IKEA Sheets (12 Things You Should Know Before & After Buying)

IKEA is the go-to retailer in the U.S. for customers looking to purchase a variety of furniture and other essentials for their rooms, including cupboards, tables, beds, and even bedsheets.

Although IKEA is renowned for its quality and affordability, you may wonder if its sheets also meet this standard? Don’t worry, here is everything you should know about IKEA sheets!

IKEA Sheets

IKEA offers a range of sheets in both fitted and flat styles. Customers can purchase sheets to fit their mattress size, having the option to choose from a variety of colors. IKEA’s sheets are made of materials such as cotton and lyocell and provide good value to customers.

If you want to learn more about whether IKEA’s sheets are of good quality, which sheets at IKEA are the best, and much more, keep reading!

Are IKEA Sheets Good Quality?

IKEA sheets are generally considered good quality, with many customers choosing IKEA for the sheets due to their varied option choice and their affordability.

In fact, some sheets are considered superior to those sold by other retailers, including big-box stores known for their affordability.

Note that IKEA offers different levels of quality through different materials, and the cheapest offerings are sheets made of a cotton and polyester mix.

This mix is durable and of decent quality but maybe the least comfortable. Additionally, the quality of IKEA sheets depends mainly upon the material choice and the thread count.

Although none are considered to be of poor quality, cheaper options may be less satisfactory than their more expensive counterparts.

Are IKEA Sheets Comfortable?

IKEA sheets are said to be comfortable, but customers should note that different materials can make for different levels of comfort and proper care makes IKEA sheets last longer.

Additionally, customers recommend that you should wash IKEA sheets to soften them before use.

What Are The Best IKEA Sheets?

IKEA offers lots of different styles of sheets, but its best options come in cotton or cotton/lyocell mix materials. These options are the most durable and softest against the skin.

Lyocell is better for the environment than cotton, so the cotton/lyocell mix may be your choice if you’re environmentally inclined.

However, do keep in mind that lyocell does need more delicate care than cotton.

The IKEA cotton and cotton/lyocell sheet options come in a variety of sizes, styles, and color options, and the retailer’s higher thread count options are generally considered the best.

What Are IKEA Sheets Made Of?

IKEA offers sheets from a few different materials, including cotton, cotton/polyester mix, cotton/viscose mix, and cotton/lyocell mix.

The cotton/polyester mix is generally the cheapest option due to the cheapness of the material and its relatively lower quality.

However, cheap cotton options are also available with a lower thread count.

Note that the cotton/lyocell blend is the most expensive, as the combination makes for a high-quality sheet.

How Do You Wash IKEA Sheets?

IKEA sheets should be washed with care since, like all products, the better the care, the longer they will last. All IKEA sheets come with strict washing guidelines on their labels.

Depending upon the fabric, sheets should usually be washed above 40 degrees (5 celsius) to ensure they are disinfected. However, some synthetic mixes may be able to be washed on lower settings.

Washing machines usually have a cotton setting that is suitable for cotton sheets, whereas Lyocell sheets may need a gentler wash setting.

Other than that, sheets should be washed separately from other garments to leave enough room for a thorough clean. IKEA does not recommend the regular use of bleach on its sheets.

Are IKEA Sheets Soft?

Are IKEA Sheets Soft?

IKEA bedding is said to be relatively soft, depending on the material you choose. Its sheet range offers cotton/polyester mixes which are thought to be the least soft.

The most expensive option, the IKEA cotton/lyocell blend, is soft from the moment it leaves the packet.

Additionally, cotton sheets are said to soften with time, meaning the IKEA cotton options may increase in softness over time.

What Thread Count Are IKEA Sheets?

The thread count of IKEA sheets ranges from 104 to 600.

The FÄRGMÅRA sheet option has the lowest thread count at 104, while the ÖKENSTJÄRNA option reaches up to 600.

In the middle range, IKEA offers the DVALA sheet, which has a thread count of 152, the ULLVIDE sheet with a thread count of 200, and the NATTJASMIN sheet, with a thread count of 310.

What Are IKEA Sheet Sizes?

IKEA sheets come in sizes to fit twin, double, queen, and king-size beds, among others.

Each product has the measurements within its description to ensure the size you’re looking at is the best fit.

Are IKEA Sheets Of Different Sizes Than The Standard?

IKEA sheet sizes are the same size as other standardized sheet options.

So you can rest assured that the size you measured for your bed will be the same size you would have to choose for your bedsheet at IKEA.

What Color Are IKEA Sheets?

IKEA sheets come in a range of different colors.

These include white, grey, beige, blue, pink, green, black, orange, and turquoise.

Are IKEA Sheets Returnable?

IKEA sheets can be returned in line with the retailer’s return policy.

As part of this policy, you have 365 days after purchase to return new and unopened products and 180 days to return opened products.

Remember that all returns must be made with valid proof of purchase, and used IKEA sheets cannot be returned to the retailer for hygiene reasons.

If your product is defective, you may be able to return a used product under special circumstances.

Are IKEA Sheets Cheap?

IKEA sheets range in price from $3.99 at the lowest end, comprising the lower quality sheet offerings, and up to $69.99 for the Ökenstjärna set with a thread count of 600.

Customers will find affordable, mid-range sheets from $10 to $29.99 for sheet sets in a variety of material and color options.

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IKEA offers a variety of sheets that are considered to be of good quality. Certain material combinations are more comfortable and durable than others. The retailer offers sheets in colors including white, black, beige, and blue.

The sheets come in standardized sizes that can fit twin, double, queen, and king-size beds, and are returnable up to 365 days after purchase, provided they are new and unopened.

Additionally, note that IKEA sheets are relatively cheap, with the cheapest options starting at $3.99, and more expensive options costing upwards of $60.

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