What Time Does DoorDash Stop Delivering? (All You Need to Know)

Doordash is a food delivery service that provides convenience by allowing you to get food from your favorite restaurants delivered.

To use Doordash effectively, you need to know when the service is available, something we looked at for this article, so keep reading to learn more!

What Time Does Doordash Stop Delivering In 2024?

Doordash is a 24/7 food delivery service, but this doesn’t mean you can always get the food you want in 2024. Doordash technically doesn’t stop delivering but functionality is subject to when a restaurant closes and dasher availability. If a restaurant is closed and/or there are no dashers available, then Doordash has effectively stopped delivering.

Keep reading to learn all you need to know about how late Doordash delivers, including a closer look into different areas, restaurants, and more!

How Late Can Doordash Deliver?

Doordash itself is a 24/7 service, so how late the company delivers comes down to how late the restaurant you’re ordering from operates and whether there are dashers available.

This means that in a small rural town it would be harder to get Doordash orders delivered late compared to a large city where you could get 24/7 service.

Where you live also plays a significant role in how late Doordash operates.

If you live in a dangerous part of town, Dasher availability might be limited and will drop off significantly the later it gets.

If you find yourself in this situation, you could increase your chances by ordering from a restaurant that’s close to you or offering the dasher a larger tip to make it worth their while.

What Time Does Doordash Stop Delivering Alcohol?

Doordash will deliver alcohol 24/7, provided dashers are available and the business you’re ordering from is open.

Most businesses that sell alcohol are open until very late.

However, Doordash has limited the ones it allows to sell alcohol on its platform, so it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get late delivery because there’s a liquor store around where you live.

Doordash also prohibits delivering alcohol to certain places like frat houses, so you wouldn’t get alcohol even if there were dashers available and every business was open.

What Time Does Doordash Stop Delivering McDonald’s?

Doordash stops delivering McDonald’s when the location you’re ordering from is closed, something that varies between locations.

Since McDonald’s is a franchise, the individual restaurants get to choose their operating times.

For the McDonald’s restaurants that operate 24 hours, Doordash does not stop delivering as long as there are dashers available.

What Time Does Doordash Stop Delivering Taco Bell?

What Time Does Doordash Stop Delivering Taco Bell?

Doordash does not stop delivering Taco Bell if the location you’re ordering from operates 24 hours. Otherwise, Doordash stops delivering when the location closes.

Taco Bell is a franchise so the individual owners set their operating hours and some have opted for 24 hours, meaning they’re always available through Doordash.

What Time Does Doordash Stop Delivering Chick Fil A?

Doordash stops delivering Chick-Fil-A at around 10 p.m. which is when most of these locations close.

Hapeville, GA, has a special Chick-Fil-A that operates 24 hours from Monday to Saturday, and Doordash could deliver all night from this location.

All Chick-Fil-A restaurants are closed the whole day on Sunday, so you can’t get Doordash services from them.

What Time Does Doordash Stop Delivering in Michigan?

Assuming there are dashers available and the restaurant you’re interested in is open, Doordash never stops delivering in Michigan.

What Time Does Doordash Stop Delivering in California?

Doordash is a 24/7 service, so it never stops delivering in California.

You might only face challenges with delivery if the restaurant you wanted to order from is closed or there aren’t many dashers available.

What Time Does Doordash Stop Delivering in Louisiana?

Doordash never stops delivering in Louisiana because it’s a 24/7 service.

In Louisiana, Doordash might effectively stop delivering if the restaurants you wanted to order from were closed or there weren’t enough dashers available.

What Time Does Doordash Stop Delivering on Sunday?

Doordash doesn’t stop delivering on Sunday.

As a 24/7 service, Doordash is also available during weekends and the only thing that could stand in your way was a shortage of dashers or closed restaurants.

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Doordash is a 24/7 service but its full usability is determined by factors such as how many dashers are available and whether the restaurant you want to order from is open. If these factors are present, then Doordash never stops delivering.

However, if you live in an area with low security, dashers are more likely to refuse your orders, meaning you can’t get Doordash delivered late. Doordash also delivers alcohol on a 24/7 schedule but dashers are prohibited from taking it into places like college campuses.

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