Is Apple Podcast Free? (All You Need to Know)

If you recently purchased an Apple device, you likely want to begin using some Apple services and products, such as Apple Podcast. However, you may wonder: is Apple Podcast free?

Well, continue reading to find out the answer to this question, along with other useful and related facts regarding this subject!

Is Apple Podcast Free in [currentyear]?

Apple Podcast is free for users that have a Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch, iPod Touch, or iPad device, and you can access millions of podcasts, radio stations, and more in [currentyear]. That being said, some publishers on the platform do have premium content that you can access if you pay for a subscription.

Keep reading if you want to learn about Apple Podcast, like if it’s free to upload content to the service, along with other related facts!

Is Apple Podcast Free to Listen?

For the most part, Apple Podcast is free to listen with millions of shows and podcasts available.

However, some publishers on the platform will put out additional content that’s locked behind a paywall, which means to access premium content, you’ll need to pay a subscription.

Also, creators can choose when they use Apple Podcast to either make the content free or make it subscription-only, so the answer will depend on which creator you’re listening to.

Is Apple Podcast Free to Upload?

It is free to upload to Apple Podcast, but uploading your content to for free has a lot of limitations, so it’s best to join the Apple Podcasters Program.

That being said, the Apple Podcasters Program is $19.99 per year, but gives you more features, such as the ability to add premium subscriptions to your podcast and other exclusive benefits!

Is the Apple Podcast Free in India?

Is the Apple Podcast Free in India?

Just as in America, Apple Podcast is free in India.

However, creators can still choose to offer exclusive content or early access to content to those that want to pay for a premium subscription.

Is the Apple Podcast Free for Podcasters?

Apple Podcast is free for podcasters, but Apple does offer other services and benefits if you sign up for the Apple Podcast Subscriptions, giving you the ability to offer premium content.

For example, you can choose to put certain content behind a paywall or make it so that if someone has a paid subscription, they can access the content early. 

This is all part of the Apple Podcasters Program, and you’ll have to pay $19.99 per year to have access to additional creator tools and benefits.

Is Apple Podcast Free to Download?

Apple Podcast is free to download, and you can even set the podcasts to download automatically once they become available.

Therefore, you won’t need to worry about ever missing your favorite show!

Is Apple Podcast Free in Australia?

Apple Podcast is free in Australia, and just like in many other countries, the creator of the podcast can choose to limit some content behind a paywall.

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Apple Podcast is free for you to use if you have a Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, and it’s free to use, download content, upload content, and listen to millions of podcasts and shows.

That being said, Apple allows podcast creators to put content behind a paywall, so depending on the podcast, you may have to pay a subscription to access specific material.

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