Is Costco Furniture Good? (All You Need to Know)

As one of the largest retailers in the U.S. and beyond, Costco sells different products that customers need, including furniture.

For items such as furniture, quality is quite essential. So, how exactly is the furniture at Costco? Is it good quality? Here’s all you need to know!

Is Costco Furniture Good In 2024?

Costco sells quality furniture at a great price in 2024. According to customers, Costco furniture has great value, since its sourced from reputable manufacturers. If you have an issue with any furniture piece, you can return it to the warehouse store, and the return policy is quite straightforward. In addition, Costco has seasonal deals that allow customers to save money.

To learn more about Costco furniture, its quality, and how to shop and return the items, read on for more useful facts!

Does Costco Sell Good Quality Furniture?

According to Costco customers, the furniture is generally of good quality. In fact, most of them share that they have had furniture pieces they bought from Costco for several years.

However, according to other customers, Costco furniture has value, but the quality is not top-notch.

While the prices are quite affordable for most people, it’s possible to find the same pieces at a better quality and higher price.

Currently, most of the furniture items at Costco are from recognizable brands such as Sealy, La-Z-Boy, Abbyson, and Adalyn Home.

Therefore, this increases the chances of getting high-quality furniture.

However, it is possible to get items from top brands at a great price that have quality issues. So, to avoid this, it’s advisable to compare customer reviews on the products you want to buy.

How Do I Find Out About the Quality of Costco Furniture?

When shopping at Costco, you can get information about the quality of the furniture you want to buy by clicking on the specific product on the website.

For instance, if you need a power recliner, the Costco website will list the features such as material, color, types of cushions, and additional elements.

In addition, Costco includes seat measurements, dimensions, and general care instructions.

On the other hand, if you are shopping in-store, you can physically inspect the furniture and check the quality of the item you want to buy.

As well, you can get more information from customers who have bought the items before.

Can You Return Costco Furniture?

One good thing about Costco is its return policy, as you can return items within 90 days without any issues!

In fact, if you don’t have a receipt, Costco staff can use your membership number to process the return.

Therefore, if you have a problem with the furniture, Costco has one of the friendliest return policies in the retail business.

What Is the Best Month to Buy Furniture at Costco?

What Is the Best Month to Buy Furniture at Costco?

Costco has semi-annual furniture sale events that enable customers to save money.

You can take advantage of sales events in July around the Fourth of July and in December in time for Christmas.

However, each day is a sale day for Costco because the company has a small markup compared to other furniture retailers.

For example, while most retailers will add 100% or 200% on furniture sales, Costco only adds 14% to the price; therefore, you can be sure the prices are reasonable.

Overall, shopping for furniture at Costco will save you money!

Does Costco Deliver Furniture?

One of the disadvantages of buying Costco furniture is that the company doesn’t deliver.

Once you choose the furniture items you need, an associate will put them aside for you, but you’ll need to get a truck and pick up the furniture yourself.

Fortunately, though, the prices are affordable; therefore, you still save money by not having to pay for delivery.

Can You Buy Costco Furniture Online?

If you prefer to shop online via, you can order furniture and have it delivered. Unlike in-store purchases, online shopping comes with different delivery options.

Costco can deliver the furniture to your home and assemble all the pieces, or delivery drivers can drop it at your front door.

Is Costco Furniture Expensive?

According to Costco customers, some of them find the furniture expensive while others don’t.

Furniture prices at Costco vary depending on the item you need, and fortunately, you can shop by category.

Currently, Costco has furniture options for the living room, bedroom, office, home office, kitchen, kids, and nursery.

However, when shopping in-store, ensure that you look at the price tags closely to avoid picking items that are above your budget, as they reveal which items have been marked down.

Does Costco Furniture Ever Come Back in Stock?

Apart from the markdowns, the price tags also come in handy if you want to know whether an item will be restocked.

If the price tag has an asterisk on the right corner, this means that the furniture piece will not be restocked or is being discontinued by the manufacturer.

Does Costco Have Furniture Financing Plans?

Unlike most furniture stores that offer financing options, Costco does not offer this service to its customers.

This happens because Costco has small markups, which translate to thin margins. Therefore, the company is unable to provide financing deals for customers.

Do You Need a Costco Membership to Buy Furniture?

Costco has different types of memberships available for its customers.

If you regularly shop at this warehouse store, paying for membership is a good idea because you can benefit from the offers.

However, if you’re not sure about the membership yet, you can visit the store with a member, since the store allows two guests per visit.

Also, if you find an item you like, you can ask a friend with a membership to help you pay!

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Costco sells quality furniture at a great price. According to customers, Costco furniture has value since its sourced from reputable manufacturers.

However, if you have an issue with any furniture piece, you can return it to the warehouse store and take advantage of Costco’s great return policy. In addition, the company offers seasonal deals that allow customers to save money.

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