IKEA Plants (12 Things You Should Know Before & After Buying)

IKEA is a worldwide furniture retailer, stocking everything from flatpack furniture to meatballs. The store also stocks a huge variety of plant products, from houseplants and indoor species to artificial trees and outdoor planters.

The plant range at IKEA intrigued me, so I’ve done some research, and here is everything you need to know before and after you buy IKEA plants!

IKEA Plants

IKEA sells a range of plant products, from artificial potted plants and flowers to live, indoor plants and dried flowers. The range covers a variety of plant types, including succulents, cacti, small trees, and flowers. IKEA plants are generally considered good quality and are usually sourced locally, keeping prices low.

Read on to find out what kind of plants you can find at IKEA, where you can find plants at IKEA, and how you should care for your IKEA plants!

Are IKEA Houseplants Good?

IKEA houseplants are considered good quality plants, especially for those beginning their plant collection.

Shoppers recommend buying young, healthy-looking plants from IKEA and watching them grow.

To find the best plants in IKEA, rummage in the back of shelves to find plants that haven’t been handled by other customers and look out for very lightweight pots.

These lightweight pots indicate dry soil and an unhealthy plant that is recommended to stay away from.

If looking for flowering plants, it is recommended you look out for buds rather than whole flowers.

Do IKEA Sell Outdoor Plants?

IKEA sells outdoor pot plants rather than bedding plants that you would find in nurseries.

Though available, much of the plant selection at IKEA appears more suited to indoor rather than outdoor placement. Nevertheless, there are options for outdoor potted plants to shop.

What Type Of Plants Does IKEA Sell?

IKEA stocks indoor and outdoor species and even has some artificial plants for those who don’t want to commit to the real thing.

Additionally, IKEA sells plants of all sizes, from tiny succulents and cacti to larger vines and huge leafy greens. The variety is impressive, though some species may be harder to find depending on the season.

Also, depending on your country, the range of live plants in IKEA stock will vary greatly.

In most store locations, IKEA sells palms, hanging plants, monstera, and fiddle leaf figs, to name a few.

New species are generally introduced to the IKEA range four times a year and will restock seasonal classics and find new species to add to their offering in February, April, August, and October.

Does IKEA Sell Pothos?

IKEA currently sells two different kinds of Pothos products, a hanging Golden Pothos and a potted Golden Pothos plant, for $9.99.

The variety of plants on offer may vary depending on local suppliers and in-store stock levels.

Where Can I Find Plants In IKEA Stores?

The plant offering at your local IKEA would usually be located on the ground level, in the warehouse part of the store. It is usually around the checkout lines.

Can I Return Plants To IKEA?

Can I Return Plants To IKEA?

IKEA does not accept returns on live plants. If your plant dies shortly after buying it, it cannot be returned or exchanged for a new one.

When choosing your plant, it’s best to find the healthiest one, so you don’t lose the plant and your money.

Why Are IKEA Plants So Cheap?

IKEA chooses to shop locally for their plants because they do not travel well, and it can be more cost-effective.

Additionally, since IKEA is one of the world’s biggest retailers, they can bulk order large quantities, allowing them to get plants at lower prices.

When Is The Best Day To Buy IKEA Plants?

IKEA tends to restock most of its shelves with new stock on a Monday after a weekend shipment. This extends to plants, but seasonality and outside factors can affect plant shipments and therefore stock.

Shopping during the seasonal shifts, i.e., February, April, August, and October, is the best time to find new interesting varieties and find the freshest stock.

Can I Buy IKEA Plants Online?

IKEA live plants cannot be bought online and shipped to your home because they are difficult to transport.

However, you can purchase some of these items online for a Click and Collect.

The IKEA website does allow you to check whether the plant you want is in stock at your local store and browse all the care needs for your desired product.

You can buy artificial plants, plant pots, and dried flowers online at IKEA.com for home delivery.

How Often Should You Water IKEA Plants?

IKEA plants come with detailed instructions on their packaging, so checking the label is the best way to find out what your plant needs from you.

Different plant species need different amounts of water. Too much water can kill plants, and so can too little.

It is best to read the label of the plant you have bought to ensure you’re caring for it properly.

Houseplants’ water needs can also change due to the seasons, so monitoring your plant, rather than setting a schedule, could be the best option to keep your houseplant healthy.

How Do You Care For IKEA Indoor Plants?

IKEA plants come with informative labels that help you to care for your new houseplant. If you lose the label, the IKEA website has handy guides on how to grow indoor plants on their website.

Generally, houseplants don’t need much care, and IKEA tends to sell hardwearing, durable plants that need little attention.

If you are concerned about the care needed by houseplants, remember that IKEA stocks a whole range of artificial plants that need absolutely no care.

When Should You Re-Pot An IKEA Plant?

There are a number of signs that point to a houseplant that needs repotting. These include:

  • Roots can be seen growing through pot drainage holes
  • The plant is growing slowly, and it is not because of seasonal changes
  • The plant needs more frequent watering
  • The plant takes up more than 3x the space of the pot

Repotting doesn’t always mean transferring to a new pot as your houseplant may just need new soil. Generally, new houseplants don’t need repotting immediately.

If you want to know more about shopping at IKEA, you might also be interested in reading up on IKEA’s return policy after 365 days, IKEA Lack table, and if IKEA delivers to apartments.


IKEA stock a variety of hardy, live plants, suitable for both indoor and outdoor positions, and artificial plants. The plant range covers lots of different species and changes slightly throughout the seasons.

Finding healthy plants is key, though IKEA plants are generally considered good quality.

Shopping on a Monday is recommended so that you get the first pick of the new stock, and you’ll usually find the plant range on the ground floor of IKEA stores, near the checkouts.

IKEA plants come with lots of information on their upkeep, and if you find you cannot care for a houseplant then IKEA stocks artificial plants too.

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