IKEA Duvet & Duvet Covers (7 Things You Should Know Before & After Buying)

IKEA is well known for its amazing deals on flat-packed furniture, but did you know they also sell duvets and duvet covers? IKEA may be the answer if you’ve been wondering where to buy your new duvet.

To help you make a decision, here are 5 things you should know about IKEA duvets and duvet covers before and after buying them!

IKEA Duvet & Duvet Covers

IKEA offers multiple sizes of duvets to suit each bed size they sell and different fillings for duvets. Additionally, IKEA also offers a number of varied bed linens and duvet covers to pair with your duvet in a wide range of colors and patterns. Typically, IKEA duvets cost between $30 – $250, depending on the size and filling.

But what type of duvet would suit you best? Read on to find out more, including how to care for your duvet and bed linens!

What Duvets Does IKEA Offer?

Many people suit different duvets due to health reasons or simply because the seasons change.

With that in mind, it’s important to consider what type of duvet you’d prefer to go for before buying it.

Thankfully, IKEA offers 4 different types of duvet, known by the store as comforters, so you can easily tell whether the duvet is perfect for your needs.

Cool Duvet

Cooler duvets will have less filling in them and will usually be made of polyester.

If you find yourself unable to sleep despite the covers only over your feet, or if you’ve been waking up in the middle of the night covered in sweat, a cool duvet may be perfect for you.

IKEA offers a number of cool duvets, such as SILVERTOPP, STRANDMOLKE, and MYSKGRÄS.

Warm Duvet

A warm duvet will have more filling than a cool one and can come with either polyester or down fillings.

This type of duvet is more suited to those who like to snuggle down under the covers and feel cozy on a Fall evening. It’s warm but still remains light on those late October nights.

Examples of warm duvets at IKEA include; SMÅSPORRE, FJÄLLARNIKA, and STJÄRNBRÄCKA.

Extra-Warm Duvet

If it gets pretty cold where you live, and you keep piling on the duvets, you may want to invest in a thicker duvet with more filling.

IKEA sells a number of these duvets, which range between polyester and down fillings. Examples of these duvets include; STJÄRNBRÄCKA, SMÅSPORRE, and FJÄLLBRÄCKA.

All-Seasons Duvet

Finally, IKEA also offers a special type of duvet that can keep you at a comfortable temperature all year round. Not every Summer’s day is blisteringly hot, after all!

These duvets consist of a warmer and cooler parts, which can be joined together if necessary for extra warmth or used separately.

All-Season duvets can come under the SMÅSPORRE or FJÄLLBRÄCKA series.

What Are IKEA Duvets Made From?

What Are IKEA Duvets Made From?

Duvets can come with different fillings, and if you’re prone to allergic reactions from dust mites, you may have some issues with different duvets.

Thankfully, IKEA offers two main types of duvet for customers to choose from:


These duvets are made with synthetic fibers to create the illusion of a down filling, which is great for people prone to dust allergies.

These duvets are easy to wash often, and can be machine washed at 140F (60C), the temperature at which dust mites are killed off.

With excellent insulation from the cold, they can work as both cold and warm duvets for your convenience.

Examples of IKEA microfibre duvets include; STRANDMOLKE, SÄFFEROT, and SMÅSPORRE.

Down & Feather

Other duvets at IKEA will be filled with down and feathers, which are natural materials. IKEA states that these materials are never taken from live animals.

These duvets are great for keeping the heat in and absorbing moisture from your body as you sleep. They are known to breathe well and offer excellent comfort throughout the night.

Examples of these include; FJÄLLARNIKA, FJÄLLBRÄCKA, and FJÄLLHAVRE.

Are IKEA Duvets Any Good?

Customers who have purchased IKEA duvets have been very happy with their purchase, even after having the product for 3+ years.

However, customers have stated that they prefer the IKEA duvets with feather filling as they found these to hold the warmth better while still keeping cool in the warmer months.

Additionally, IKEA customers enjoyed the feather duvet as it has more weight, which can be more enjoyable to sleep with.

What Thread Count Do IKEA Duvets Have?

Typically, IKEA duvet covers have a thread count of 144 – 252, depending on the set customer’s purchase.

While this is not the highest thread count, it does make the material more durable for long-term use.

How Do You Wash Your IKEA Duvet?

All IKEA duvets are machine washable and can be washed at a temperature of 140F (60C), which is the temperature that dust mites die.

Polyester/Microfibre duvets can be cleaned more often. However, down and feather-filled duvets should be cleaned less often to prolong their fluffiness.

Down and feather duvets will benefit from being washed alongside tennis balls or similar round objects as this can prevent the feathers from being compacted.

How Do You Care For IKEA Duvet Covers/Comforters?

Like most fabrics, your duvet cover will come with washing instructions on the label to follow.

These will let you know the material they’re made of, what setting you should wash them on and what kind of detergent you should use.

Commonly, sheets and duvet covers should be washed at 140F(60C) in order to kill any dust mites and bacteria, however you should check the label first before washing your bed covers.

To find out more information about shopping at IKEA, you can also check our guide posts on whether or not IKEA beds come with slats, IKEA pillow & duvet return policy, and our guide on IKEA sheets.


IKEA offers multiple types of duvets to suit both warm and cold weather and natural and synthetic fillings to suit each customer.

Likewise, their duvet covers are made with varied materials, however IKEA are proud of their high quality and boast that they compliment their duvets in comfort perfectly.

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