Is a Subway Footlong Really 12 Inches? (Not What You Think)

Subway is known for its iconic submarine sandwiches, which even gave the fast-food franchise its name. At Subway, customers can purchase two sizes of sandwiches: the six-inch and 12-inch, known as the footlong.

If you’re a fan of Subway’s food, you may be wondering if the Subway footlong really is 12 inches long. I’ve done the digging, and here’s what I’ve found out about Subway sandwiches!

Is a Subway Footlong Really 12 Inches?

Subway sandwiches are 12 inches long following a lawsuit that revealed Subway footlong sandwiches were short of 12 inches. Despite initially being the correct size, Subway footlongs and six-inch sandwiches shrink naturally due to baking. Subway settled and agreed to adopt quality control measures to ensure footlongs are the correct size.

For more information about the Subway footlong, including if it’s 12 inches in length, why it didn’t used to be 12 inches long, and how much a Subway footlong sandwich is, just keep reading!

Are Subway Sandwiches 12 Inches?

Between 2015 and 2017, Subway was involved in a legal battle following claims that its footlong sandwich was short of 12 inches, classing it as false advertising.

That said, Subway was accused of deceptive and unfair business practices regarding its footlong sandwich, as customers felt cheated.

However, Subway settled the lawsuit by paying the plaintiffs a settlement of around $1,000.

Also, Subway introduced quality control measures to try and negate the shortage of size, such as having its staff measure the sandwiches to ensure the bread meets length requirements.

Since the lawsuit, Subway footlong sandwiches have been a full 12 inches in length.

Why Are Subway Footlongs Not 12 Inches?

The Subway footlong was previously not a full 12 inches due to the baking that the bread underwent.

For example, Subway uses pre-packaged dough sticks to make its sandwiches, which all weigh the same and ensure all footlong sandwiches contain the same amount of bread.

However, the Subway bread would reduce during the baking process, meaning the footlong would be around a quarter-inch short of being a full 12 inches long.

But, Subway has since rectified the issue following the request of a Wisconsin federal judge to use better quality control measures to ensure its sandwiches are a full six inches and 12 inches long.

What Is the Actual Size Of a Subway Footlong?

What Is The Actual Size Of A Subway Footlong?

Following the legal issues, Subway ensured its footlong sandwiches were a full 12 inches in length, and its six-inch sandwiches would be six inches.

Previously, Subway sandwiches were around 11.5 inches rather than 12 inches and around five inches instead of six inches for a regular sandwich.

What Footlong Sandwiches Does Subway Have?

Subway is known for its footlong sandwiches, which come in various recipes and flavors customized to your preference.

Also, Subway makes six-inch sandwiches if you’re not as hungry.  With that, some of the sandwich recipes you can order as a footlong include:

  • Steak and Cheese
  • All-American Club
  • Black Forest Ham
  • Buffalo Chicken
  • Chicken and Bacon Ranch
  • Meatball Marinara
  • Oven Roasted Turkey
  • Spicy Italian
  • Tuna

Additionally, there are vegetarian options available at Subway for your footlong sandwich, including the Veggie Delite.

At Subway, you can customize footlong sandwiches with your choice of bread and sauce, as well as add meats, cheeses, and vegetables.

Moreover, it’s possible to create a unique footlong sandwich using the variety of ingredients Subway has on its menu.

As Subway stores are franchises, managers are allowed to select what sandwich flavors they sell in-store.

That said, Subway will often have a core menu it shares with other locations and local favorites, including unique flavors.

How Much Is a Subway Footlong?

On average, the price of a Subway footlong is approximately $5 to $8. Also, Subway offers the option to add extra meats and cheeses for an additional fee.

On the other hand, a Subway six-inch sandwich costs between $3 to $5, around half the price and size of a footlong.

Because Subway is a franchise, individual stores have the freedom to allocate their pricing, which means prices may vary from location to location.

Does Subway Still Do Five Dollar Footlongs?

Subway reintroduced the $5 footlong deal after previously removing it due to financial problems.

With that, Subway instead sold sandwiches at $6 until customer complaints caused the deal to return.

Furthermore, some of the footlong sandwiches available as part of the $5 deal include:

  • Meatball Marinara
  • Veggie Delite
  • Cold Cut Combo
  • Black Forest Ham
  • Spicy Italian

Contact your local Subway to find out if it’s participating in the $5 footlong deal. However, you cannot apply additional discounts to the Subway $5 footlong sale.

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