Is FedEx TNT? (All You Need To Know)

European and Australian shippers are likely quite familiar with TNT. They might also have a clue about the merger between the two companies that occurred in 2016.

In this article, we’ll clear up any lingering questions you may have about FedEx’s acquisition of TNT.

Is FedEx TNT In [currentyear]?

FedEx acquired TNT, a Dutch-based shipping company, in May 2016 for €4.4 billion ($4.8 billion). This purchase was an attempt to expand FedEx’s European network and become more competitive in the eCommerce space. This merger mainly affected customers in Europe and Australia who saw FedEx take control of TNT deliveries and pickups.

If you’re curious to learn more about the merger between FedEx and TNT, then make sure you keep reading!

What Does TNT Stand For?

TNT derived its acronym from Thomas Nationwide Transport, a shipping company founded in 1946 in Australia.

Over the years, TNT became TNT Express and moved its headquarters to the Netherlands.

It operated independently until 2016. At that time, FedEx acquired TNT for €4.4 billion ($4.8 billion) in an effort to expand its European operations.  

When Did FedEx And TNT Merge?

FedEx and TNT merged in May 2016 when FedEx purchased the Dutch company for €4.4 billion ($4.8 billion).

This move was an attempt to expand FedEx’s offerings in Europe, a region where it historically lagged behind its main competitor, UPS.

Also, FedEx hoped the move would help the company become more competitive as the eCommerce industry continues to grow.

Unfortunately, the merger has not been as smooth as FedEx would have hoped.

In the years since the companies joined, FedEx has replaced two veteran executives spearheading integration efforts.

What’s more, growth has been slow, causing FedEx to revise its initial financial projections.

Originally, FedEx had hoped the integration of the two companies would take four years, but in March 2019 acknowledged that the process could take five years or more.

Is TNT The Same As FedEx?

Is TNT The Same As FedEx?

FedEx acquired TNT Express, an international, Netherlands-based courier delivery services company, in May 2016.

According to FedEx, the acquisition combines the world’s largest air express network with an unparalleled European road network.

Further, the acquisition expanded the existing FedEx portfolio and helped reshape the global transportation and logistics industry.

Can I Use A FedEx Account For TNT?

Unfortunately, you cannot use a FedEx account when shipping with TNT.

Rather, you must use a TNT account number when shipping with TNT and a FedEx number when shipping with FedEx.

To make TNT shipments, call TNT customer service at 1-800-558-5555.

Who Delivers For TNT In The US?

TNT operates as FedEx in the United States following FedEx’s 2016 acquisition of the company.

As a result, customers can expect the same great TNT service they know and love, plus get access to one of the world’s largest shipping networks.

Does FedEx Use TNT In Australia?

Starting in June 2020, FedEx and TNT Ground began merging their operations across Australia.

This move means customers benefit from a streamlined pickup and delivery process for all FedEx and TNT shipments across Australia.

More specifically, customers gain access to an unparalleled network in Australia, outstanding customer support, and an enhanced global delivery network optimized for packages and pallets.

In April 2021, FedEx Express and TNT Express came together under one name—FedEx Express Australia Pty Ltd.

Can TNT Customers Get Supplies From FedEx?

TNT customers should contact FedEx customer service or their usual courier for FedEx supplies.

Can TNT Packaging Be Used With FedEx Express And Vice Versa?

If you still have TNT packaging laying around, you may be wondering if you can use it to ship with FedEx now that the two companies have joined together.

Unfortunately, that’s not possible. Each company’s packaging is customized and optimized for its own delivery network and should only be used with the company that supplied the packaging.

In other words, you can ship using the shipping company’s or your own packaging, but you can not mix packaging.

How Do I Track A FedEx TNT Package?

FedEx shipments can be tracked at, whereas TNT consignment tracking is available at

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Although FedEx’s 2016 acquisition of TNT hasn’t been as smooth as either company would have hoped, TNT customers can feel confident FedEx will pick up and deliver their packages with care.

In some cases, TNT customers may not even notice the effects of the merger. In others, the best advice is to contact FedEx customer support for any questions or concerns.

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