Is IKEA Coming To Louisiana Or New Orleans? (All You Need To Know)

If you live in Louisiana, New Orleans, or surrounding areas, you may be wondering whether or not the furniture giant IKEA will be opening up shop anytime soon.

Here is everything that I uncovered!

Is IKEA Coming To Louisiana Or New Orleans?

IKEA currently has no plans to open any store locations in the state of Louisiana, New Orleans, or surrounding areas. Before IKEA ventures into new markets, they like to ensure that the store will be located in an area with a population of 2 million people in a 60-mile radius, hence why there is no IKEA in Louisiana.

To learn more about potential IKEA locations in the future and nearby locations, keep on reading!

Why Is There No IKEA Store In New Orleans?

New Orleans currently has a population of 390,000, and the city is surrounded by large bodies of water, meaning an IKEA store in that area would mostly be used by New Orleans residents only.

As stated earlier, IKEA stores tend to be opened in areas and on busy highways where they can be reached by a large population within a 60-mile radius, making a New Orleans store largely unprofitable.

Are There Any IKEA Locations Nearby To Louisiana?

If you are based in Louisiana and wish to visit an IKEA store, you do still have a few options, but it will require a decent journey.

The nearest stores to Louisiana are based in Texas, the state with the second-largest number of IKEA stores, with five stores located in areas such as Houston, which is the closest to Louisiana, and Austin and Fort Worth.

A journey by car from New Orleans to the Houston IKEA location would take, on average, around 5 and a half hours!

Does IKEA Deliver To Louisiana?

IKEA endeavors to deliver to almost every state within the United States (including Louisiana), regardless of if a store is located in that area.

This is because deliveries are made from IKEA distribution centers.

Delivery costs can vary, depending on the size of your items, your shipping method, and your distance from the nearest IKEA distribution center.

There are also a number of independent delivery companies such as Louisiana Swedeheart who specialize in delivering IKEA products from the Houston location to residents of Louisiana.

IKEA Louisiana Potential Locations

As of yet, IKEA has made no plans to open a store within Louisiana, and thus it is unclear where a potential location could be built within the state.

However, IKEA would prefer to build a store in an area where they can easily be reached by a large number of customers, and especially somewhere with a large degree of space, as IKEA stores are traditionally very large.

So if there were to be an IKEA location, it would likely be in New Orleans once the population becomes big enough.

To learn more about IKEA locations in the US, you can see our other posts on if IKEA is in Montana, Alabama, and Iowa.

Conclusion – Is IKEA Coming To Louisiana Or New Orleans?

Unfortunately, IKEA currently has no plans to open stores in Louisiana or New Orleans. This may be down to the fact that the location does not appeal to IKEA financially due to population levels, etc.

Louisiana residents have a number of alternatives, such as the five stores located in the nearby state of Texas.

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