that share the same goals of using sustainable sources.

IKEA also employs IWAY, a supplier code of conduct that protects its workers and eradicates child labor in its market.

What Is IKEA’s Vision and Motto?

IKEA’s vision is ‘To create a better everyday life for the many people.’

The motto is straightforward to understand and communicates a strong customer focus. The vision can also help customers feel like IKEA is more than just a furniture brand but a good source.

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IKEA’s mission statement reflects its commitment to producing an impressive catalog of quality-made goods that offer practical solutions in every home. It also emphasizes the brand’s drive to provide affordable furnishings to ensure everyone is included.

IKEA’s core values and how they execute each point ultimately help them fulfill their mission statement.

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