Instacart Dress Code (Interview, Delivering + More)

If you are just starting out in the gig economy, the freedom can be both exhilarating and terrifying. Ensuring that you are following procedure without supervision is paramount.

But what about dress code? Instacart is a widely popular company to shop and deliver for, but the shoppers don’t seem to have any strict uniform.

Does Instacart have a dress code? Or can you wear pretty much whatever you want? It’s an important question, and I have the answer below.

Does Instacart Have A Dress Code In [currentyear]?

Instacart does not have a formal dress code, however, they recommend shoppers wear close-toed shoes and tie their hair back from their face. Beyond these guidelines, shoppers are free to wear whatever is comfortable, ranging from the ultra-casual (sweats, hoodies) to business casual (khakis, polos). Shoppers might consider wearing an Instacart t-shirt for ID purposes.

To learn more about dressing for any potential interviews, whether Instacart gives you a shirt or you have to obtain one on your own and even some outfit ideas for while you’re delivering, keep reading!

How Should You Dress For An Instacart Interview?

Instacart rarely performs interviews for full-service shoppers, but as an in-store shopper – and therefore a full-fledged Instacart employee – you might have one.

And that begs the question: what should you wear to it?

A good rule of thumb is to be one step dressier than the work environment.

Since even Instacart in-store shoppers tend to dress more on the casual side – jeans and an Instacart t-shirt, for example – you would probably be safe with business casual.

That means nice slacks or khakis and a polo or blouse. Closed-toe shoes, like loafers or even nicer sneakers round out the look.

What you should not do is show up in sweatpants and a sweatshirt or anything resembling pajamas.

If you really want the job – and they’re good ones to get, because you’re an actual employee of Instacart, with a guaranteed wage and other benefits – dress to impress.

(Of course, if you’re interviewing for a position with the corporate office, business formal is the way to go – a suit or skirt suit, dress shoes or pumps, etc.)

Does Instacart Give You A Shirt?

Does Instacart Give You A Shirt?

It appears that some people receive Instacart shirts from the company as part of their onboarding “welcome” package, but the majority (especially recently) do not.

The shirt is a point of hilarity where Instacart shoppers are concerned because of its bright green color.

“Dude those green shirts are so stupid and dorky looking, I never wear it,” one commenter said on this Reddit thread.

“I knitted my own shirt out of repurposed produce bags. It’s a really good look for me,” another joked.

“I laugh when I see a newbie come to the store wearing shirt AND lanyard. Lol,” still another said.

If Instacart doesn’t give you a shirt and you want something to make yourself look more official while shopping, you have a few options.

Instacart apparently does still send out the lanyard, which you could attach a keychain wallet to with the Shopper card.

You could also buy an accessory that puts a clip on your phone and attach that, so you always have it handy (and hands-free) while shopping.

The lanyard is a nice indication that you’re “official,” while not being as loud as the green shirt.

There is also a thriving craft market for independently made Instacart shirts; just look at the options when you do a search on Etsy.

Finally, someone on this Reddit thread suggested asking one of the shift leads for Instacart in any of the grocery stores where you shop.

They might have extra shirts (and lanyards) sitting around for the in-store shoppers and would perhaps give you one for the asking.

Do You Have To Wear An Instacart Shirt?

Full-service Instacart shoppers do not have to wear an Instacart shirt, though they might find it easier to self-identify while out delivering groceries.

This is especially true with the prevalence of security and doorbell cams – people are, with good reason, a lot more suspicious of anyone deep on their property these days.

An Instacart shirt can give the homeowners greater peace of mind faster.

But there is one downside – you might be mistaken for a store employee while shopping and asked the whereabouts of a product.

What Can You Wear While Delivering Instacart?

When you’re a full-service shopper for Instacart, just about anything goes clothes-wise.

You’re an independent contractor and while Instacart makes some suggestions, you aren’t beholden to follow them, save for a few.

You should endeavor to wear closed-toe shoes, not just for hygienic purposes (since you’re around other people’s food), but also because you could drop something.

If that something is even a can of tuna, when it smacks your big toe it’s going to hurt.

One person on this Reddit thread said that Instacart prefers their shoppers wear polos, for more of a put-together, business casual look, but it seems few people heed that.

Some full-service shopper outfit ideas:

  • Jeans and a polo, with lanyard
  • Khakis and an Instacart t-shirt
  • Shorts and a polo or Instacart t-shirt

Avoid articles of clothing with religious or political overtones, as well as obscenities or lewdness.

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Instacart’s dress code for full-service shoppers is as basic as they come: all they ask is that you wear closed-toe shoes, but beyond that, you are free to wear whatever is comfortable.

What you don’t want to do is wear something that irritates your skin or is too tight for comfort, as you will be thinking about that instead of the job in front of you.

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