Is DashPass Worth It? (Benefits, Cost, + Other FAQs)

Recently, food delivery services have proven to be an incredibly convenient service, making it easier to get dinner or lunch when you’re short on time. One of the fan-favorite delivery services is DoorDash.

If you use DoorDash, you may have seen an option called DashPass and asked, is this worth the money? I was curious about the same thing, so I looked into it. Here’s everything I discovered about DashPass.

Is DashPass Worth It In [currentyear]?

DashPass is worth the $9.99 per month subscription fee if you place between two and four DoorDash orders a month as of [currentyear]. Your order must total at least $12 or more to qualify for DashPass or $25 or more for grocery orders. Also, DashPass gives members exclusive deals and priority customer support.

If you want to learn more about DashPass and what restaurants qualify, if there’s a free trial period, and more, keep on reading! I’ve looked into everything you need to know!

What Is DashPass?

DashPass is a subscription plan that DoorDash offers, giving users access to unlimited deliveries from thousands of restaurants and stores.

Additionally, DashPass comes with a $0 delivery fee on all orders over $12. Currently, this service is only available in the United States and Canada.

How Much Does DashPass Cost?

To access DashPass perks, you will have to pay $9.99 a month. Or, you can opt for the annual subscription plan, which costs $96 (or $8 a month).

As you can see, you save a little money when you pay for the year-long plan upfront.

Additionally, you can cancel your DashPass plan at any time, so there are no commitments you have to worry about.

Are All Orders Eligible For DashPass Discounts?

Unfortunately, not all orders are eligible for DashPass discounts. For example, if your order doesn’t meet the minimum threshold required ($12), you will still have to pay a delivery fee.

Also, to ensure your DashPass perks will work, check for a green DashPass icon. Typically, this icon is located underneath the restaurant or store name.

Moreover, you will know whether or not your DashPass discounts were applied when you go to pay for your order.

That said, if there is a delivery fee, you know your order is ineligible for DashPass discounts.

What Are Order Minimums That Apply For DashPass?

To enjoy the $0 delivery fee that comes with DashPass, your order must reach a total of $12 or more.

Additionally, if you order groceries on DoorDash, your order must total $25 or more to qualify for a $0 delivery fee.

Usually, customers don’t have an issue reaching the order minimum required for DashPass.

How Much Do You Save With DashPass?

Typically, DashPass users save about $4 to $5 per eligible order on DoorDash. Remember, your order must meet the requirements to qualify for free delivery.

What Else Comes With DashPass?

What Else Comes With DashPass? DoorDash

In addition to free delivery, DashPass customers can enjoy several other perks, including:

  • Priority customer support
  • DashPass-only promotions
  • Access to redeemable benefits on Caviar and DoorDash

Still, the main reason customers choose to sign up for DashPass is to avoid delivery fees, which can cost up to $5.99 for some restaurants!

Does DashPass Come With A Free Trial?

Yes, DoorDash offers a free trial for new customers to try DashPass.

Usually, this trial period lasts 30 days, allowing customers to get a feel for DoorDash’s services and the restaurants on the platform.

After your DashPass trial ends, you will be automatically enrolled in the program. But, you can always cancel the plan before your credit or debit card is charged for the subscription.

However, if you enjoy the service, DoorDash automatically charges your card on a specific billing date until you choose to cancel.

Is DashPass Worth It?

Yes, DashPass is worth it, but only under certain circumstances, meaning you have to place enough orders in a month to make the subscription worth the $9.99 monthly fee.

That said, if you order DoorDash two times a month from a restaurant that comes with a $5.99 delivery fee, you will save $1.99.

Moreover, if those two orders total at least $50, you will save $5.99 for the month.

However, part of what allows you to save a significant amount of money with DashPass is the abundance of fees on DoorDash.

Therefore, if you order from DoorDash often, it only makes sense to sign up for DashPass to save a little money.

Can You Get DashPass For Free?

Yes, you can receive access to DashPass for free under specific situations.

For example, DoorDash has a partnership with Chase bank, which allows you to receive DashPass for free when you sign up for the following credit cards:

  • Freedom credit card
  • Slate credit card
  • Sapphire credit card

However, the access to DashPass alone isn’t a good enough reason to apply for one of these credit cards.

Remember, if you order from DoorDash at least three times a month, the $9.99 monthly fee will be worth the cost.

What Fees Come With DoorDash Orders?

Every DoorDash order comes with the following fees:

  • Delivery fees
  • Service fees
  • Taxes
  • Additional fees
  • Tips

Typically, the service fees are 10% to 11% of your order total. Also, if your order doesn’t total a certain amount, there’s an extra $2 fee. 

How Much Are Delivery Fees On DoorDash?

Delivery fees on DoorDash vary depending on the location and how far away the restaurant is from your house. That said, delivery fees on DoorDash usually range from $1.99 to $5.99.

Additionally, DoorDash charges higher delivery fees when the platform is experiencing higher demand.

Occasionally, restaurants on DoorDash offer temporary periods with discounts and zero delivery fees, so make sure to keep an eye out for that.

Do You Have To Tip Your DoorDasher?

Technically, you do not have to tip your delivery driver on DoorDash. However, it is a polite and ethical thing to do since tips are a big part of a DoorDasher’s earnings.

Also, when you leave a bigger tip, it’s more likely your order will be picked up and delivered on time or faster than the estimated time.

Further, DoorDashers can see the tip associated with a select order before committing to it. This way, the driver can determine whether or not the delivery is worth their time.

Additionally, you can leave your tip directly in the DoorDash app at the time of your order.

Essentially, it’s best to leave a tip for your DoorDasher because they get to keep 100% of their tips.

Can You Cancel DashPass?

Yes, you can choose to cancel your DashPass subscription at any point. That said, follow these steps to cancel a DashPass subscription on the mobile app:

  • Tap the “Account” icon (in the top left-hand corner of the screen)
  • Find “Manage DashPass”
  • Tap “End Subscription”
  • Confirm on the following page by clicking “End Subscription”

Moreover, to cancel a DashPass subscription on a desktop, follow these steps:

  • Select the “Account” icon (located at the top left of the screen)
  • Located “Manage DashPass”
  • Click on “End Subscription”
  • Confirm your cancelation by clicking on “End Subscription”

As you can see, it’s very easy to cancel your DashPass subscription, and you can do so whenever you feel like it.

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If you order from DoorDash more than two times a month, signing up for DashPass is a sensible decision.

With DashPass, subscribers have access to a $0 delivery charge on all qualifying orders. That said, your order must be valued at $12 or more to qualify for DashPass discounts.

Also, DashPass users get priority customer support and exclusive deals from time to time.

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