Is DoorDash 24/7? (Can You Order or Deliver All Day?)

DoorDash is an incredibly easy way to order food from your favorite restaurants at almost any hour of the day. Also, delivering food for DoorDash is an excellent way to make a little extra money.

However, before you start delivering for DoorDash, you might have some questions. For example, you might be asking: is DoorDash a 24/7 food delivery service? I was curious about the same thing and researched the topic further, so keep reading to see what I found out!

Is DoorDash 24/7 In [currentyear]?

You can order from DoorDash and deliver for the company 24/7, as long as the restaurants and grocery stores in your area are open that late. That said, bigger cities are more likely to offer 24/7 DoorDash delivery services. Also, DoorDash delivers every day of the year, even on major holidays in [currentyear].

If you want to learn more about DoorDash’s delivery services, like what factors impact the number of DoorDashers on the road, and when DoorDash is the busiest, keep on reading for more facts!

What Are the DoorDash Delivery Times?

DoorDash delivery times heavily depend on the location. For example, in major cities, DoorDashers can deliver food all day and night.

However, in smaller cities, the times in which DoorDash has delivery drivers on the road are more exclusive.

Essentially, DoorDashers can only complete orders when the restaurants and grocery stores in the area are open.

Therefore, it’s more likely that restaurants are available 24 hours a day in big cities than in smaller cities.

Can You Deliver DoorDash Orders All Day?

You can deliver DoorDash orders at any point in the day. However, there need to be restaurants open in your area to complete DoorDash deliveries.

So, you’re more likely to get DoorDash orders at obscure hours if you live in a major city.

What Factors Impact DoorDash Delivery Times?

There are a few factors that affect when DoorDash offers delivery. For example, three things that impact when you can place a Doordash order in your area include:

  • How late the restaurants and grocery stores in your area are open
  • How many DoorDashers live and work in your area
  • The number of DoorDash orders that come in at night in your area

How Long Does It Take to Receive a DoorDash Order?

Although DoorDash is the most popular food delivery service app, its delivery times are not the fastest. That said, it takes an average of 40 minutes for DoorDash orders to be delivered.

However, if you place DoorDash orders at late night hours, the delivery can take longer because there are probably fewer delivery drivers working at the time.

Additionally, DoorDash orders can take longer if you place the order during DoorDash’s peak hours, which are lunch and dinner.

Are There Days Where DoorDash Doesn’t Deliver?

DoorDash delivers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, as long as there are DoorDashers on the road and restaurants are open.

Therefore, you can even have a DoorDash order delivered on a major holiday, like New Year’s Eve. Remember, delivery services in small cities might be more exclusive during major holidays.

Why Don’t Some DoorDashers Deliver at Night?

Why Don't Some DoorDashers Deliver at Night?

If you place a DoorDash order in the middle of the night, fewer DoorDashers are available to pick up your order.

That said, there are a few reasons why there are fewer DoorDash delivery drivers on the road at night. First, there might not be enough restaurants open at later hours.

Therefore, the delivery drivers won’t have enough work to make a profit. Moreover, this point ties into another reason DoorDashers are limited at night- there aren’t enough orders coming in.

When there are limited orders, it’s not worth it for a DoorDasher to stay on the road. Finally, some DoorDashers have safety concerns while delivering food at night.

This is especially prevalent for DoorDashers that make deliveries on foot or bike.

So, instead, DoorDashers choose to complete food deliveries during more popular hours of the day.

What Happens If No One Picks up My DoorDash Order?

There are occasional moments where a DoorDasher doesn’t pick up your order. When this occurs, DoorDash automatically cancels the order, and you can handle it in one of two ways.

First, you can pick up the order yourself, instead of waiting for a DoorDasher. When you pick up your own order, Doordash refunds you the amount you paid in delivery fees and tips.

Also, you can cancel the DoorDash order altogether. In this case, DoorDash will refund you the entire purchase amount.

Finally, you can opt to replace the order, in hopes that a different DoorDasher will complete the order.

According to DoorDashers, when you tack on a higher tip, it’s more likely that a delivery driver will pick up the order.

Do Other Food Delivery Apps Deliver 24/7?

Food delivery apps like Uber Eats, Postmates, and Grubhub offer 24-hour deliveries. Further, the same factors that impact DoorDash’s delivery times also affect these apps.

When Is DoorDash the Busiest?

DoorDash experiences the largest number of orders during lunch (11 am to 2 pm) and dinner (4:30 pm to 8 pm).

However, DoorDash offers a bigger base pay for delivery drivers during this time to help prevent order backups.

Additionally, there are ways to avoid a long wait time if you want to order from DoorDash during these peak hours.

For example, DoorDash allows you to place orders ahead of time, which helps ensure your food will be delivered on time.

Also, DoorDashers note that they’re more likely to pick up the order when there’s a higher tip associated with an order.

That said, DoorDashers can see how much they’ll earn from an order before they actually accept it.

Moreover, DoorDash shows its delivery drivers where more orders are available with the “Dash Now” feature.

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DoorDash operates 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. That said, you can order or deliver for DoorDash at whatever hours you want.

However, you can only place DoorDash orders as late as the restaurants in your area are open. Also, there are fewer DoorDashers on the road during non-peak hours, which are lunch and dinner.

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