Is Amazon Prime Photo Storage Really Unlimited? (+Other Common FAQs)

Amazon Prime offers a number of different perks, such as fast and free shipping, streaming movies and TV shows from Prime Video, and storing photos in Amazon Prime Photo.

However, Amazon Prime customers may wonder if Amazon Prime Photo really has unlimited storage as it’s advertised. If you’d like to find out as well, keep reading this article to see what I learned!

Is Amazon Prime Photo Storage Really Unlimited?

Amazon Prime Photo really has unlimited storage for customers, along with 5GB of storage for video footage. Prime photo storage is free for users who have a Prime account, while customers who don’t have a Prime account can use Prime Photo starting at $1.99 per month, depending on the storage plan they decide to purchase.

If you’d like to learn more about being able to purchase more storage for Amazon Photo, how to sync footage to Amazon Photo, and other related FAQs, keep reading for useful tips and information!

Can I Purchase More Storage for Amazon Photo?

Amazon Prime customers receive their unlimited photo storage for free, as it’s included in their Amazon Prime subscription. However, if customers require more storage for their videos, they can peruse Amazon’s storage plans.

Amazon starts its storage plans at $1.99 per month for 100 GB of storage. Plans go up to 30TB of storage, which costs over $3,000 per year.

Customers are, however, not recommended to purchase a storage plan from Amazon Photo unless they require the extra storage for filmmaking projects or if they are sharing the account with other users.

Amazon offers a large amount of storage for an average-sized hub of video footage, so unless users require extra storage for work or projects, it’s recommended they retain their free storage plan.

How Do I Access Amazon Photos?

In order for customers to access photos through Amazon Photo, they can either download the Amazon Photos app to their phone or log in through

To access photos from, customers simply need to log in to their account and type “Amazon Photo” in the search bar, which will lead customers to the login page for Amazon Photo.

Customers can choose to sign in on their browser or download Amazon Photo for desktop.

After selecting the “sign-in” option, customers can choose to sync their phone or computer to back up their photos automatically or to drag and drop images from their desktops manually.

After adding images, customers can access the photos from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen under “Your Photos.”

What Happens to My Photos If I Cancel Amazon Prime?

What Happens to my Photos If I Cancel Amazon Prime?

If customers decide to cancel their Prime membership, they will still have access to Amazon Photo and all the content they’ve uploaded to the database.

However, their storage space will be reduced from unlimited to 5GB for both photos and videos. Therefore, customers may have to remove photos and videos from their account ahead of time if their content surpasses 5GB of storage.

Who Can See My Amazon Photos?

The Amazon Photos database is encrypted, which means only the person who holds the account or individuals who have the password to the account can see their photos.

Therefore, customers who are concerned about their privacy while using Amazon Photo can rest assured that their files are private and secure as long as they haven’t shared their password with others.

Can I Delete Photos After Uploading to Amazon Photo?

If customers have photos or videos on Amazon Photo that they wish to remove, they can easily do so!

However, the method is slightly different depending on the device they are using.

The methods by which customers can remove photos from Amazon Photo are as follows:

On an Android Device

  1. Open the Amazon Photos app and head to the “Your Photos” section.
  2. Press and hold the image you wish to remove until a checkmark appears and select any other photos you wish to remove.
  3. Select the three dots […] icon and click “Move to Trash.”
  4. Select whether you’d like to remove the photos from Amazon Photos only, from your device only, or from both your device and Amazon Photos account.
  5. Select “Move to Trash,” and your images will be moved to the Trash folder.

On an iOS Device

  1. Open the Amazon Photos app and go to the “Your Photos” section.
  2. Press and hold the photo until a checkmark appears, and select other photos you wish to remove.
  3. On the Menu bar, select the Trash icon and the images will be moved to your deleted photos folder.

Using a Web Browser

  1. Open Amazon Photos and go to the “Your Photos” section.
  2. Select the photos and videos you wish to delete and click “Move to Trash.”
  3. Press “Delete,” and the images will be moved to the trash folder.

Customers should note that if they wish to remove their photos permanently from the trash folder, they must do so using rather than their cell phone apps.

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