Do Apple Watches Have Cameras? (All You Need to Know)

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing an Apple Watch, perhaps you want to know more about it before you spend the money. For instance, do Apple Watches have cameras?

Well, I have been looking into this topic and have found that answer and more, so keep reading to learn what I’ve discovered!

Do Apple Watches Have Cameras in 2024?

Apple Watches don’t have cameras built into them, so you can’t take a photo with the Apple Watch itself in 2024. However, there is an app built into the Apple Watch called the Camera Remote app, which allows you to connect to the camera on your iPhone. Also, there is an Apple-certified wristband called Wristcam that has cameras on it.

Are you looking for more details about the camera on Apple Watches, like if any Apple Watches have cameras? If so, keep reading as I dive further into the details!

Do Any Apple Watches Have a Camera?

At this time, there are no Apple Watches that have a camera on them. However, you still have the option to connect to your iPhone camera using the Camera Remote app.

Also, there is the Apple-certified dedicated camera for the Apple Watch called the Wristcam, which is expensive, but features both a front and back-facing camera.

Can You Take Pictures With an Apple Watch?

You can’t take a picture with the Apple Watch, but you can use it as the viewfinder if you use the Camera Remote app and have your iPhone with you.

For example, you can use the camera app on your iPhone and then position the perfect shot using your Apple Watch and can zoom or adjust the exposure.

Does the Apple Watch 7 Have a Camera?

Does the Apple Watch 7 Have a Camera?

The Apple Watch 7 does not contain a camera, but you can still purchase the Wristcam for the Apple Watch, which will cost you about $299.

Also, the Wristcam gives you two cameras, including a front-facing and back-facing camera so that you can have that functionality.

Can You FaceTime on the Apple Watch?

You can use your Apple Watch to FaceTime, but unless you have the Wristcam, you will be limited to audio FaceTime calls.

You can use FaceTime on your Apple Watch by following the steps below:

  1. Open the Phone app
  2. Select “Contacts”
  3. Turn the crown on the Apple Watch to scroll through
  4. Click on the contact that you wish to call
  5. Select the “Phone” button
  6. Select “FaceTime Audio” to begin the audio call or just tap on the phone number

Will Apple Watch 8 Have a Camera?

Fortunately, Apple filed a patent for the Apple Watch 8 to have a camera built into the Digital Crown.

Can the Apple Watch Replace an iPhone?

The Apple Watch can’t replace an iPhone, as it doesn’t contain all the features and functions of an iPhone, and is meant to just be a companion to the iPhone.

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The Apple Watch doesn’t have cameras built into it, but you can use the Camera Remote app to connect to your iPhone and use the Apple Watch as a viewfinder.

That being said, the Apple Watch 8 will have a built-in camera on the Digital Crown, which will be the first Apple Watch to have a camera on the device itself.

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